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September 01, 2013


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WOW!! As I have said many times before, what a very talented family! I LOVED this version of the song and absolutely love seeing the four cousins together on one stage. The blended voices, the string playing, and the sweet sound of the fiddle. I agree, so hope that these four continue on their musical journey. They are such a gift and surely have the talent to make it big. Thank you for sharing this gift with us!

Love the Avetts. Lol-had no idea I was cool!

I enjoyed those sweet young people so much. The girls are always awesome and we were so happy to get to hear the boys playing with them before they go back to school. It is special when we get to hear "our young folks from our own community " sing( As well as all the others ). I know you and Matt are so proud of them as well.

The girls did a wonderful job on the Avett Brothers song.
You can't imagine how the chorus touched us here this morning.
As, my husbands brother was killed on a motorcycle this past Friday evening on his way home from work. It was a terrible shock! He sort of lived a life where the world turned beneath him.
Thanks Tipper,

The girls were great as usual. I hope they will continue this route when they finish high school. Such wonderful talent!

Since I couldn't be at Martin's Creek to hear Chitter and Chatter and their musical cousins in person, this was "next best"! Thanks for posting. I enjoyed tremendously--and enjoyed being introduced to the Avett Brothers song. I was not familiar with it before. Thanks, girls; your harmony is beautiful and your playing superb (and thanks to the guys, too!) Looking forward to more!

I never heard of the Avetts', but
Chitter and Chatter can really do
Justice to a song. Their blended
voices compliment each other so
well. You and the Deer Hunter have
a reason to be proud! ...Ken

Enjoyed the song. Four very talented young folks.

It was a wonderful experience to see the girls perform and they did a great job on this song, love it. I've heard of The Avett Brothers and love their music.. Your girls are awesome and can sing anything. Looking forward to seeing them again..

It was beautiful girls!! Thanks for introducing me to the Avett Brothers!

I have never heard of the Avett Brothers. Guess that means I am not one of the cool people your nephew speaks of. Those brothers couldn't possibly do the song any better than the Pressley girls and their cousins.

Small World Surprises make my day. I have a feeling, one day when you and I meet, we'll find out that we are cousins. It really is a small world.

I been watching this on youtube for several days and wondering when you were going to post it. In a word Excellent! The bookends were ok too.
When you only had one shot at it, you produced a perfect pair!

Lovely - Chitter and Chatter's voices continue to improve as does their harmony. It's so wonderful to have family music for personal enjoyment and for performance.

Great selection!

P.S. In my response to yesterday's blog I used the word "gossiping" - it was completely the wrong word: "visiting" is the correct word, like neighbors visiting across a fence - eavesdropping on these "visits" gives the listener (reader) a warm feeling.

Thanks for lots of warm feelings.


That was a great song. They did a great job on it. I too have a wide range of different art and music that I enjoy. When some of my relatives hear of some music I like they roll their eyes. Old and new I like. That fiddle she plays gets better and better. That song is a nice piece of poetry. Some great metaphor and simile in it. I enjoy hearing something with a message that has a nice melody.

Yes, that's a very nice song and fits in perfectly with the girl's style.

You and the Deer Hunter have really done a fine job of leading and teaching the girls.
I look at them now and I don't see children, I see young women....fine young women!

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