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January 03, 2014


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Thank you Tipper and all the participants. This post has given me many warm(sometimes teary eyed) memories this year. It has made the loss of my Mother and Father In-law softer because of all the memories this post churns in me. Thanks again to all.

Beautiful pics Tipper! Much talent in your word and camera. I miss you all.

Thank you for your stories, your thoughts, your initiatives, your trips, your recipes, your attitude, sharing your family, sharing your friends, your persistence and mostly for sharing yourself, you are a gift! Thank you!

How lucky I am to be a subscriber
even tho I live in the Pacific NW.
Thanks for all your creative work.

To my wonderful writer friend Tipper,

The post today, "just shows to go you", that the "storal to this mory" is from "All toaks little grow-corns ache"...
In other words even if "hits read backerds or ferwords tis good readin'"!
Work up the good keep!
Thanks Tipper

Thanks for all the interesting posts
of 2013, all that hard work is
appreciated. The way you addressed
life in Appalachia, mostly with your
family, is amazing.

When I went home last night it was
hard to see the road, with all that
wind blowing the snow. I had to use
4-wheel drive to get home and woke up
with 3 to 4 inches. My Jeep was just
a big White clump...Ken

Highlight Of Reading Your Blog:

Paul's flat-pickin'.

Your Daddy's high tenor harmony.

The girls' learning to play music.

The tapestry you weave with words.

Your memories of times past, which conjure up memories of my time in the mountains so many years ago.

The remarks by your readers as they recall how things were 'back when'.

Songs I haven't heard in years, songs I've never heard, songs I've heard with different words; Paul and Pap were singing "Poor Man" and the line "McKinley, he hollered, McKinley he squalled, the doctor said "McKinley, I cain't find the ball..." pops into my head.

The evidence that somewhere there are kids/young adults that still have a sense of values, and respect for their elders. Your tale about Chitter (I think it was she) begging to keep a rooster cracked me up, I absolutely howled with laughter at her logic.

The video about the tree full of heads; one of the girls said "That's what ah heard", and the dialect took me back 30 years. I had forgotten what I've been missing.

And now, the good news: The Mountain Woman, who was born in Denver KY, and I have been laying plans for over a year now to move ourselves back to the mountains. Her daughter has invited us to share a corner of her home for the rest of our days, a most generous offer and a guarantee that we will never spend a day in a nursing home. I've seen and lived in several areas of the Eastern US and I truly cannot thing of anywhere that could be closer to Heaven than the mountains. Truly!

Anyway, don't stop what you're doing, sending these daily reminders of what we're missing; I'd like to see/hear two things in 2014:

1. Chitter playing double-stops on the fiddle before she sneaks off to college.

2. You playing a dog-house bass. You'd enjoy it, I gar-on-tee, and I swear they aren't to learn. Been there, did that, loved it.

And..keep on, keeping on, don't change a thing, y'all..

great review -- and it was just as interesting/fun reading them all over again. Here's to a wonderful 2014 (and you sharing it with us).

I had a beautifully complimentary post, and stayed away too long doing laundry. I'm having to repost. I cannot believe those little girls are all grown up and ready for college. This fact eluded me while I drank coffee, made Kraut, and just generally got lost in Blind Pig land each morning. They are so pretty, talented, and obviously bright-they will do well.
Meanwhile we have lots of snow and cold temperatures here, so it is going to be a soup bean day. I think,instead of shoveling, I will just stare out the window at it and look at seed books.

They are all favorites of mine as well. Thanks for the journey, looking forward to 2014.


What a pleasure and a privilege it is going along with you on this wonderful journey that is Appalachia!Looking forward to more stories and recipes in 2014. Hard to believe the Pressley Girls will be going to college already!Have they made their choices of schools and majors?

We thank YOU -- for the journey

Thanks for providing a "rising tide" to your readers. Your blog encourages: appreciating the simple things, acknowledging our history (even if it isn't Appalachian), and being comfortable in our own skins - - that helps keep us all afloat.

I enjoy every post and the music. I hope 2014 is full of health and happiness for all. Every year has its valleys and peaks. An older preacher that went to our church use to quote Psalm 30:5 a lot "weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." That has always stuck with me and always comes to mind when things are not so well. I look forward to reading your post everyday. Thank you for the time you put in your blog. :)

Tipper, I enjoy reading your blog every day, and I'm looking forward to sharing 2014 with you:)

Tipper, I am so glad I stumbled upon The Blind Pig post while I Googled for information on the Sarvis Tree a few years ago. If I miss a day reading your post, I always catch up the following day. My New Years resolution should have been to stop trying every single recipe you post. Someone has to eat it...
One of the most touching stories I have ever read was A Hardscrabble Christmas. I ordered the book and told a house full of guest about it on Christmas Eve. When the girls go to college, I hope they will find time to add new songs to your playlist. Sometimes I just turn the volume up and listen to the music.
Thank you for all you do!

Some of your favorites are also some of mine, Tipper. But gosh, there's such a wealth of posts to choose from on Blind Pig - I could never choose just 12!

Tipper: My first thoughts when reading your post today, were to choose from your twelve posts just one special post. But I was too impressed with all of them. HOWEVER, I can relate to YOUR GRADUATION EVENT in the most heart-felt way. I also graduated with the HIGHEST DEGREE two years after we lost our sweet Joey (age 17). As we gathered for lunch, I could not hold back the tears - which I HOPED everyone would think was tears of joy. THANKS FOR A MEANINGFUL POST!

Eva Nell

We use to have an Elderly Pastor that would say "Now that was rich" when someone would get up and testify or do a good job teaching, I didn't get to read all the post this year because of our internet problems, but this year "was rich",and I've enjoyed every minute of it. God calls us in life to do things, it's up to us to answer that call, and Sister this is one you've answered.. Good job,, We never know what the next calling will be...

Thanks some good stuff! Thanks Tipper. And Happy New Year.

So many moments, so many memories, so many fine times with family. I think I'll take a page from your book, Tipper, and do a review of the past year. It is good to look back and appreciate the blessings in our lives.

I loved this review; it made me remember many of the posts you have presented. I loved so many of them. The girls will enjoy their new venture next fall, but without them home, that is if they head out of the area, will bring you a different life. The quietness, smaller meal planning, and whatever daily traditions become different. It's a new life for you and them. May the new year be just as wonderful as your previous years. I look forward to my daily dose of Blind Pig...!

Wow, it was a year full of memories...good memories. I had forgotten some of these posts. My life would be different without the Blind Pig to give me something special to look forward to every day.
Thank you Tipper! I don't know how in the world you come up with new ideas every single day, but you do and for that I am grateful!

Thanks for the favorites from the Year in Review! We just appreciate all you do to keep this post alive, well and enticing us! My day isn't complete unless I've accessed Blind Pig! You have more than a "covey" of faithful, appreciative readers (listeners, too, to the music!). And we thank you!

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