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I'm Running Off!!

I am running off

I'm running off!

Most of the time when you hear someone say might mean they're upset, they've had enough and they're getting out of Dodge. Or if you hear the phrase said about someone: "He ran off about 3 weeks ago" it might mean he ran off from his wife...with someone else's wife. Or if I was a moonshiner (like isn't every Appalachian?) it might mean I just ran off a new batch of the strong stuff.

But me-I'm not upset...and heck you couldn't pry me away from The Deer Hunter with a crowbar...and the truth is not only am I not a moonshiner I don't even know one.

What I mean when I say "I'm running off" is-the girls and me are going away for a few days. Sort of a last hurrah before college starts. The Deer Hunter will be holding down the fort-taking care of the chickens, Ruby Sue, and the garden. I tried to convince him he could blog for me too. He said "I don't think so."

If you can't stand to miss your daily dose of Appalachia-don't worry-even without The Deer Hunter's writing skills-the lights will stay on here at the Blind Pig & The Acorn until I return from our trip.

I've been pouring over the statistics for the Blind Pig over the last few months. Pretty interesting stuff! With an analytical application I can take a wide view of the complete Blind Pig & the Acorn blog or I can focus in on something really small-like the most popular landing pages.

A landing page is where someone out there in the blogosphere 'lands' when they click onto one of my posts. Most of you land on the post of the day. Since you follow along-you're always aware of the newest post. But other folks-they 'land' on a certain page because they did an internet search and ended up right here on the Blind Pig & the Acorn. 

So stick around over the coming days for some re-runs of the most popular Blind Pig & The Acorn posts.


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its wonderful for you all to make new memories together
i hope that you have a great time
sending big hugs and cant wait to hear all about it

I hope the three of you are having a wonderful time! Sounds like a perfect group of travelers :)

Hope you three have a great time!

I remember when we were children and one of us got mad, we'd say we were "running away" to which our Dad would calmly answer, "Ok, but don't leave the yard or you'll get a lickin." So off we'd stomp to the furtherest corner of the yard without leaving it, cause we didn't want a lickin. LOL

I remember a time when of us did leave the yard though. Our Uncle Don, off on his rounds throughout the city as a milk truck repairman, found our middle sister Pattie, still very young, trudging along a sidewalk many many blocks away, crying and with one of her overalls slung over her shoulder. To say he was shocked would be an understatement, but he picked her up and brought her home. Now Pattie was the one who very rarely did anything wrong, so Mom was concerned why she'd run away, so she questioned her, and Pattie told her that Nancy and I had said she was "dopted" and wasn't part of the family (which we'd done with great laughter telling her thinking it was a big joke - remember, we weren't very old either, but I was old enough to know better). Well, Nancy and I got a good (i.e. bad) lickin' that time, and I gotta tell ya - and we deserved it. What a naughty thing for us to do!!!

Nowadays I call it a "walk about" even though I always drive. hee hee

Have a good time on your "walk about" Tipper and daughters, a good time and a safe one too.

God bless.


Have fun,, be safe and We'll be waiting right Cheeer...

have a great time --- be ready for the lonely feelings when those two take off - or are they staying home and commuting?

You and Chitter and Chatter have
fun! We'll miss you...Ken

Glenda-I read it : ) Very true I'm sure I'm about to find out for sure!


Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Have a wonderful trip! I feel sad that the girls are so grown up & won't be at home but they are so lovely & so talented I'm sure they'll be great college students. I'm always threatening to "run away" but somehow I never do.

All this talk about the girls going away makes me think you all might like this short piece "The Kids are Coming Home" by Bill Ramsey.

Have a great time. Just run back when you've finished!!

One way I've heard 'running off' means an elopement and another someone talking without thinking first. I happily landed on your blog some years ago from The Read on WNC. Y'all have a great trip!

It's wonderful that you and the girls can go on an adventure together.

Must admit - I first thought this was another Vocabulary Test and, like Roy Pipes and Mike McClain, I thought of "running off at the mouth" - a talent held by far too many of our elected folk ;-)and a few local 'philosophers'.

Miss Cindy had a great idea - I'd love to know what Ruby Sue thinks about all the goings on around there - she has a particularly "down-to-earth" perspective on things!!

Tipper: i hope you and the gals have a very special time together. God go with you. best regards k.o.h

Well the girls are getting grown now. It doesn't seem like it though and time surely flies. Ya'll have done a good - they are beautiful young ladies.

Oh my goodness yes, just get out of Dodge. Enjoy, and make some priceless memories.

I give you my blessing and hope that you and the girls have a wonderful time together. It will be something that will be a cherished memory for years to come. I won't mind the re-runs as I pretty much look forward to my daily read. This is an extra-special time for you. God bless!

I'm guessing you all are running off to the beach. No matter where you end up spending the next few days, the memories will last forever. Have a fun-filled, relaxing and safe trip!

Have Fun!

Have a great time!

Don't you dare even think about "running off"! I think all of us that depend on you would hunt you down like a, like a, like a...uhhhh well maybe, "a chicken on a June bug!" We'd go to scratchin', fluffin' the leaves, beatin the bushes, runnin' round and lookin' in under the chicken house, flyin' up in the trees, and zig-zagging all across the roads and hills of yore neck of the woods. That is until we found your hiding place!
Since you won't be gone long, I want you gals to have a great time. If your out to East Tennessee, stop on the plateau where we will be all this week!
Have fun!
Thanks Tipper,
PS...I'm not sayin' or tellin' but one time I think I seen a little swirling trail of smoke risin' up from the ivy on that hill behind your house. You might want to plant another wide leaf of some kind, 'cause late in the evening when the sun is just right, I thought I seen just a "glint of copper reflection" spark out of that same area I seed the small twirlin' smoke tail! Just hintin' !

Well, y'all run off and have a ball!

Mother -daughter time is priceless !! Enjoy your time away.

How about, "He's running off at the mouth?"

I hope you and the girls have a great time, where ever you run to, have fun you deserve it!

Hope you and the girls have fun.

How about "running off at the mouth", which I have been known to do?

Good Morning Tipper_ You and your lovely daughters have a wonderful trip! This will be a very special time together. Sad to say, life is never the same once the children (young ladies) take off for college and live out of the home. Not saying homecomings are not sweet,but they get so darned independant so darned fast! LOL Looking forward to future blogs. Bob and Inez Jones

I wasn't worried when you started talking about running off cause I know where your going!
Statistics can be very interesting. It will be fun to see the most popular posts.
Maybe you could teach Ruby Sue to take care of the blog when you are gone.

Yes! Run off, Tipper--you and the girls! You, especially, and the girls deserve this time apart to strengthen bonds, to gain new perspective, and to build a fortress of memories that will last for the remainder of your lives. Be safe, be happy, be close and enjoy! I wish you a "bon voyage"!

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