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Punch Bowl Cake

Punch bowl cake

I wanted to make The Deer Hunter a quick dessert for Father's Day and couldn't think of anything. I got one of my old cookbooks out and started thumbing through it and found my recipe for Punch Bowl Cake. I used to make the dessert all the time but haven't made one in ages. 

I decided it was just the thing to complete the special supper the girls and I were making.

Easy punch bowl cake

Punch Bowl Cake

  • 1 large Angel Food cake cubed (store bought is the easiest but you can make your own-here is an easy recipe)
  • 1 box of powdered sugar
  • 1 small can of evaporated milk
  • 1 cool whip
  • 1 container of sour cream 16oz
  • a quart or more of sliced/chopped strawberries and sugar to taste

Old recipe for punch bowl cake

Slice or chop strawberries and mix with sugar to taste-set aside. The longer you let your strawberries set-the juicier they will be. 

Mix powdered sugar, evaporated milk, cool whip, and sour cream together until smooth.

Grandmothers punch bowl cake

If you have a clear punch bowl the cake looks really pretty in it-but if you don't just use a large bowl-the cake will still be just as tasty.

Layer cubed cake, strawberries, and powdered sugar mixture in bowl-ending with strawberries on top. Or if you're feeling especially creative you can save some whole strawberries to decorate the top with.

Angel food strawberry trifle

After assembling cake, set it in the frig for at least a couple of hours to let the strawberries and cream mixture soak into the cake pieces.

As you can see the cake is super easy-and handy when you need to make something ahead of time.

Additionally any fruit could be used in the recipe. While strawberries are my favorite-peaches and blueberries are also very tasty.

Ever had a punch bowl cake?


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This is very similar to what my mom made, called trifle. A woman I used to work with made it woth peaches and added some peach liqueur. that was also good.

I have never had the Punch Bowl Cake before and it is delicious and so easy to make
Thank you for sharing recipes.

This looks delicious. I've made trifle, with chocolate, etc. I love the strawberries!! That is what makes me want to make this one. Thanks for this easy recipe. Even I can handle this one.

It's similar to an English trifle.

My bride makes a similar cake the only difference is she uses white cake instead of angel food. About day three the cake achieves perfection.

I'm not a fan of Angel Food Cake,
but the rest of the ingredients are
fine. I'd probably use Pound Cake

Bet the Deer Hunter was pleased
with his treat...Ken

I've done something similar, but it never had a name. I used to cut a storebought angelfood cake into small chunks, and layer with fresh-picked blueberries or strawberries and French Vanilla yogurt. Pretty yummy! And even though all I did was mix things together, since my "recipe" used 3 ingredients, it met my criteria for "cooking" ;)

Mmm-Mmm, this looks so delicious! I love angel food cake and I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! It seems I have seen a recipe like this using can cherries or cherry pie filling. Another great recipe to try. Thank you!

No, but I'm going to make it to take to the next potluck at my church! Sounds scrumptious!

Goodness! My mouth is watering! This sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe. This is another one for the cookbook you are putting together - right?

Reading about Punch Bowl Cake took my mind down the highway to desserts of the fifties and sixties. Mama made the cake plus Blueberry Yum Yum, Prune Cake, Dump Cake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake...and on and on. She made a sweet concoction most weekends. Daddy always said, "It's real pretty, but I don't think I'll have any." The only sweets he enjoyed were fudge and an occasional strawberry milk shake.

I've not had it, but it sounds good.

One of our family's long-term jokes related to angel food cake. When Mama and Daddy were courting, Mama made him an angel food cake for a birthday, and I think had a surprise party for him with some friends. Daddy, being more diplomatic than his offspring, bragged on how good the cake was - in spite of the fact that he hated angel food cake.

So you guessed it - Mama started making him angel food cakes on a regular basis. After they were married the truth eventually came out.

Mama would bake an angel food cake for us sometimes while we were growing up, but Daddy never partook.

I don't think I have had it but it sure looks tasty! It seems so easy I might even make one.

Like a trifle love those, made with chocolate cake and pieces of chocolate, blueberries and white cake, yum. Of course the cool whip.

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