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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Take A Notion

My life appalahcia take a notion

The girls have enjoyed being out of school for Christmas break. One day they took a notion to visit some of their old childhood haunts. Apparently they took a notion to take my camera along too. 

Take a notion = decide to do something.


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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You recken B. Ruth could explain the phrase "former ancestors"

Just had an old memory come back! Years ago there was this real pretty girl at school and you know how the boys always want to call someone's attention to a pretty girl. Well, they pointed her out to this old man at a ballgame one night. I'll never forget what he said about her. He said, "Boys I tell you now if I was a young sprout every time her Momma throwed the dishwater out the back door she'd wet me! I guess the same could be said about those Indian Princesses!

B-loved your story of the unexpected kiss-wish I could have been there to see it : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
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Culture of Appalachia

Oh, today's post made me smile for so many reasons. Thank you for the ways you brighten the days.
Have always heard "take a notion" and "fixin' to"....use 'em, too.

I see three beautiful Indian
Princess' in the above picture.
With those pretty eyebrows, there
ain't no way they could get into

Seems I have a notion too, I got
some Cornbread Salad in the frig.
After I get a bowl full, I feel like the Pied Pipper, with 3 Cats
and a Dog following, waiting for
their share...Ken

Such lovely "notions" - - and I was hoping to see pictures of some of the girls old "haints" - - - maybe in the future.

Now, did any of you, in your childhood, ever hear "I'm about of a notion to tan your hide!"?

As for "fixin' to" - - we stretch it out to "fixin' to git ready to. . . ." which drove my youngest's then girlfriend (from Canada) absolutely nuts! She was always telling him, "Nike's got it right: Just do it!"

I was in the notion to clean my house but decided to pay your blog a visit , it always makes my day.

I've used that expression all my life, as well as its reverse, as in: "I've just set here and got plumb out of the notion."

here's to more b.Ruth experiences -- restores our faith in our fellow man(woman)!


I am always taking a notion to get into something! :)

Oh yes I take a notion to.....all the time.

Well Tipper: As I have allers heard that expression about a NOTION - mosta my life, I jest don't know what to say, sept them thar girls er getten a little wild! No tellen who that mout meet with that camera! Then thar that other wild lady out thar getten kissed by a forner! Whats this world comin to? I'm jest gona stick to my own nitten!

Eva Nell

I bet you're glad they took a notion to take your camera instead of your car. It has been too cold for the kids to get out of the house here in KY. Based on the way the girls are dressed, it must be warmer there. Those sure are three beautiful girls!

Oh, I loved that old phrase I have heard and used all my life. My dear mother said it quite often. I might just take a notion to find some mountains real soon. Sweet post b.Ruth.

I'm always takin' a notion to do something. I have some of my best adventures when I do that.

I've heard and used 'took a notion' many times as well as 'had a hankering' to do this or that. I had a secretary in Georgia that was always 'fixin. to do something. "I'm fixin to close up and go home." or "I'm fixin to slap somebody silly." One day I asked if I could watch. "Watch what?", she asked. "Watch you fix to go home.",I replied.

Looks like they were having some fun with mom's camera! I wonder what other mischief pictures were taken. Maybe they found a secret passage to wonderland and a critter or two. Isn't it fun to have an unplanned adventure. Good for you girls!

It's the three Indian Princesses all grown up...almost!
Those certainly are three pretty girls!

How often have I heard the expression: "Take a notion to..." followed by whatever, well, whatever the person "took a notion" to do!
Whether it was in the carefree days of youth or the more mature years (?) of adulthood, that "taking a notion" often led to delights that would otherwise have gone unexperienced. Even today, I often "take a notion to..." and am pleased at the unexpected bit of pleasure! Try acting on your notions; you, too, may be delighted!

After seeing so much crochet during the holidays and after buying my grandgirls looms, I took a notion to crochet a bit!
Could be the time of year! Could be the cowls that I have been seeing. Could be my neck is cold!
Could be I have a basket of yarn wastin'. Could be it is good excercise for the arthritic fingers...NOT...
Could be I just took a notion!
I think I would rather be out in the woods a'walkin'. I know those girls would hep me get that rollator up the side of the slippy slide bank! But then my neck would still be cold and old..
So, I picked out my biggest crochet hook, so it will work up fast...and crochet away!

Those girls are so pretty! Beautiful complextions!
Did they find any treasures to put in those new jars?

Speak of takin' a notion. This happened last evening for real!
As I was leaving the big Box Store, I met the sweetest man from England. To my very much surprise, he said, "Can I tell you something, and I said "Yes" and he grabbed my hand, leaned over, gave me a kiss and said, "Have a good holiday!" I was so shocked but still caught his accent. I said, are you from Ireland?I thought he was from Ireland...naught, he was from England! I was so flabbergasted, I couldn't speak! Now then, I was thinking as I rolled the electric cart to its holding place! If that had been in California, New York or elsewhere, the party receiving the kiss on the cheek would have sued for harrasement! Us, old Appalachian gals just love a kiss from our relatives of our former ancestors...LOL

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