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March 30, 2014


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the Wilson brothers were as good as the luv- ans brothers and sounded a lot like them. We sure have enjoyed them brothers both set so long.

Enjoyed the song this morning. I hope this little cold front with the snow flurries didn't bring on the blues...
The sun is shining here and hope the rest of the week it just gets better.

I loved the yawns, throat clearing and especially that glance that Paul gave, looking behind his back! So funny! He kept on with his keeping on and finished playing. I loved the harmony too...

Thanks Tipper,
Great Sunday post,
PS...I don't know if you have heard of her, but we have a little gal here in East Tennessee that is beginning to make a name for herself singing the blues...you can catch her on you tube...My favorite song that she does is the one she and her Mama wrote "Little Weeping Willow Tree"...her name is Emi Sunshine Hamilton...check her out when you get the chance...she played and sang at the Sweetwater Flea Market where we used to have booths and sold our antique glassware! So young to be singing the rockabilly blues! Only 9, I heard!

I did enjoy Seven Year Blues but I really liked it because it led me to "Blackberry Blossom" with Paul picking the guitar and Mark on the mandolin. I listen to a lot of Blind Pig stuff on youtube but had never heard it before. Paul does some amazing picking on it and Mark is almost as good on the mandolin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NrshG9weH0

Loved it.

Hauntingly beautiful!
Thank you on this Sunday morning.

Such a beautiful rendition! Enjoyable!

The throat clearing and yawning didn't take away from the song one bit. Pap and Paul would make the Louvin Brothers proud!

Beautiful as always

Everything old is new again. Nice song and rendition. Saw a sign this week...grandma bought it...mommy threw it out and i bought it at an antique store.

Lovely to see a family sharing music. I recall as a child first hearing the term "making music." My family members weren't musically gifted thus visiting a home where the family shared and celebrated playing and singing delighted me. Your father and brother blend voices to please the ear and ease the soul.

Tipper: It has been a long time since I heard that "Seven Year Blues" - maybe 3X7 years. But the fellows did it good!

Eva Nell

That was cool,, that seemed like we were in the room with you all,,nothing new everybody clears their throat and everybody yawns,,, good job as always...

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