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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Cleaning Pap's Car

My life in Appalachia Washing Paps Car
The girls' cleaned up Pap's car for his birthday. They said it gave them a very satisfied feeling to gift him something he actually needed instead of something he didn't need nor even want. I said "Yes being useful is a virtue in my book."


The winner of Hanging Dog, An Appalachian Community written by Roy Pipes is...

Henry Horton who said: Hanging Dog was a community i heard of when moving to these mountains was just a dream...now you got my curiosity up...google here i come...looks like Roy Pipes books are worth lookin into.

Henry send me your mailing address and I'll send you the book!


p.s. The Pressley Girls will be playing this Thursday night, July 30th at 7:00 p.m. at the Marianna Black Library in Bryson City NC.  

Pressley Girls Flyer 2015 pic


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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The best gift the girls could give! It is often easy to just go buy something, but to give of yourself, your time and with love, well that is the best gift ever.

Recently a friend came over and vacuumed my house when I could not and that was such a welcome and wonderful gift to me.

That's a extra income for some around here.. One guy has a van with all his cleaning supplies and will come to your home or work place to clean your vehicle.. All he needs is a water faucet.. Good for you Girls, I know Pap appreciated it.. "Virtue" is becoming a lost quality..I'm know Preacher but I could preach a sermon on Virtue..

Think maybe they would come do Mitchell's next? Warning: the may need hazmat suits!

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift the girls gave Pap!

Great job Pressley Girls! Giving of yourself to others is always the perfect gift and the rewards are great!

That's so thoughtful for Chitter
and Chatter to clean-up Pap's car. I know he really appreciated it.

Yesterday I got my phone fixed up
in the holler. Had to call on two
of my buddies and they fixed it in 1 1/2 hours. It had been off for 15 days! Now comes the clean-up mess...Ken

To give of yourself and your time and effort is God's way of giving.

jim pease The Steppingstones

I have a birthday coming up. Do they do trucks?

I just bet your Pap loved this birthday gift more than a "zillion dollar" tie or hat!
Nothing says "I care for and love you" like a sincere act from the heart, a promise "to do" card, or something homemade just for them!

Isn't it wonderful when you open a new car and it has that new car smell! At least for a week or so!
Someone needs to help me capture and bottle up the stuff! We could make "millions" on it, even if we sold it for a dollar a "squirt bottleful" at the carwash!

Loved this post...Great idea girls...I'll run my car over the mountain, it sure could use a good cleaning...
Just kidding...my birthday is in December and purty cold to be washing and cleaning out cars!
Thanks Tipper,

tipper: i just wonder if those youngsters would like to clean up my old mercury? it would require a trip up to tarheel west,Sedro Woolley Wa. but there is always folks heading back east,to get them home. and while they was here, they could give a little concert maybe? regards to all the piggies. k.o.h

Woah...first thing i won since i don't remember when... Thank you and i agree. Nothing like a service some one wants needs or desires for a great present. BTW do you ever do a garden tour? Was blown away by the look o yr. beans. Ever do a gardening workshop at JCCFS? Did not get too much of a veggie garden in this year as was too busy earning my keep with the ornamental gardening here and not much other sunny space for same and what there is is FULL o roots. But am in good shape for fall garden, but could use all the advice; learning from some one who has gardened here lifelong...42 years gardening on Calif. coast and then 16 yrs. in Hawaii...little rusty on real four season gardening... thanks again and really do appreciate all the great posts and info you share...hh

What a great gift! I used to send a special car cleaning gift to my dad for Father's Day each year because I lived too far away to do it myself. However, when I visited in the summer, I would trim the Forsythia bush for him. He wasn't as agile in his later years.

How I wish I could be at the Marianna Black Public Library tomorrow night to listen to the girls. That library is special to me in a whole bunch of ways. Don and I grew up next door to the wonderful woman who founded it and for whom it is named. After she got through the arduous task of raising her brood, Momma served as librarian there from 1960-1970. As a boy I absolutely devoured the books held by the library, exhausting everything dealing with nature and the outdoors by the time I reached high school. Because of that, I am, a few dozen volumes at a time, creating an outdoor, nature, hunting, fishing, and adventure collection at the library which should eventually run to at least a thousand volumes. There are several hundred in the collection already and I urge any of your readers who live in the area to visit the library and delve into them. The current librarian, Jeff Delfield, is a really fine fellow and the musical evenings are of his doing (and he's a dulcimer player in his own right). Tell Chitter and Chatter I'll be there with them in spirit, and i'd like to think that Momma, who was a far better "people person" than any of her offspring, will be smiling down from on high thinking about how grand it is to have young folks, vibrant and full of life and music, performing at the library.

Jim Casada

The best gifts are a gift of self; time, skill or even a store-bought gift tailored to the recipients interests. Becoming a truly good gift-giver is a life-learning experience. And being one is a spiritual gift itself. The girls are on their way. I expect they learned it from some of the folks we read about here. 😊

It took me a long time to learn that for a gift recipient to loan ones gift was a compliment when they did it to share their joy. It also took me a long time to understand that if I could not give something without any strings, I was trying to give too much, over-reaching my own spirit.

In my opinion servitude is a wonderful gift.
Filling closets with unwanted gifts is such a waste but giving your time to do something for someone is a blessing for you and for them. Pap is one blessed grandpa!

Yes, being useful in this world is a high virtue in my book as well. Cleaning a grandparent's car is a very useful thing to do. I should know. I was also a recipient of their car cleaning gift and I was grateful.

The girls sure have the right idea for what makes a gift valuable! Good job! And I'm sure they DID a good job, too :)

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