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August 26, 2013


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"I’m from all of these, and more, for I am not yet through Growing, Becoming, Being.
Like them, I want to reach out and up, and forward - to make a difference."

That last sentence is so full of strength and power, and God willing (and the creek don't rise), our days will get better and better as they go on.

God bless.


Ethelene enjoy your poem. your cus John Stonecypher

What a great descriptive poem. Thanks for posting it.

To Tipper and Readers of my "Where I'm From": What can I say except a sincere "Thank you!" I've waited until later in the day to respond because I've read so far with deep appreciation and delight. Recently I passed out George Ella Lyon's template for writing "Where I'm From," and read my own poem to our Learning-in-Retirement Writers' Group. One in the group commented, "I can't write about where I'm from. I have nothing such as you in my upbringing." I wanted to be kind, to take this dear, hesitant writer in my arms and say gently, "We're all from somewhere. And we're all individualistic and different. My memories of where I'm from are quite different from yours--as they should be. But all of us have forces that shaped us into what we are!" But I knew that particular student was not quite ready to see how whatever her background was, was indeed, worthy of writing about. Even though life was sometimes hard in our Appalachian way of life, there was a spirit of making the best of situations and not complaining, of enjoying each day, each year, and always seeking a 'better way' for those who came behind us. That's where I'm from--and I hope my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can realize, too, that they are from "solid roots." Thank you for reading; thank you for commenting.

Beautiful message. Becoming is many things to each of us and a job that's never done.

Wow! Ethelene sure gets to the heart
of Appalachians. I knew if she ever
wrote about where she came from,
we'd be in for a Treat. Thanks
Ethelene for giving us a glimpse of your life...Ken

Another thought provoking and memory inspiring poem.

Ethelene's last line, "I am not yet through Growing, Becoming, Being.", is so important; but I especially liked Tipper's paraphrase of it: "I'm constantly busy with the present, and I often think of the past, but I sometimes forget the excitement and hope of the future."

Seems that "hope of the future" is what keeps us going and gives us our vitality.

Wow, what a wonderful poem Ethelene!

Last night I was looking ahead at our Sunday school lesson for next week and it says "If we live only for the present and forget the future, then trials will make us bitter, not better." How true that is.

Nicely written! This writing gave me a small picture of where you came from and your life. Thanks!


What can I say? Well I can proudly say I am Ethelene's cousin! Not that I have your incredible characteristics. However after "Fiddler" I am well aware of your fine talents and extraordinary and generous ways of sharing them! Yes your students were fortunate to have had you as their teacher.

With the utmost devotion,
Eva Nell Mull Wike, Ph.D.
"Fiddler of the Mountains - Attuned to the Life and Times of Johnny Mull"
Release date is SEPTEMBER 4th, 2013
p.s. EDITOR: Ethelene Dyer Jones

Thank you, you brought back memories of my mother and her friend washing outside in their wringer washer and scrub boards. I could smell the soap.

Yes, Tipper, I liked the end too. We are all still a work in progress still reaching higher and higher.

I know you're from "good stock" if you're a Stonecypher descendant.Enjoyed your poem!

Ethelene I had been waiting for your poem and it was all that I had expected. From Choestoe, Bald, and Blood Mountain... what places to have been from! I just know that every student that you had now boast of being taught by you.

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