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Mary Mason's Apple Butter

Mary masons apple butter recipe

If you missed the background story of how I came across Mary's recipe go here.

Mary Mason's Apple Butter


  • 2 quarts of applesauce
  • 1 quart of sugar
  • 2 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon cloves

Easy apple butter recipe

Since I was making applesauce to can, I held 2 quarts of applesauce out to the side for my apple butter. Granny likes to make her applesauce on one day-and then later on whenever the mood strikes her she opens 2 jars to make apple butter.

Old fashioned apple butter recipe

Once you assemble the ingrediants, you mix them all together in a large pot and cook for 10 minutes. Since the mixture is fairly thick you kinda need to watch it while it cooks to make sure it doesn't scorch.

Best apple butter recipe

Fill sterilized jars with cooked apple butter and seal at once. 

I love apple butter on biscuits; I like it with peanut-butter on a sandwhich; and it makes a dandy fried pie filling as well.

Are you a fan of apple butter?


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Sounds easy and yummy too!

I use to love it on toast as a child.

God bless.


I remember makin' apple butter with my mother 60 some years ago in the hills of West Virginia. Mother always put 3 silver dollars in the pot to keep the apple butter from scorching. I sat on a stool and had to stir that pot for what seemed like dawn til dusk. But oh, it was the best butter.

I love apple butter! I need to make some this fall and I'm going to try this recipe. I'm the only one in the family that like it. I used to occasionally beg for it as a spoon sweet when I was a kid. Does anyone have a recipe they'd be willing to share for the fried pies for lunches? I was thinking it would be great. My son and I have so many food allergies that it's hard to buy anything to use in a lunch and those just sound lovely. I've not tried pumpkin butter, will have to look for a recipe for that as it sounds luscious in my head.

Elithea-LOL yes a quart-thats what makes it so good : ) Hope you have a good day!!!

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Culture of Appalachia

Oh my, I love this recipe and that you included the hand written copy of it just made my day. I don't know what it is about the written copy, but it makes me feel as though I am right there with the author of the recipe. Love you all.

My precious Granny made apple butter. The majority was made into fried apple butter pies to send in my Grandpa's lunch box.

wait, wait, a QUART of sugar????

and Ed...Shucks, we stopped at a country store and got us a samwich of fryed bolonga, onion, lettuce, mater and cheese. Had them cut it in half...Of course, it was on light bread with thick bolonga and garden maters....
Had I thought of it I would have asked for apple butter...yep, I bet that would have been the bomb!
Next time I'll try it on ham or bolonga...but with no cheese!
Thanks Tipper,
I love sweet crunchy homemade pickles and peanut butter samwichs!

Forgot to say that I won't drink anything that burns my throat either. Could never stand liquor or whiskey.

Yummy! I just love apple butter; I also love pumpkin butter. A local NC author talked about pumpkin butter and I just had to find some. I'm addicted to it!

Apple Butter is tops in my book! Apricot jam comes second; but we don't grow apricots here so I buy it at the store - and the apples we grow here don't compare to the ones we had in our yard in Virginia so I buy Granny Smiths at the store.

Only one change - I put a bit of nutmeg in my apple butter instead of the cloves - cloves have too much "bite" for me - rather like "black pepper".

- But then, this Texan can't tolerate jalapenos and chili peppers either . . . go figure. . . .

I love apple butter! The last time I made freezer apple butter in a crock pot. The first round I made on the stove top. It was better. The last round was made in the crock pot. I may have put in too much cloves as it seemed darker and much stronger, and I think it overcooked in the crock pot, although I followed directions...Sometimes the old way is the best way.
Thanks Tipper,
PS...Let me ponder a minute or three...Greens and apple butter, now I hear you make fantastic biscuits...Guess I'll have a couple of stops to make when I'm theiving those greens...maybe some biscuits and apple butter to boot...LOL!
Travel note: When crossin the mountain up towards Wears Valley, there laid ole B'er Coon. He wuz taken a permanent siesta on the side of the road. Guess he just took the wrong road after we chased him out of the chicken house! Usually, we're just seein bears and deers around those parts. Then there was the faithful groundhog trying to keep the TN side of the highway weed free! LOL

I don't know if my taste changed,
or maybe I got foundered on it when
I was little. Apple Butter and also
pickled beets are two things I just
don't care for anymore...Ken

We both LOVE apple butter. Winter morning breakfast is perfect with apple butter and a fat biscuit.

Am I the only person in this whole great big old world that puts apple butter on ham and bologna sandwiches?

LOVE apple butter and have to make plenty because I've got a group that can't live without it.

We LOVE apple butter and will be making this recipe ASAP!!

I love Apple Butter and like Miss Cindy prefer to go lightly with the Cloves (a little dab will do you). My beloved Bride has a recipe for Freezer Apple Butter that is great but the fact remains that Apple Butter cooked in a large Copper Kettle over an open fire constantly stirred with a wooden paddle is still the best. This "Old Timey" food of the Gods served up with home churned lightly salted Butter is prime cuisine when smeared on one of my wife's perfect Biscuits. If you don't happen to have biscuits it also mixes well with peanut butter for an excellent sandwich for dinner or supper.

Apple butter on top of cottage cheese. Yum! I just put my peeled, cut up apples in the crockpot with some sugar to taste. Cook all night, then can during the day. I don't use spices, but my grandma would throw in some red hot candies for spice and color.

I love apple butter.

I love apple butter and I love it even better on a hot biscuit. I was admiring that beautiful brown concoction just this morning sitting there in the fridge beckoning me to take it out and slather it over a hot biscuit but alas, it was not to be. Instead it was a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios which in my opinion pales in comparison.

Oh my gosh, Tipper! AM I A FAN OF APPLE BUTTER? I do believe I could go all winter skipping the jellies and just eat Apple Butter. We will have to axe Ms. Jones if Apple Butter is one word or two. I allers thought hit was one!

WISH you could come over on Wednesday for my 'book report' to the wonderful Blairsville Folks. Ms. Jones is NOT going to make it - which makes me SAD!

Eva Nell

I used to love apple butter. For several years I had made it to eat here at home. Last year I decided to make it for Christmas presents for family and friends. I didn't ask anyone if they liked it, I only asked to be told what I needed to do to make it better. Guess how many replies I got to my request. Exactly none! So I can assume I make the worlds best apple butter, right.
I only asked one person how he liked it. He responded "Oh we loved it. Do you have any more?" When I unexpectedly showed up at his place with another jar I discovered he hadn't eaten the first one.
So you could say that right now I am a little burned out on apple butter.

Apple butter has ALWAYS been one of my favorites: biscuits. cornbread, toast, or anything else I an find to smear it on, or pile it on. This looks pretty easy. I'll give it a try. Thanks!!

I like apple butter best if it doesn't have too much ground cloves in it. For some reason I don't like cloves. It's best with buscuits and you hake the best biscuits I've ever eaten!

I was thinking of apple butter yesterday and how I need to make some. I like making mine in the crockpot, just let it simmer all day. mmm. Makes the house smell so good.

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