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The Soundtrack To Appalachia

Hunter Good Bluegrass The Soundtrack to Appalachia

A few months ago Chatter and Chitter were asked to be part of a video project a fellow college student was putting together for his senior project.

I was so impressed with the end result I thought you might enjoy seeing it too. The video lasts a little over eleven minutes and was filmed, produced, and edited by Hunter Good. Click on the link below to watch the video. 

Bluegrass: The Soundtrack to Appalachia


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That's a really good video/documentary.. Wow, I cannot believe how the Girls are all grown up now.. I cannot remember how long I've been following the Pig, but the time sure has flown..

Thanks Tipper, enjoyed the video and I love Bluegrass music and Gospel Bluegrass! 😊

WOW - that was great - wonderful insight into the deep deep roots of Blue Grass and mountain music in the lives of two beautiful and very articulate young ladies as well as the young men interviewed in the video. I loved it, especially the bit about falling asleep on the floor while listening to the music downstairs. Thanks for posting this - wishing a bright future for Hunter Good.

Thanks Tipper for sharing this with us! I love Blue Grass!!😊

I shared this on FB. Such a good video and the girls were impressive. I love the story of how they lay on the floor to hear the music instead of going to sleep in their beds.

Great group of keen musicians! Eva Nell

Hi Tipper,The girls are beautiful but I can't hear a thing.I sure enjoyed their song a few days ago!! God Bless.

Excellent job ladies!!!

In addition to being impressed, I'm betting you and the Deerhunter are also extremely proud of how well-spoken the girls are.

Katie's story about going to sleep with their ears to the floor is delightful.

To me, the best part was the story of your girls going to sleep on the floor listening to 'the sountrack of their lives'. It said so much about so many things beyond music itself; home, family, sisterhood, motherhood and culture. And they are carrying on the tradition.

The girls look so wonderful and grown up. I know where that college is; the campus is just beautiful. This was a interesting video; thanks for sharing it with your readers.

That's a good video. It's nice to see young folks that have such good solid values!
Chitter and Chatter present themselves very well.

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