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All my life I've heard the painful bumps you sometimes get on your tongue are lie bumps. In other words if you get a bump on your tongue you've been telling lies.

But it was only recently that I heard about a cure for those painful bumps-and it's not to quit telling lies. Don't ask me how or why-but it seems eating tuna fish cures lie bumps for some folks.


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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I usually have heard of the terms Tipper uses here, but "lie bumps" as cankers on the tongue was unfamiliar to me; evidently we didn't use the term in Choestoe where I grew up. But the white spots on fingernails (and toenails) were a sure indication, according to my Aunts Avery and Ethel, that I had been telling "stories," a milder reference to "stretching the truth" or telling "little white lies" (maybe the white spots on nails were white like the "white lies"!) And does anyone know the difference between a "white lie" and a "black lie" (other than the color, of course!). Intereting to read this at near-bedtime! I usually access Blind Pig early in the morning!

Yep, I've heard 'em called that by our maternal Grandma. Our paternal Grandma said cold sores were from kissing too many boys, and she called 'em, uhmmm...(the word for a loose woman that starts with a "W") Bumps. hee hee

God bless.


My grandmother, Ida Wages, called them lie bumps. Can't remember the last time I had one. Guess I've been behaving myself.

I was also taught that those horrid things are lie bumps. My 9 year old got one recentlyand asked what it was...I told him the same thing my mother told me...and got a severe reaction. He teared up and vowed and declared he hadn't lied. Love his heart! Wouldn't you know...I got one the very next day.

Interesting! - never heard them called lie bumps - we called them "canker sores" - although they seemed more common when tomatoes came in in the spring and citrus came in in the fall and winter, or when we got into a fresh jar of granny pickles, I wonder if these foods caused them or just aggravated something that was always present.

I had to giggle about titter sores. I'm assuming these are the same ones we called titter sores which occured baby and mama fell asleep while baby was on the breast the the milk got "stuck" between the baby's cheek and the mama's breast - sometimes made mama's breast sore too. Children who went to sleep with bottles got them too as did children who drooled a lot in their sleep.

It seemed inappropriate to call them "titter sores" on older children and adults, so, if they happened then, they are called "slobber sores" and usually only happen on the very old who will move less in their sleep as do soundly sleeping babies.

Usually you, your readers, and I have similar explanations to common phrases but we definitely diverge on this one!

As for the white marks on the nails, do bad carpenters lie more than other folks?

My Momma always told me too that those were lie bumps!

lol tipper.. i always love your ponderings... your girls are gorgeous as ever.. and im sure never tell fibs.. lol
i always thought they were caused from too much acid.. humm dunno but tuna fish sounds good to me.. hope all is well with you in your corner of the world.. sending love and big ladybug hugs ... wish i had a lightening bug glower .. hehe

After careful consideration of Dr. Ruth’s statements today and with considerable contemplation, I have concluded that I must curtail my consumption of corn. At your convenience please convey to her my concern also for the follicular growths in the auditory and proboiscusitory appendages.
Maize may also be the culprit in the malaises known in the modern vernacular as muffin tops and saddle bags, but I hesitate to assign them thusly without consultation with the consummate expert on such matters.
Pray that I not be relegated to a continue a life without corn bread, pop corn and crackerjacks.

Never heard of lie bumps but had an older brother that always said the little white specks that appeared thru my fingernails were lie marks and no matter that I didn't lie he always made me doubt myself. No fun but he was a good big brother. Miss him now

i've never heard of them at all!

I just wanted to Thank Dolores for
clearing up my mistake. I called
it cancer sores instead of Cankor.
My bad!!!...Ken

I get those bumbs on occasion as well as the cankor sores on the gums and inside cheeks. Sometimes I related those bumbs on the tongue to something I have eaten. One thing I do know that cinnamon toothpicks can cause burns and bumps on the tongue. I had students who suffered severe burns and stuff with them. Lie bumbs is an interesting term. I think I will remember that one.

I think everybody gets those little
white cancers on the tongue at some
time or another. When I was little
I got an itchey thing on the out-
side of my jaw. It was about the
size of a dime and mama called it a 'titter', caused from eating too
many tomatoes.

Chatter has always been gorgeous,
and I like the hair-do tone. Look
out Beyonce!...Ken

Yes Tipper, I have heard this all my life from my Mama. As soon as
I mentioned I had a bump on my tongue I was told I had a lie bump and I always believed it, cause if Mama said it, it had to be true. Years later I told the same thing to my children and now to my grandchildren. Actually they just laugh at me.

Liar, liar, pants on fire...

Tipper: Trout is out! Trout never hurt nobody. It just might be the acid in those delicious tomatoes that is causing the tongue problems for some folks. But then again it might be that they are just talking too much or talking bad about their neighbor! There is just no telling! AND SPEAKING OF PRETTY GIRLS! YOU GOT TWO!

Eva Nell

I have heard those bumps called lie bumps. I have also heard it is caused by eating too much food with acid.

On another note, am I just in denial or have those little girls grown up? I must be gettin' old. Well, I guess that's better than the alternative.

Maybe the FDA needs to fund a study to determine if lie bumps are caused by a tuna deficiency.

Hmm, so Mama was wrong.. Guess I'll try the tuna the next time it happens, or wonder if trout would do the trick, they got it on the menu here at Pigeon Forge..

I had these ALOT growing up and always got deviled about telling lies. Momma would make me swish hydrogen peroxide. Later on in life I found out you can take the vitamin L-Lysine for it and it seems to help. The only time I do get them anymore is when tomatoes are coming in, it does have something to do with acid. So I guess I need to make me some tuna salad next time I get them. :)

I have never heard them called lie bumps. I get them so often they are starting to worry me. My friend said they are infected taste buds that get inflamed from eating too much salt.

I always get those when I eat too many tomatoes or take vitamin "C" supplements. Next time that happens I will try the tuna fish. Thanks Tipper!

I wonder if little white lies and big black lies give you the same kind of bumps.

Never heard them called that before. But, those little white marks that get on your fingernails are lie marks. That's the truth, I wouldn't lie.

That's a strange cure, but if it works...my mother always had us swirl hydrogen peroxide in our mouth.

Never knew what caused them but remember the things being very painful.Haven't had one in many years and hope i never have another one.

Now that's interesting. There must be some vitamin or mineral in the tuna that helps the bumps.

Tuna? I think you just put another bump on your tongue!
Have you ever heard them called acid bumps?

I wondered what those things were caused from, and all this time I thought they were caused from eating so many tomatoes straight from the garden!
Does your nose grow from eating too many carrots? What about your ears, that get big and flappy like a mules...Do they grow from eating too much corn?
I also wonder how in the world did people back in the hills get a hold of tuna fish? ...or did mountain trout help the situation as well?
Thanks Tipper, something to ponder on today...Also, that is a very pretty lady you have pictured!

My goodness Tipper you are an early riser. Have a great day & try to avoid those lie bumps.

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