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March 16, 2014


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Tipper. the song is very touching. Tipper your talents are with out numbers. Songs. what if we did not have songs or music? God is so awesome He never left out anything did He? To much is given. much is required.Thanks for given much Tipper.

Wow! I love the song and what a story. How many a man has let his emotions get the best of him to only wish he could turn back the clock and acted different?
Paul is one heck of a picker!! Thanks for sharing.

Fred Tarr.....
I think the Pressly girls, of Blind Pig fame, wrote "My Hearts in Brasstown"...
I think Tipper posted about the song some time back...I like it!
I really like the one they wrote...A novelty tune..."Give The Dog A Bath"! That tune is so true at our house...
Thanks Tipper,

Very nicely performed! I think I like the beat first and then appreciated the words. A good beat to get one going and wanted to toe step.

Nice song and rendition. I was not a subscriber 4 years ago, but I had picked this song out of the playlist and have enjoyed it since I found it. I also like Front Range, but was only introduced to them through a garage sale find.

There is a great radio station that plays blue grass,Monday night 7:00 to 10:00 There handle is WDVR ,Delaware Valley Radio 89.7 in central NJ. Check it out.

Front Range is also my favorite group. One song they do that was not mentioned, but is a wonderful tune, is "One Beautiful Day". We play several of their tunes in our little band over here in E. Texas.

good one!

It's no wonder you are so proud of the guys! I wish I had closed caption on my screen so I could sing along with them.
I have always heard The Bob Amos Park, located in Pikeville, KY, was named after a singer. I'm guessing it's not the Bob Amos from the Front Range Band, since he was not from the area. Hopefully Google will have some information about the name of the park.

looking thru this edition of blind pig, and while reading Tippers article on a band from way back (colorado) I heard the feed and noticed first song on the SCM feed player "My hearts in brasstown" and wondered if this is an old area song as brasstown is near the school( the folk studies school)probably.

In my humble opinionm you don't just like songs...you love music!

I always loved the Blind Pigs version of Fergus County Jail...

I think they all done good! That was a real pickin' and grinin' song!

Thanks Tipper, great post to perk up a cloudy rainy Sunday in East Tennessee...
We're supposed to have a real "gully-washer" and a lot of it later this morning. I hope it don't wash out my lettuce and onion sets...We planted a few last Monday afternoon! If it warms in the slightest and with the longer days starting Thursday, everything will shorely pop!

That's mandolin man. I miss seeing him around the Blind Pig!

Yep, that is a good song and a job well done on that song.. And don't let no body kid ya,, that Boy can pick that guitar.. and Pap and that other young man do very well also..

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