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An Easy Supper

The Trumpet Sounded Long And Loud

The Mountain Burned With Fire

The Mountain Burned With Fire by Jerry Wilson

Oh the mountain burned with fire
Smoke was everywhere
The trumpet sounded long and loud
God’s holy word all the people heard
His voice speaking from the cloud
Great was the fear they could not endure
God’s righteous law and man would fail

God’s holy son the perfect sinless one
Oh he came to seek and save the lost
Sent from above with the father’s love
To die for all upon the cross
Now you need not fear Jesus Christ is near
Call on his name and you’ll be saved

A man named Saul
God changed his name to Paul
Oh he made it plain in all the land
If you’ll believe grace you shall receive
So plain a child could understand
Jesus is the way come to him today
Through faith by grace you must be saved

Graham the name message yet the same
And published now to all the Earth
The father’s plan free to every man
With power to give to all new birth
Now the way is made all the price is paid
Come to the Lord just as I am
Jesus is the way you don’t have to pay
Call on his name and you’ll be saved

Hope you enjoyed Pap's toe tapping song.


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Thanks Tipper and
Happy Easter to all!....
It was a beautiful sunrise this morning on this Tennessee side of the mountains.
Hope your day is full of fun, rest and family.

A joyous Easter Season to all the Blind Pig Gang and all the acorns, also!

What a great song and done so well---thank you for this great message this song brings to all of us that are still waiting on his return. Have a blessed Happy Easter Day.


God bless.

May the Lord bless your day! Great choice of song!

Beautiful!! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Thank You Happy Easter !

Amen! Fine sermon in song.

What a nice song and done in a
professional way...Thanks.

If the wind had layed, there'd a
been a big frost at my house cause
it was 27 degrees...Ken


Peggy L.

Hi Tipper,Beautiful,and a blessed Easter to all.

What a way to start my morning.
Loved the song ,SURE PICKED UP MY SPIRIT.!!!!!!
Hope all the gang has a blessed Easter.
God Bless ,

Happy Easter! beautiful music,may God bless us with love and faith this day.

I loved the toe tapping song. Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter to all of the gang.
Beautiful song.

Fine song, singing, and picking to wake up to this beautiful frosty Easter morning.

A happy resurrection day to you, Tipper, and all your readers. May it be a joyful celebration with praising our Lord.

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