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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Ruby Sue Hates Music

My life in appalachia ruby hates music

Ruby Sue hates music. She is certainly in the wrong family to have that disposition. Once the music commences you'd think she'd run and hide under the bed or in the closet like she does when other things scare her. But nope she tries to stop the music by inserting herself into everyone's way. She runs back and forth trying to jump on someones lap or on their instrument, while fretting about how miserable all this music is making her. She lays her ears back and gives you the most pitiful look-all in the hopes that you'll stop the playing and the singing immediately. 


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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Maybe to Ruby Sue it sounds like her "pack" is all vocalizing together (like wild packs do) and she doesn't know why so it makes her uneasy and she wants it to stop?
I'm sure it's not a criticism of the Blind Pig Gang's musical skills ;)

You need to get rid of the dog.. lol My cat which I call my bluegrass kitty. Will sit at my feet in the music room and stare at the music stand then look at me then look at the banjo dulcimer or mandolin. which is my clue to play. I can put her to sleep in 5 minutes. Don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing.. Sometimes I have to fight with her to get her out of the cases when I come back from a gig. One of the PBS stations did a folk rock program and I was watching it she crawled up on the sofa and was bobbing her head to the music. With her eyes closed. A few of the songs are ones that I play. I love to practice with her she doesn't say a thing if I miss a note. She will let me know if I quit to soon. She will bat me on the neck to keep playing. They are times when I play rocky top or foggy mt. breakdown she goes nuts she run around the house. She loves when I sing and play Jed Clampett.

We had a little fiest who loved music/ She would greet all the musicians and that night she didn't but slipped in the house as they were getting their music in. Betty who was on the lead guitar ask Mary where is Tickie? I didn't see her. When Betty said that that she yipped from under the TV and gave herself away. she knew she was not to come in, but wanted to hear the music.

Sounds like is she a wee bit jealous of your music and not paying her all the attention.

Tipper, we travel to Missouri and when Lady and Precious used to get restless Truman would turn the radio on and then they were so content.They love music they may have a ear for music.

Long ago, I had a dog that would put his chin on the record on the record player whenever I had Inna Godda Davida by the Iron Butterfly (shows how long ago this was) playing on it. He just couldn't tolerate the sounds of that tune.

God bless.


Dogs can hear so much better than
humans, it probably hurts her ears a
bit. I've had dogs all my life and I
know they don't like high pitch sounds.

A few years ago you and the girls was
here and saw my dog, Little Bit. To me he looked just like Ruby Sue, and one of them said something about their resemblance. Now I got Whisky and he's the King around here, but he
seems to tolerate my two Cats very
well. After they eat their fill, my
dog cleans up their plates too...Ken


For heaven's sake! That poor little Ruby Sue just wants to join in!
Sing her a song about herself like:
"Ruby Baby" by Dion or....
How about changing the lyric "Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly to "Ruby Sue" or...change/sing "Bobbie Sue" by the Oak Ridge Boys...and or maybe "Wake Up Little Susie" by the Everly Brothers to get her upbeat going!
For goodness sakes don't sing to her/him "Oh Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town" by Kenny Rogers or "Ruby Brown" by Deanna Carter...Bless it's little heart, if Ruby Sue is a he/she mix do not sing (it) "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash...or you might be singing "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones...
Speaking of wonderful Ruby songs of the seventies...Do you remember the song "Ruby Jean and Billie Lee" by Seals and Croft ?
I always loved that song written I think, for their wives...beautiful song!!!
That is all I have for helping you with Ruby Sue...Maybe if she recognizes the word "Bath" like my dog and cat does...they hide!
The girls could start the session with the song they wrote "Give The Dog A Bath" and Ruby Sue will hide out of sound of the music!
Hope this helps!
Thanks Tipper,
PS...Winter out, Spring in, Spring out again, Winter in again! Doggone it! me sing a sad song Ruby Sue!

My dog just looks at me like I'm sick when I sing. Maybe he's right....but I sure do feel good.

Some tend to be that way and others love it. We used to have one that would howl when it heard music. LOL

That is too funny!

We had a female Shiba-Inu who came to Hawaii with us from Japan. Everyday when Jeopardy started, she would sit by the TV and wait for the Final Jeopardy music. She would sing for the entire thirty seconds it played. She knew the time Jeopardy was to start and always acted disappointed on weekends. No other music bothered her.

I had a white lab named Buddy who loved to listen to me play the banjo. He was the only one that did.

JS Bach - you're still entertaining after all these years - just didn't know you were a comedian too! ;-)
Maybe you should write a Canine Cantata!

I didn't like old time music until I was middle aged. Maybe it will grow on her.

Ahh! I think she just needs to be hugged by a familiar person and listen to the music with him/her. Maybe she is trying to add her personality to the show. Whatever it is, I think she just needs to know that her family enjoys the beauty of music. Oh, consider the pitch of the music; emergency sirens usually causes animals to stir and sometimes howl.

Funny, My cats don't like certain types very much either.

RUBY SUE should do what all dogs do.Join in with the singing, During my growing up years we always had dogs. Mostly hound dogs for hunting and always a small dog for playing with. When any music started we usually had an opera with all the different sounds from the dogs.
RUBY SUE needs to study music.
Charles Fletcher

Ruby Sue is a pretty smart little dog, you'd think she would have given up by now!

Well, Tipper! I never heard of such a thing. But we have never had a dog at our house. Just kitty cats! To calm her down, you might try to put ear muffs of Ruby Sue when you are making music. Maybe white and black ones to match her coat!

Eva Nell

You do realize that some animals are irritated by high pitched sounds, ambulances and whistles, etc. I have noticed that your family plays mostly in the key of G which has a sharp in it. I think it's that F# that's doing it. I'll bet if you played in C, which has no sharps or flats, Ruby Sue would curl up and go to sleep.

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