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I have a few Blind Pig & The Acorn news items to share with you today.

First: Have you ever heard of Instagram? Its an online photo sharing website. The gist of Instagram is: you take photos with your cell phone and share them with others. 

I finally succumbed to the whole cell phone thing a while back. We ditched our home phone and I got a cell phone. Once I had the cell phone it didn't take me long to enjoy the ease of taking photos with it. If you're on Instagram you can follow me here: blindpigandacorn. (and even if your not on Instagram you can keep up with my photos by clicking on this link: blindpigandacorn and looking through the photos-if you click on a photo you can see a larger version and read about it too)

Mountain heritage day

Second: The Blind Pig Gang will be at Western Carolina University's Mountain Heritage Day on Saturday September 28th. We'll be performing just after 3:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. on the Balsam Stage. If you get to come to the festival please come by and say 'how do' to the Blind Pig Gang. Mountain Heritage Day is always a fantastic festival-you can check out the schedule of events by clicking here


Third: The Blind Pig Gang will be preforming at this year's John C. Campbell Folk School's Fall Festival. We'll take the Festival Barn Stage sometime on Sunday afternoon-I'll let you know once the exact time has been decided. AND I'll be giving away some tickets for the fall festival so be on the look out for those details.

Fourth: I have some giveaways coming up-all related to music. So be on the look out for them. And if you have any stories or interesting information about dulcimers-please send them my way by emailing them to be at 

Fifth: I'm working on a new series-so be on the look out for that as well!


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I have a very simple cellphone, mostly for emergencies - I don't think it's a "smart phone" but it's probably smarter than me because I'm not even sure what that means!
On the other hand, my laptop is almost never turned off, and my little pocket camera gets an outing almost every day. So far I've stayed away from Instagram, but I've been surprised at how useful Twitter can be (@QuinnPiper).

Gonna look you up on Instagram!
You know I wish I could come see the Blind Pig gang perform.
One day.....!

I guess it it is time for me to stop pretending and throw in the towel. I have no idea what you are talking about. I can't take pictures with my cell phone because I don't have a cell phone. I guess sooner or later we will all fall by the wayside but I was praying I could last a little longer. I'm not giving up though. I just have to travel at a slower pace. If you happen to stumble along the way, do not despair, I'll be along in a little while.

You were on a mission this morning! Such focus!

Looks like you all are going to be
busy for awhile. Don't burn yourself
out! I'm lookin' forward to the
Fall Festival at JCCFS in October.
Nice pictures you made...Ken

I'm looking forward to all the family news as you present your wonderful talents to your audiences.

You have a lot going on it your neck of the woods.

I haven't figured out the whole instagram thing. Sometimes I get those pictures and they seem blurry on purpose. I say to my self WHY?

Wish we could come the first weekend in Oct. but we have a really cool blacksmith workshop that weekend.

Have a great week!

Tipper, you sure are a busy girl. How do you do all this and work full time, garden, and take such good care of your family?

Tipper--The librarian at the Marianna Black Library in Bryson City is a fine fellow named Jeff Delfield. He's an avid dulcimer player and I think that as a part of weekly jam sessions the library hosts through the year that some of them are specifically devoted to dulcimer playing.

Secondly, a most promising young outdoor writer (still a teenager--a year or two younger than Chitter and Chatter--whoi is a full-fledged member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association and the winner of the group's annual Lindsey Sale-Tinney Scholarship), Nathaniel Samsel, is an incredible "hand" on a dulcimer. You can learn more about him at
I think his father, accomplished writer Jeff Samsel (who also plays the dulcimer, gets the Blind Pig, but I'm not sure).

Jim Casada

Guess I'm goin to have to make a trip to the stationery store for a bigger calender. My goodness, you're busier than a bear lost in Gatlinburg!
PS...Guess you heard about that poor bear trying to find the "Ole Candy Kitchen" this past weekend, but he used the crosswalk and didn't jaywalk! I'm glad I got my chocolate covered orange rinds before he made it to town! LOL

Tipper, I hope to finally hear and see you all in person at
Mountain Heritage Day. I will be part of the group doing the Shapenote singing in the gym near the Balsam stage. Come sing with us!

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