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September 14, 2013


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We have had and still have a few comedians and practical jokesters in our family too. At times some have made someone laugh so hard, we had to get a mop - and that's a truth! I do believe that laughter keeps a body young...or if not the body, then certainly the spirit. Maybe that's one reason why many of us live so long, course we usually lose our eyesight, our hearing and sometimes even our minds, but we live a long long time. LOL

God bless.


Tipper--Convey to Ed Ammons that Britt may indeed have been a substitute mail carrier (his regular carrier was likely my uncle, Hall Casada) although I'm not sure of that.
I would add that Don's genealogical researches indicate that we are distantly related through Britt through our mother's side of the family.
Jim CAsada

I remember a Britt McCracken from my youth but it doesn't seem to be the same person. Did he ever deliver the mail in the absence of the regular carrier? Did you ever hear of Wint DeHart?

That was nice reading today. Jim's
recollection of a friend who brought
joy to so many folks. I have known
a few of those folks that had that
"dry" humor and it cracked me up
also. Great stories, Jim...Ken

No, I don't know someone like your story. However, it must be fun to have Chitter around and not know what might come out of her mouth at any time, especially, when you are in the company of casual friends.

Mr. Britt Sounded like an interesting person. Had a cousin like that and always brightened my day to be around him.

Delightful! Happy read to start the day.

Well, Tipper, I have heard some of these stories before but somehow they as still extra funny and just what a person needs to get started early in the morning!

Thanks to Jim and all the other folks who provide us with something funny - any day!

Eva Enll

I live with one! Too many examples to mention here...Very optimistic and always in a good mood. Our grandson says, "How does he stay happy all the time?"
Thanks Jim and Tipper for this post...


In my 91 years here on earth I have
met many such people as Jim mentioned.
There was a gifted comedian in every
gathering in these hills of Western North Carolina.
Jim,s stories are typical to ones I remember
in my life.
Very good article Jim.
Charles Fletcher

Jim, thank you so much for sharing the story about Britt. Those folks that are just plain funny are rare, and we are fortunate to have them in our lives. Tipper, so great to have a comedic child. Has anyone ever had something so funny happen that they could absolutely laugh about it years later?

I fell down on my job of looking for a photo, which Jim had requested. I'm on the way out the door to wade up the waters of Eagle Creek to see Quill Rose and friends, but here's a photo I had on my laptop, most likely retrieved from ancestry.com, but I don't have the time to search for the specific source (my apologies to whoever posted it).


Britt sounds like a delightful character, I wish I had met him

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