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April 06, 2014


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Wonderful job Tipper, it is just wonderful to see the girls singing.

Very nice Girls, keep up the good music... It will carry you far..

OllaBelle Reed is one of my favorite composers. Do the girls do any of her other songs?
This is really special!

Tipper, those girls have grown in stature and Music abilities as well. They are giving us so much pleasure to hear and read about them as I know they have to your musical families.Thanks for all your family down through the years of entertaining others.

The Pressley Girls reminds me of a
famous RCA TV Commercial: 'They just
keep getting Better and Better.'

All the singing you all do on this blog
makes it so successful. But I also
enjoy all the comments where we've all
become friends...Ken

My goodness how time flies! The new version is just wonderful, but I have such sentimental feelings for the old one. The video truly captured the spirit of a memorable day-it is one of my all time favorite Blind Pig posts!

WOW Tipper! I agree with you, the video of the Pressley Girls singing in that church was pure magic. I am so amazed at how much they have grown musically and continue to grow. Really like the new version of this song too. I can listen to your girls all day. Thanks for making this Sunday special!

Oh, I love that one!

Very nice. I love this song.

Goodness! What a great job and what a great tune. I love those minor chords.

Wonderful rendition! Yes, the fiddle does add a lot. Both girls presented a great Sunday morning thought. Happy Sunday!


Those daughters are looking good and singing with much feeling. They are surely bound for Nashville. They would be a mighty big hit at THE BLUE BIRD STAGE on Hillsboro Road! Can't wait until the JCCFS date!

Kind regards!

Eva Nell

Beautiful, love this song.

Well, they have certainly improved the their skills...but the first one still brings a tear to my eye.

Yes, it's very different but the same. The girls have matured, their voices have matured, their instrument talent has matured but it's still unmistakably the Pressley Girls and they are good, very good!
Makes a grandmother proud!

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