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Appalachian Hieroglyphics

Appalachian Hieroglyphics

I had a different post to share with you this morning-but I ran into a technical issue. Technology is AMAZING when it works right and really ANNOYING when it doesn't.

Since my plans were interrupted, I decided to show you the hieroglyphics I found on my porch railing the other day. I knew you could use bobby pins to hold your hair back, to pick a lock with, or even to clean your ears out-but who knew you could make an artistic display with them? Apparently Chatter and Chitter knew.

Check back by tomorrow, hopefully my issue will be resolved and I'll share the post that was meant for today.


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10/4 on technology - great and aggravating!!! The art is cool, shows what one can do with SIMPLE things. Does anyone remember the "art" made back in about the 60s that was made with beans, corn, seeds and string that we thought was amazing too? LOL
Well, art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

God bless.


I feel like a stranger at the diner as the townfolks discuss the latest gossip. . . .

In any case, it's a fun read - - and the sort of thing that could make a good TV series (maybe your next endeavor?)

- but love is love anytime, anyplace - although this is a new media to me for the expression of love. Enjoy the romance! May her heart not be broken.

Janice-go here for more the history of the Apple Stack Cake: Have a great day!!


Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Do you know where the Dried Apple Stack Cake got it's start. I wonder if it originated in America.

That's fun!

First of all let's carefully examine the obvious placement of these bobby pins - if in fact that's what they are. We need to keep an open mind so as not to jump to conclusions. However, Surely, someone has purposefully placed them in a way that would convey a cryptic message or even an acronym or are we to believe they fell in this position as the result of a random happening of sorts. I think not. THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT! Admittedly, I don't understand all I need to know about this having no expertise in such matters but, to generalize it, I wouldn't be nary a bit surprised if one of em' girls aint' got a new boy friend. Just sayin'. Wouldn't hurt to keep your eyes open for a spell. LOL

b.Ruth-when I was a younger I worked as a carpenter and a dressed 2 by 4 was 1 7/8 by 3 7/8. Now they have trimmed it down to 1 1/2 by 3 1/2.
You might be right, I might be part Sasquatch. Although I have never seen a bona fide one, pictures show hair on top of their head. I must not have inherited that gene.

OH TIPPER: When I saw the title Hieroglyphics I was sure you were going to address those found over in Track Rock - and explain their meaning and who etched them in stone. But that is ok! It is SUMMER TIME and those girls can get bored if they are NOT performing. Oops! They may already be back in school.

Oh let me tell you that I just got a call from Jim Gear and 'conferred' with him about doing a "Fiddler" BOOK INTERVIEW on "Common Cup" soon. So in the next few weeks it shall be done.

Best regards,
Eva Nell

Oh shoot! It's Katie loves Alan.
(But I'm gussing, as usual.)

I'm reading that your fiddler is in love with someone who's name begins with 'A'...

Is it my eyes or are those some BIG bobby pins? LOL

It is funny that my thoughts go to the bobby pins and two x four railing instead of the letters the pins formed?
Maybe it is an optical illusion but it seemed to me that the bobby pins are very large. That was my first thought when I saw the picture. If for sure that is a standard 2x4 (which all carpenters know is only 1 and something x 3 and something, will have to look the exact numbers up, since I long since forgot), then those bobby pins are huge
However, my so called artists perspective may be out of kilter this morning. I may need to do a little owl watching at night to insure my eyesight and eyes improve and enlarge somewhat as I am getting older and need the extra boost! It helps you know!
Maybe my bobby pins are just small or maybe the railing is smaller than I am thinking. Think of this, think of the hieroglyphics they could have made with grandmas (bun) hair pins!
I remember those days, daydreaming, staring off into nothingness and writing over and over B loves R....LOL....on the front of my notebook! At that time, believe it or not, I didn't even know who R was going to be!
Thanks Tipper,
Please tell Ed that it could be a belated Sasquatch gene showing up that is causing the hairy growth, I actually thought I had it on my legs one time until I changed the blade in my razor, and then I was blessed with "chemo" and the problem ceased. Was that too much information! LOL

Ed-LOL I sure did! But I'm glad you thought of it : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

That heart is a dead giveaway! Someone is in love.

Like the others who've commented so far, I, too, and curious: What do the letters mean? It's like finding a tree with initials carved inside a heart and no clue whatsoever as to who carved them, whose names are behind the initials, and how long ago the pledge was made in wood! But we have to admit all of these are an intriguing part of our mountain life!

Yes, please share

Good for the girls! You have been saved. Technology can be frustrating at times, but when it works smoothly, it is wonderful. Happy Friday!

You missed the opportunity to call it hairoglyphics ©

But Tipper, what do the letters/symbols stand for.
I bet it's swearing in Spanish, given how trouble the girls are having with their new foreign language class. LOL!

So who's "A"? Some of the area fellers who are trying to help Deerhunter keep a watchful eye on these matters want to know.

One of the girls has a sweetheart. Who is A?

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