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I have not forgotten those poor fellows (in striped suits) who were brought up from the PRISON down in Peachtree, to do clearing away of saplings growing around our high school there in HAYESVILLE. We all realized where they were coming from down in the prison. That awareness might have made the students take their education more seriously. But in my case I took basketball more seriously than the books. It took me many years to get past that lack of education! AND I GAVE BACK TO SUCH STUDENTS WHEN I BECAME A TEACHER, hopefully, Eva Nell

p.s. Tipper: I hope you got your CD and NCHistorical sticker for your "Fiddler" book. ANYBODY else out there in 'TIPPER LAND' should contact me if they need a CD or sticker. We celebrated in WOODSTOCK this weekend with the SEBA folks. Those Hillbillys KNOW HOW TO CELEBRATE! It was wonderful - except for the GA traffic!

Don't wear stripes much myself. Can't remember if I ever did.
I'm more into flowerdy or patterndy fabrics (you know - ones that cover stains if something you're trying to eat decides to end up on your shirt.)

God bless.


- don't forget: "polka-dotty"!

In this weather, I'm just glad to
have some shirts, Flowerdly or not.
But I like both kinds cause it just
don't matter when you got Snowcream, a 'small' spoon, and a
nice, warm far...Ken

There are some stripedy things I like!
Cats.. both orange ones and grey
Shirts on the right figure like your girls...
NOT on me, the stripedy quickly turns to
Thanks Tipper,
Loved this post... sorting quilting scraps, always put the stripedy scraps in a separate pile. They are harder to work with! Some patterns just won't work up a stripedy or checkerdy fabric unless cut in the right direction, so says my granny!

I wore stripedy and flowerdy when I was young and pencil thin. As I grew older I tried choosing colors that created the optical illusion that I was still pencil thin.
I had to laugh when I saw the post by TimMc. I am with him on the Blue's Clues' star, as I tired of that striped shirt dancing on the screen. I was so relieved when my grandson switched over to SpongeBob, as I actually enjoyed watching this show with him.

I try to avoid stripedy shirts especially horizontal but a lot of stuff for plus size ladies like me is stripedy. Flowerdy I've heard all my life.

Ethelene-Maybe we need those gentlemen in their stripedy uniform nowadays to help bolster our nation's ailing infrastructure. Now instead of shovels and wheelbarrows they have weight benches and basketball courts. Are they repaying their debt to society by making free throws?

My Granny (born in the mountains of TN and age 100!!) says stripedy, and also checkeredy and floweredy. Heard it all my life.

One of the biggest fears of my childhood was running across a "stipedy" snake! "Now, children, don't your bother a stripedy snake! Let him lie." And they also warned us against some road crews that wore "stripedy uniforms," for it seems prisoners were sometimes were used to shore up our country roads and fill in potholes (which were many). "Always make sure a watchman is guarding anybody wearing 'stripedy' uniforms," we were warned. Maybe warnings like this makes us not exactly like "stripedy" shirts. Anyway, when I get out such a shirt to wear, my mind goes back to those warnings I heard in childhood!

For me, it depends upon which way the stripes go and how big they are. Some stripes are flattering, others, well, they enlarge the large parts of the body. Oh, well, my two cents worth.

The word stripedy is so discriptive. I have heard it used a few times.

Me either,, our daughter loved Blue's Clues and the Dude on there would wear this green "stripedy" shirt all the time and it annoyed me..never wore anything else.. To tell you the truth the show was kinda annoying..after you seen it a bazzilion times..

Love your website! :-)

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