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August 10, 2013


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Very interesting!

Maybe The Ghost Hunters need to investigate the Historical Society. Maybe he'll give them a little wink too. (Ya never know) LOL

God bless.


Did I miss a historical event this past Monday? Happy birthday precious lady.

Oh what I'd give to have been there. I'm sure all of union county is honored to have such wonderful

I don't blame the General! If I
had two pretty things like that
trying to get my attention, I'd
be rolling my eyes too.

Just taking a break from the corn.

This is wonderful;! I am so sorry to have missed the show, bookmarking Ridgeline to watch.

I'm sure he did! Just because he's dead doesn't mean he can't appreciate a pretty girl.
Can't wait to see the video.

I just love hearing all the wonderful successes of the girls. They are truly blessed.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN? IN CASE I WANT TO SEE THE VIDEO! You know I was so sad that I missed the BP&Acorn performance last night at the Union County Court House. Jim just simply refused to make another trip to the mountains - until fall set in. But we will surely be able to make another performance SOON!

We'll also be eager to attend their show when Chitter and Chatter MAKE IT to the UNION STATION in Nashville soon.

Eva Nell

I believe it. Why wouldn't he?

Your girls are so precious! We really enjoyed their performance last night. The selection of music, their voices and the instruments all blended so beautifully. Thank you all for sharing your God-given talent with us!

I'm sure The Pressley Girls and
Paul and Pap with You controlling
the order, did a wonderful job at
the Courthouse. The last time I
went, I had to stand the entire
time but it was worth it.

Yesterday and today I'm in Silver
Queen up to my elbows. That's a job for just one! And when there's work to be done, it seems you can't find anyone. I noticed
the crows are doing their best on
several stalks. Them boogers know
before I do when it's ready...Ken

Of course we want to see it! I might have driven there for the show if I knew the girls would sing Crazy Arms.

Old Robert E. may have been rolling his eyes in frustration if his ghost is being held prisoner in "Union" County.

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