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Living In 2 Different Worlds

This post was originally published here on the Blind Pig in March of 2009.

High Rise 

A High Rise

High Rise Trees 

A High Rise

Fenced In 

Fenced In

Fenced In With Some Room 

Fenced In

View From The Car 

View From The Car

View From The Car Window 

View From The Car

View Of Parking Lot 

A Busy Day

A Busy Day 

A Busy Day

For this week's Pickin' & Grinnin' In The Kitchen Spot Paul and Pap did a great version of We Live In Two Different Worlds, an old Hank Williams song. 

(*Before you watch the video you need to stop the music player-the music controls are along the top of this page on the far left side-just under the Blind Pig logo. Click the center round button to stop the player.) *For those of you who have trouble viewing the video-go straight to youtube to see it by clicking here. In this video-Pap and Paul Wilson.



Hope you enjoyed the song-and the views of 2 different worlds!


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Which picture represents prosperity to you? Each of us can answer it different, as I grow Older and Wiser, I see the glass half full rather than half empty,, The Love of Money as the Bible teaches isn't the answer, and in the end brings ones ultimate demise..Great Job on the song, enjoyed it..

weave guyt a high rise write neer whir i live and it has the finces jus like in yer sekund pitcher
a phew yeers ago it wus a boomin place whif a bout 700 yuth afenders butt now thays all ben moved two uther places
yew no yew can go up on burkemont mountin to whir thay fly them hang gliders an them pairasales off uv an look down at air high rise an it is just a spek
we shore mis them yuth afenders butt i wreckin the state uv north careolina nos whats best fer them dont yew thank jist like they ben lookin out fer awl of us
weave guyt alot uv gud peeple hear in burke county that nos how two take keer uv speshall peeple an theeze peeple are jest youngins 13 too 22 but i guess guvner pat and awl them uther guvermint foolks in rauley nos whats best fer awl uv us dont yew thank

Best post ever !!!!!!!!

Nice job on that song, I don't think I
ever heard it before. I live about 8
miles from my shop and That Surely IS
TWO Different Worlds. I ain't got any
snow here, but I still got 5" or more
on my property. If I didn't have 4
wheel drive, I'd have to walk a good
piece, but it's like riding on a cloud.

Guess which world I prefer?

Oh how I like to sing this song as a matter of fact I am going Friday night to sing just that with a music group here in Mo. We take turns singing and playing and now I know for sure I will sing this song with some old ones as well. thanks for reminding me of this old song.

I think I remember this post! I hope you are not having to be in that other world, (Atlanta) today!
We had a little snow slip up on us last night. It even caught the weather folks by surprise. On the 11:00 PM news they couldn't agree whether we would have 1/2" or up to 3" or more overnight! LOL
When I peeped out this morning all I saw was a skif..the top of the truck and car white like a heavy frost.
Now I am ready for Spring! But, I am not sure to trust the forcast for next week of a high of 67 degrees...A month from tomorrow is March 17th, St. Patricks Day, and potato (tater) planting day around here! We have planted onions and green peas by this time in years past.
Seems like this snow white winter has been a different world than we have been used to.
Great Post, hope you are having a great sunny day!
Thanks tipper

lovely contrasting pictures but I can't get the video either and you know it's a better day when you have Pap & Paul to lead the way!

Wonderful music again, thank you!

Another great song and performance by Pap and Paul! As for the pictures, I'll take the second view of all of them EVERY TIME!

Another great song and performance by Pap and Paul! As for the pictures, I'll take the second view of all of them EVERY TIME!

Eva Nell-its working for me. Maybe it'll work for you later in the day! Sorry you can't hear them this morning though!


Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Loved this. Now you know why I moved to
Murphy, NC. I feel sad for those who never know the beauty of these
mountains. I walk out onto my deck every day and thank God.

Coming from two different worlds give each such a different perspective on the same world. . . .

Tipper: I don't know if my sound system has been snowed under this morning but I CAN NOT get the fellows singing.

Eva Nell

Loved Pap and Paul's rendition of "We Live in Two Different Worlds." It had been a long, long time since I'd heard that Hank Williams' favorite. Thank you for posting again! Everybody out there, I hope the snow, ice, power outages, earthquake tremors and other "winter-mix" vestiges of our WinterWatch2014 are settled down and you can enjoy a beautiful and pleasant Lord's Day on this February 16, 2014!

I like this post. Most of us have to live in tow different worlds, and might even be two different persons. One is for work and public and the other is for home and recharging. Many of the people I have known at work or in public are quite different than they appear, and you don't know that until you get to know them. Also, nice job on the song.

Hank would be proud! Love the harmony!

Having lived in a metropolitan area for over half of my life after coming from the mountains, I KNOW which is the better life. These mountains are where I belong.

What gripping photo's, shows us what has been happening to our world everywhere. Awsome blog today. Thank you

Yep, two different worlds in word and pictures and a nice song to boot!

Ahh! the delights of living in the country and the beauty of skyscrapers in the crowded big city. Choices is what one needs to make - I have lived in the city, but a house on a crowded street, but I retired in the country to enjoy the peace and quietness of nature's beauty. Pap and Paul - wonderful!

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