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September 03, 2013


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Good luck to everyone with their fall gardens. July was cool here and I'm still getting lots of bell peppers, some okra, and a few tomatoes. but - with temperatures forecast to be in or near the 100s for the next two weeks and not a drop of rain is sight, I'm going to hold off a week or two with planting any fall veggies. Maybe not planting by the moon signs but by Mother Nature's signs!

My mother used to talk about dry dog days and wet dog days. This summer has been an extreme example of the latter.
I am considering building a rice paddy for next summer.

I've never planted a Fall Garden.
It might just be laziness but I'm
still tired from this years
undertaking. Since I lost my bean
patch to the rain, I'm just glad I
got enough canned last year to do
this year too. Never saw this much
rain in my lifetime! But I'm
Thankful for what did do well...Ken

Momma used to have a mustard greens patch every fall. She fried hers when they were very young and I just loved them. After she was gone I never ate them again.

We were in the process of moving this year and only planted corn and tomatoes. That was the only things I needed to put away for winter. The corn did great but not the tomatoes. Tipper, I hope the Ox Heart tomatoes did better for you than ours did this year.

I had a great patch of Turnips and Mustard Greens going where I had pulled up my Blue Lake Beans when they finished bearing. I know the Turnips and Curley Mustard are great and I have several Groundhogs who have given them their seal of approval by cleaning out part of the patch every night. Anybody interested in a Fat Groundhog to roast for Thanksgiving?

It's been a funny summer, hasn't it, Tipper. Don't recall a summer this wet before. I'm glad to say goodbye and move on to the next thing, like the fall crop. It's no wonder the Deer Hunter wanted to clear out and move on.

Yes, the amount of rain has really had things either drown or grow so much, that they will probably be stunted next season. My plants were like a jungle this year. However, my purple and green bell peppers produced some tasty eats.

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