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The Blind Pig & The Acorn In 2014 name it to me

I hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year last night. I was snug-sound asleep in my flannel sheets when midnight ushered in the new year.

Do you make new years resolutions? I cannot remember ever making a new years resolution-not once in my entire life. Maybe I did at some point as a child-but not that I can remember. I don't think there's anything wrong with new year's resolutions. I completely admire people who make them and stick to them. While some resolutions are quickly thrown to the side of the way, I've heard testimonies from folks who said their resolutions literally changed their life forever in a meaningful way.

My practical mind can't seem to wrap itself around resolutions. It's an internal argument that goes like this: Why don't you make a new years resolution this year? Why would I wait till the new year-if I wanted something to change I'd just change it now. But that's the point its a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. See you start out a brand new year-it's like a fresh start. Sorry it just seems like I'd be wasting time to wait till then-unless it just happen to be then? OH NEVER MIND!

The New Year does motivate me to clean out and clean up. It's a natural process as you put away Christmas decorations and find a home for newly acquired Christmas presents. I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom, scrubbing cabinets, dusting, de-cluttering, washing the windows, and changing the curtains. 

I've got lots of ideas for the Blind Pig & the Acorn during 2014. Whether I'll accomplish them all is a different story.

I hope to finish the story of W.C. Penland-Civil War Solider from Clay County NC. It's been so long since I shared any of his letters I'm going to start from the very beginning so be on the look out for those.

I want to give a dulcimer away! Actually it's a kind-generous-talented Blind Pig reader who wants to give it away-I just need to come up with my end of the process.

During 2014 I want to celebrate Appalachia in an even bigger way. How? I'm not sure-but I know it involves the voices of people like me-and you. 

Coming up fairly quickly in 2014 I'm going to have a series on children's rhymes. Remember last year's game series

I want to continue my Overheard series-it's gotten to where I'm stopping all the time to write down things I hear. I think people are beginning to wonder about me.

Want to make pickles with me this summer? A few years ago I hosted a Blind Pig & The Acorn Pickle Along. Several Blind Pig readers made 14 Day Pickles with me. I showed each step of the pickle process on the appropriate day of the 14 days. I'd like to do a pickle along again if any of you are interested?

Charles Fletcher has published the next book in his Little Sam Mountain Series-Living Their Dream. He has graciously donated a copy for me to giveaway-so be on the lookout for that too.

Now that I've given you a peek into 2014-drop back by in a day or so for a look back at 2013. 


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I cant begin to tell you how much I enjoy this music. To me it is a cross between The Louvin Bros. and Jim and Jesse.I would like some information regarding where I could see these wonderful talented artists, do they have concerts? Do you sell access to the kitchen? My wife and I are looking for a vacation place this year. Where are you? is there a tourist information bureau locally? Cecil Peterson 420East 1100North Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

Your post started my morning off with a smile, Tipper, as I have the same sort of discussion in my head about all sorts of things! And I love b.Ruth's comment about the lights :)
A Pickle Along sounds great! Maybe this year I'll actually get enough cukes to pickle. And I was just thinking yesterday that I need to look up your report from the 2013 test plantings to see what that really long bean was that did the best for you. Planning, planning...
Looking forward to another fine year of Blind Pig posts and comments. I think the Civil War letter series was the way I found your blog in the first place. So glad I did!

Whether we make resolutions or not, the beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on our past strengths & weaknesses & consider any changes that would make not only our lives better, but those around us.

Hey Tipper,
I'm back in here reading...I have had just about all the football I can stand for one day...

What I wanted to tell you is..I just love your all letters/word pig. Where could you put that little piggy so we could see him neat...

Thx for a great year of blogs posts Tipper,
Please tell the family I said, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Eagerly awaiting your 2014 blogs and lots of good music from Pap & Paul and the girls. Peace, happiness, health to you all.

After pondering on Jim's comment
yesterday, I decided to get me some
ribs, turnip greens, and black-eyed
Susie's. But to me those peas taste
like dirt, just like clay peas. Come
to think of it I use to like eating
dirt, so go figure...Ken

Don't do New Year resolutions, either. But I do like the idea of fresh, clean starts without a lot of expectations that are doomed to failure. Happy New Year, Tipper-can't wait to see what you have store for us in 2014!


I can't believe this, only 358 days til Christmas, and people already have their lights up!!!!


and Ed...'fore he has time to inquire about...
"Dryer ground"... is where we have a "buried dryer" to dry the soil for early plantin'....
Thanks Tipper,

". . . it's gotten to where. . . ." That's a phrase I hadn't heard anyone but my extended family use. But maybe you's already covered that. . . .

2014 with Blind Pig looks to be a good year - I'm looking forward to it.

- but no resolutions for me - "one day at a time, sweet Jesus. . . ." I'll make plans, God will giggle (maybe laugh out loud) as things change since so much is out of my control; but He gave me a mind so I can adapt- I can only control how I respond - so I'll deal with it all "one day at a time"

Good New Years Day morning! Howdy, howdy and Happy Happy New Year!
Nope, I didn't imbibe last night, unless you count leftover Ambrosia (necter of the gods) and a ice glass of white grape sparkling water!...

That doggone Texas A&M and Duke game took the time til about 11:50 PM last night!...I was rootin' for Duke 'cause of David Cutcliff who used to be the offensive coordinator at UT...Wish we still had him! Anyhow, Texas A&M won, and they are a SEC team, so I guess all is well in SEC land! Lawdy, we all know that Tennessee won't be playing this year, unless it is in the "backyard bowl"!

About them resolutions, I resolve, like in Psalm 17:3, to try and not transgress by my mouth! Sometimes my tongue gets ahead of my brain and "out pops the devil"!...

Tipper, what in the world are you up to? Are you deliberately trying to make us feel like lazy housekeepers?? My goodness, starting Spring cleaning before New Years Day? Mercy, I barely get started by Spring! That's March 20th, nearly three months away, plenty of time yet!! LOL
Besides, I already got three (3) Spring catalogs to look through, with more to come, I'm sure. We do have to order our Onion sets from the Texas Onion folks, we get them about "Februaryish", and plant when we can get them in the dryer ground! I am so ready for Spring, and all the new plants look so inviting to try!

I wondered what happened to the Pendland series...I thought maybe you had finished the letters...I wonder if anyone else out there has Civil War letters to share, especially if they relate to here in the mountains.

I should have waited to buy my dulcimer, maybe I could have won one! Shucks!!

I love childrens rhymes...I can't count on two hands the books I have aquired of nursery rhymes...The intent was to sell them, use them in my mixed media crafts, but I can't tear them up at all! The stories behind them are an education in themselves...No, boys I'm not talking about the old school/college rhymes said by mischevious youth!! LOL

I love the overheard series too, Tipper. Some overheard things, are quite, well, uhhhh, hummm, you know what I mean...not publishable!

Well now, pickles and new books...
Looks like you have covered it...
"The 'possum is dropped and ready to start the New Year!"

Thanks Tipper,
PS....My collards are cooking as well as the blackeyed peas and ham hock...I'm already hungry, again! Nope, no diet resolution again this year!!!

I don't do resolutions either, doubt
if I could keep 'em anyway.

One of the highlights of the Blind Pig
is the W.C. Penland letters, really
enjoyed those. I didn't say anything
tho, cause seems like every day you
had other interesting things going on.

Our local weather girl is predicting
6" of that White Stuff for the higher
elevations by Friday. (Woopie...that
means Snowcream!)

After jumping out to a 28-10 lead in
the Chick-Fillet Bowl in Atlanta last
night, by the end of the game the
Dukies found out why Texas A&M's
quarterback is called Johnny Football. A&M 52---Duke 48...Ken

Happy New Year to everyone! I look forward to your blog posts in 2014. It sounds interesting and exciting.

Happy New Year, Tipper! My husband received several packages of seeds from Sow True Seeds from one of our daughters. Maybe I will get to do the pickle along with you! Lord knows the last time I tried I ruined a huge batch! God bless you all in this new year.

We were out doing music until midnight with our friends! Can not think of a better way to turn over into the New Year.We wish Tipper and family a very Happy New Year and to all out there in cyber land. We also look forward to opening Blind Pig and Acorn each coming day.

My dear Mrs. Tipper:
With great hope for peace and happiness begin this year 2014.
May God extend on our common home, "PLANET EARTH" his sacred mantle of PEACE, and enlighten the minds of those who govern us to know and be able to find the roads that lead to it.
This reader and sincere admirer of your work, wish you much happiness in the company of his family and to all residents of the Appalachian Mountains.
Maybe it's the follower of the Blind Pig family, more distant, but with the daily reading of his writings, I feel closer to you.
A very cordial and affectionate greeting to you, Chatter, Chitter, Pap, Paul and Deer Hunter, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, José Luis.

Sounds exciting and I can hardly wait. I've never given much thought about Resolutions myself either. Happy New Year Tipper to you and the whole gang.

Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to another great year for everyone. Good health, wealth and lots of love.

No new year's resolutions for me! Wishing the BP Gang and all the Acorns out there a very happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed new year.

Tipper, your plans for the new year sound very exciting. Oh, how I remember jumping in and cleaning a room from the inside out in one day.
Your pickle-along sounds so good, but I cannot seem to follow a plan anymore. My last couple of pickling ventures not so good, and possibly because I got so confident I did not follow the signs.
My favorite segment was your "make do" segment, and I cooked all those ole time treasured recipes. I will certainly be looking forward to keeping The Blind Pig as a start of my day in the coming year.

Happy New Year! I too was fast asleep at midnight. My wife is a nurse and was called in to work an all nighter so I didn't have anyone to smooch anyway. The only resolution I make is to not make resolutions. Like you Tipper if I need to do something different or change my habits and if I really want to I just do it.
I am looking forward to another year reading the Blind Pig. It's kind of like an old friend to me know. It has become part of my daily routine to read it. I have not met you and your family but I feel like I know you. I pray the coming year is filled with many blessing for you and thank you for sharing and all the work you do!

Happy New Year to you and your family. I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it everyday. Your Non Resolutions sound great...will be waiting for them.

Whether you call them resolutions or not, Tipper, you've just now expressed quite a few "resolutions" for 2014 at Blind Pig. And your preview is enticing enough that I want to tune in, every day, to see what's going on! Nothing like enticing us to see how your Non-Resolutions play out! Thank you for your advance thinking and planning, and for your faithfulness in giving us a post we want to visit day after day! I know it's going to be a Happy New Year all year long at Blind Pig!

I read Charlies book while sitting at the hospital during my sons' surgery. A wonderful story, I have read all of his books,they are great stories of people and their lives . Charlie we are waiting for your next book.

Hope you all have a Blessed and prosperous 2014, way behind on my reading will probable never get caught up,,, Look forward to the 2014 Blind Pig... Been watching Moonshiners on cable.. that wouldn't happen to be some of yalls family up there is it? Just kidden..

I didn't stay awake for midnight either. A local TV station here had gone to Brasstown to cover the Possum Drop at midnight and I thought about trying to stay up to see that, but I didn't make it.

Looking forward to Blind Pig & the Acorn in 2014.

Another new year has entered the world and sometimes I wonder what good and not so good will happen. I am looking forward to your posts; it's a daily thing I do each day. I am learning so much about Applachia and its history. I am also having fun learning how to cook and make some exciting foods. Your site is the best each day - Happy and healthy 2014 to you and your family. Keep up the great work!

No resolutions, but I do set monthly goals for myself. This has been a great year with the Blind Pig family, thank you so much for all your posts and the wonderful music!

Well Tipper, you sure got your 'thinking cap' on and seem ready to face the NEW YEAR! As for us, we had a wonderful evening with one of our three grandsons - taking in a movie and lots of conversation with that fine fellow. I don't know what could have been more special.

We'll just stay tuned for more learning about your fine pickle process and other important things.


Eva Nell

No, Tipper, I don't do New Year Resolutions. I found that was not a process that worked well for me. I'd set up unrealistic expectations that feel really bad about myself when I failed, so....I quit.
What I have done that worked really well for me is to spend some time in introspection and and come up with a word or phrase to ponder for the year. Something that fits into my current experience, then think on it regularly.
When I do this it never lasts the whole year. Somewhere into the year, like six months it completes itself and disappears, never to return. Well never, except one. One thought has come back to be pondered several different times over the years.
Happy New Year to all and a great big thanks to Tipper and the Blind Pig Gang for all you give us EVERY DAY OF EVERY YEAR!

Happy New Year sweet Tipper! Blessings to you and all the the Blind Pig family.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to what you are going to be doing here.

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