How To Make A Christmas Kissing Ball
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Coffee Filter Christmas Trees

 Coffee filter Christmas tree

I believe the girls learned to make coffee filter Christmas trees in elementary school-if not there then somewhere along the way-but it seems like it was a teacher at Martins Creek who taught them and in turn taught me. 

They are super easy to make-and the ones we made this year turned out really good. 

How to make coffee filter christmas trees

To make a coffee filter Christmas tree you need:

  • coffee filters
  • scissors
  • glue-a hot glue gun works best
  • a styrofoam cone or a paper cone (there are tons of tutorials online that show you how to make a cone shape from heavy paper-just give it a google)
  • decorations for the tree (optional-they look pretty nice without anything on them)

Cut the coffee filter into strips. You can make your strips a larger or smaller width depending on what look you prefer. As you can see from the photo-I cut 2 strips out of a regular size coffee filter. Be sure to cut around the circle shape of the filter-once you've cut your strips you should be left with a flat circle of filter. 

Coffee filter christmas tree directions

Starting at the bottom of the tree shape-begin hot gluing the strips around the base of the cone. Depending on the size of your cone, you may need to use more than one filter piece to make it all the way around.

Christmas tree craft

Continue gluing the strips of filter all the way up the cone overlapping the previous one until you reach the top. Sort of like adding ruffles onto a skirt.

Christmas tree craft easy

Remember the circle piece of filter left from cutting the strips? Use a portion of that to cover the top of your cone. Cones with a very sharp point won't need to be covered at all. 

Christmas tree craft for kids

I found a sprig of fake holly to crown this coffee filter tree. For another, I used a pinecone from the yard.

You can add string or ribbon to give the tree a roped look.

If you'd like to color the tree-you can use watercolor paints or make a watercolor of sorts by mixing water and food coloring. Gently paint the color on. Or you can color the filters before you ever cut them-I believe that's what the girls' teacher did. 

Mix a little coffee with water and paint on the filter edges for an antique look. 

Easy christmas craft decorations

Coffee filter Christmas trees are a fun, easy, and inexpensive craft to make-and the end product looks like something you'd find in a fancy Christmas boutique.

Ever made coffee filter crafts before?


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These are pretty, and the ways you could adorn and complete them would be pretty much endless.

I don't recall seeing a CHRISTmas tree made like this, but I do recall seeing an angel and some flowers made out of them.

God bless.


Goah! That was a really creative idea and it seems so simple. I think it would be a fun project to do with a grandchild. Thanks for the idea!

Your coffee filter Christmas Tree
looks nice, never thought of that.

Richard-I remember those trees! But Ive never made one : ) thank you for the comment!


Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Tipper, have you ever made a tree with coat hangers and tensile It has been a while since I have made one but they are pretty easy and look good with green or silver tensile. Then decorate with mini lights.

Homemade decorations are wonderful! I love your pretty little coffee filter trees, especially the ruffled one with the berries on top.

How cute! I've never seen a coffee filter Christmas tree. The kids are out of town and I don't have time to make one this year. Making everyone a kissing ball and coffee filter tree will keep us busy next year.

I made coffee filter snowflakes a couple of weeks ago when my granddaughters were visiting. The trees are a good project too! By the way,my cd arrived is fantastic! Thanks!

Tipper, I've never made one but I watched you make one and was amazed at how easily you made that lovely tree then decorated it!

Very cute, Tipper. Saving this idea for the arrival of 12 grand and 3 great grand kids this week. ;).
he big ones can help the little ones and my house will have an original look for Christmas.

I may try me a coffee filter Christmas tree. I have some cardboard thread cones from a (long closed) local sock factory.
I actually got them to make The Three Wise Men and Angels but ended up making a long tall Santa. Those thread cones are wonderful things for bases.
Everything from Christmas trees or the Three Kings!
Have you ever seen the Toothpick Christmas Tree? It takes forever to make it, but I made one. A million toothpicks (the round sharp on both points) picks! Styrofoam balls. Stack in rows around, build up to the top one.
Spray with sparkly snow, put on a silver, white, green or red base. Place in the middle of your dining table so you have to look around to see your guests...just kiddin'...leave that part out!
We laugh now about that tree. Remember this was during the space travel 'Sputnik' era of our younger days. We now say it was our 'sputnik' tree...
One other traditional tree that I made was a feather tree. I kept mine until the feathers started going ever which way. They are beautiful and delicate looking, in beautiful white feathers with a little down still on the feather! However, toward the end of it's life, my family said it was beginning to look like 'a Mack truck broad-sided a flock of wild geese'! That's when I threw it out!
I am trying out this tree, maybe spraying it with some sparkly silver glitter!
Thanks Tipper,

Between these trees and the potato arrangement, you are really getting me in the mood for decorating - thanks, Tipper!

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