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December 23, 2013


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Ed-it is a small world after all : )

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Vertie Gertrude Jones, mother of Evelyn Christine Mintz Breedlove, was the sister of Loyal Jones whose volume of photography and prose I will eternally appreciate.

Lovely (and loving!) Christmas story. Very handsome couple, too-

I loved this story! I can just see that little boy in the Santa suit :) Thank you, Mary Lou, for a fine tale. Merry Christmas to all Blind Pig readers!

What a beauty your mother was, Mary Lou! Just look at her standing there with one hand on your father's shoulder and the other behind her back. I won't wonder what she holds in the hidden hand, but I'll bet she could get your father to do anything she wanted.
My cousin Victor Breedlove married a Mintz girl, Evelyn Christine. Her father was Everette Mintz. Is she your cousin? May I put this picture in my online family tree?

Mary Lou, I am not the newspaper man you speak of but, I wish I were. Better yet, I wish I were the CEO for BARNES AND NOBLE of New York. Your books would be every where nice lady! I love your work!!!

I approve of Tipper posting my story, Ebert's Shoes. thank so much for sharing this with your readers and all the nice comments.

Thanks Tipper and the dear readers . I so loved to hear Mama tell this story. I do believe this may have been her greatest ever.
Thank Linda( Maw Crow) I dearly love you and your Mother and I enjoyed staying with Maybelle, I got to enjoy all of you. I would love to see you. Bradley If your the newspaper man I want to thank you for printing my southern corn Cobb Humor stories weekly. Tipper is the gal who entertains us all. Thank again Tipper.

Mary Lou.....how delightful. Mama, Lois (Maybell's sister) enjoyed it even more than I did!! She's 93 now and sends her best to you. Linda aka Mama Crow

A truly wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

A grand story, this; I can just see that young'un, pitching a fit over stolen shoes...

Wow! What a nice Christmas Story
by Mary Lou. She's an excellent
writer and storyteller. I just love
these stories of hard times, cold
winters, and warm blankets. These
are alot like the winters I had as
a kid, rekindling those wonderful
memories of Family...Ken

Thanks for such a great story, a true picture of the triumph of the human spirit over hard times. I absolutely loved this story, and Charlie and "Ebert"!

and Mary Lou, Thank you for a wonderful story. I am sure Ebert..
aka Everett was laughing so hard to himself that he had a hard time keeping a straight face. How he pulled off the switch without giving it away is a mystery!
You know, when happy times abound, one can just jump into the fun and fantasy even if one knows the truth, even if you know Santa is your very best older brother!
Thanks for sharing Tipper,
and Mary Lou for writing down her wonderful memories.
Dad said, "One winter the quilts were stacked so deep on the bed, he could hardly turn over, but dare not move one off, or he would freeze to death!

A wonderful story which would bring a smile to even a Scrooge's face.

Thank you, Mary Lou.

Wonderful story! Merry Christmas!

What a great memory and story to share! I really enjoyed it.

That was a great story! Who would have thought that shoes could have been a deal breaker. Amazing what children will notice. My older brother played Santa for our younger sister - 13 years difference - by stomping in the attic near the chimney. I can still picture her face today and she is now sixty.


Great story, thanks for the share.

What a loving and fun story! Thanks for sharing this with us.

What a delightful story Mary Lou McKillip has told. If she doesn't have it in a book yet, she should think about writing another book and including it! The story shows so much of the determination and hard work that our mountain folk were willing to expend for the happiness and care of their families. And the touch of humor gives the story just the right flavor! These help us remember with such fondness and appreciation the Christmases of our growing up years. Compared to now, our gifts were meager; but the thought and effort behind making the children happy became a measureless treasure adding a superior dimension to simple gifts. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the poignant reminder of how rich we really are!

What a wonderful story of family and their love for each other. thank you so much for sharing it

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

I loved this story! I remember Mary Lou Mc Mckillip; I bought her book "Harmony and True Grit"! What memories! I think memories whether good or bad is the glue that keep all families forever intact. Loved this.

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