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March 02, 2014


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I've got a little collection of heart-shaped stones, too. Can't resist picking them up and bringing them home.

Awe, I love these rocks. The song is so beautiful. Can't say as I've ever heard it before but they do a great job on it as usual.

I don't have a heart shaped rock ,but I sure did like the song, "Your Little Heart Of Stone,"
You sure are blessed in your family with talent.

Loved hearing Your Little Heart of Stone and hope it will be on the playlist sometime. Thanks for all the great music!

When the girls start college, I hope they each pick a heart stone to be with them in their new venture. I remember one year, I went to a rock shop and picked out a dozen or so specially polished stones, small, and I glued small eyes on each one. I named each one and gave the meaning of the name. These were my Christmas gifts to my fellow teachers that year. The name was something significant for the teacher I gave it to. Many teachers had a special desk rock.

-kind of like some people: although hard and cold, with a little polish, beautiful colors and a bit of heart appear.

I've had a life long love affair with rocks. Sometimes rocks just call my attention and I pick them up and bring them home. I used to piles of rocks around. I finally started a rock bank in my yard so they would all have a home to live in. I am also drawn to bones. Rocks and bones are among the most elemental things in in life and I assume that is why they call me.
The heart shaped rocks are a wonder, indeed. How did they get to be in the shape of a heart?

I love unusual shaped rocks. I found a heart shaped one last summer and thought of your girls.
I have a big pile of rocks that they can go thru and keep any heartshaped ones. There is a favor I ask, is that they need to move them as they go thru them around a flower bed and another row down a walkway!
I know they are very good at making paths with rocks and stones after I re-looked at the pictures of the girls in the creek and those paths!
Thanks Tipper,
PS...sort of related to heritage...There was a big rock in the curve to my Grannys in Marshall. When my Mother and her siblings would walk back up the hill after school, and they saw that big rock bulging out of the side of the road, they knew they were halfway home at least and sometimes would stop, climb and rest on top of that big boulder!
I was told that several cars hit the thing through the years. You know how they just carved the pig trail roads right up to the boulders in NC...LOL
There are some big boulders, behind the court house in Marshall, cabled to help support them lest they fall and "smush" the courthouse! Scary!!
PS..2 Let me know when you want to come to East Tennessee and become a mover of rocks!

Tipper: I loved the heart stone story then and NOW! My 'heart stone' in among all the stones that make up my RIVER OF TIME that does NOT flow through the Gardens of Eva!

I have probably told you I will be READING from "Fiddler" at the Folk School on 04-17 at 7:00. I hope you will be able to be there!

I hope your Sunday is sunny and warm!

Eva Nell

I wish I could find a heart shaped stone.

Throwing rocks was always more of a passion of mine, I remember one of the first "BAD" encounters I had as a child of about 2 or 3, after Church one night,, in the parking lot I had already been tossing up and out some rocks my Mother scolded me about throwing rocks and of course I didn't listen, picked me up a dandy and tossed that bugger up into the dark and stood there waiting for it to come back down, well it did,, right between the eyes,, I carried that scar into my teen years, was always there in the mirror to remind me... Moral of this story is Listen to your Mother. Good job on the song by the way..

Reading your account of the heart-shaped stone reminds me of all the little mementos I saved that my children brought to me when they were young. When I find one stored away in their special place, I am immediately transported back to the days of their childhood and youth and the wonder and joy at their discovering something they wanted to give to their mother. I've lived through grandchildren who did the same; and now to see grandchildren grow up and give me great grandchildren. On the rare occasions when these little ones visit and we go exploring in my back yard (or elsewhere), we always find something worth keeping. The aura remains about all "hearts of stone" and other precious objects, and the memories are sweet and poignant. It's wonderful when it can extend to the third generation of children. Enjoy!

Love the pictures, now I will be on the look out for heart shaped stones.

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