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August 11, 2014


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Do you remember back in the 40's, 50's guys cutting out Mercury on the Mercury silver dimes for earrings and necklaces?
I lucked up and found a necklace a few weeks ago in a junk bag of jewelry at a yard sale for a buck!! It had the Mercury head cut out with the outside of the edge of the dime still intact. A jump ring had been attached so to place it on a silver chain. I was so excited! A lot of the time the Mercury was cut out whole, not leaving the outside edge of the dime!
Now, I need me a quarter ring to wear with the Mercury dime necklace. Also, need some penny loafers, and a buffalo nickel bracelet! LOL
Thanks Tipper and Ed...

It has never been illegal to make jewelry from US coin. What is illegal is to change it to make it appear to be worth more than it actually is. That comes from the time when coins were worth their weight in gold or silver. People would shave them down then spend as if they were at their full value. Then they would sell the shavings and make a profit.
As I understand it you can do whatever you want with a coin. You have earned it, it's yours. The government doesn't care what you do with as long as you don't modify it then try to spend it as a coin.
Now, the flag is a different story. It identifies us to and separates us from the rest of the world. It is our national symbol. To desecrate it shows disrespect for all and each of us.

Tipper: Wonderful post. Hope everything is going great for the fall semester at YHC for the girls.

Eva Nell

I'm not one bit surprised this post is one of the Top Ten! It's a doozy, and I remember it well. Never would have imagined this is possible, and Ed makes it look so...well, not "easy" exactly, because it looks like a lot of careful work to me. I guess he makes it look like doing magic!

This is cool - and so pretty too!!!
I remember a time though when it was illegal to deface US money, though I guess in these days where one can mutilate, stomp and burn Old Glory right here in the US, defacing money wouldn't upset the US Supreme Court much anymore either.

God bless.


And Ed...that is a very interesting
article and first hand knowledge of
how to make a Silver Ring. I liked
the illustration pictures as Ed told how to make it too. I'm sure
Tipper knows and realizes the love
and concern going into each tap of
the spoon. It's beautiful...Ken

Mitchell made all the ladies in the family quarter rings about 10 years ago. Mine has replaced my "fancy" wedding ring- I treasure it. Helpful hint: earplugs may be in order for the artist and everyone in the vicinity. All that ding, ding, ding with the spoon is hard on the ears! The end result is worth it, though-

Janice McCall - Make two, one for you and one for Mickey. One with his birth year and the other with yours.

Very interesting . Keep posting things we enjoy. Good work Tipper, down to basic in most cases.God gave you such a talent to seek things out.

Mickey, one of the neighborhood kids that I grew up with riding bicycles, shooting marbles with my daddy, and playing cowboys, had an uncle who also learned during WWII to make the quarter rings. Mickey made a ring for me when I was about 14. I wore it a lot and one night when I was 18 or 19, I was on a date with someone who turned out to be very jealous. I found this out when he asked to see my ring and threw it as far as he could. I searched but could not find the ring. I moved from my hometown a few years later and lost touch with Mickey. He died way too young, about 25 years ago, but I've always wanted another ring. Won't be the one Mickey made me, but I'd still like to have one. Now I know how to do it. Thank you so much!!!

That was very interesting; made with true care and love for the person who will receive it. I had forgotten about this post. I'm a bit ungraceful, so I will not attempt to make one, but I admire the craft of making one.

My grandpa used to make these rings out of silver dimes. Every grandchild would get one of them. Unfortunately, I don't have mine. It was lost many years ago. My grandpa also was a wood carver. He could take a block of wood or a stick and carve anything that you wanted out of it. He also would carve a monkey out of a peach seed. I used to love to watch him at work on all the beautiful things he used to make. Hope you and the girls are enjoying your trip!

Tipper, I thought this was amazing when it was first posted and I still think that it's amazing. Your ring is beautiful and it was such a nice gift from Ed.

Thanks for the great article on making a date ring from a silver quarter. The interesting thing is I made a ring like this in shop class back in the early fifties in Rye, New York.. Yes, and I am a female. We took shop also back then. I would love to try this again.. I saw them for sale at Tamarack Center in Beckley WV, and didn't get the man's name... Thanks for this article.

Beatrice Bland
Madison County, Kentucky

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