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I'm Still In Love With You

Blind pig gang playing in blairsville ga back in the day

The Blind Pig Gang playing in Blairsville GA back in the day

With the day for celebrating the one you love coming up quick I've been thinking about the songs we do that could be considered love songs. Right at the top of the list is Red is the Rose and Maggie.

As I scrolled through our youtube channel I quickly realized most of the love songs we do hightlight the fact that love affairs don't always work out the way you want them to. 

Bluegrass and Country songs are said to be synonymous with heartache and sadness. There's even been songs written about the phenomenon related to both genres. In the country realm-David Allen Coe's hit song You Don't Even Call Me By My Name comes to mind. 

Mandolin Man used to tease Paul about the songs he had written saying "Ever last one of them is sad and depressing."

One time Paul thought he'd take a cue from David Allen Coe's hit and write the most depressing song he could come up with and In The Lonesome Woods Tonight was born. The song turned out to be one of my all time favorites.

Then there's those songs that make you tap your toes even though they're talking about love gone wrong. I love Paul and Pap's version of Roy Acuff's Write Me Sweetheart. The words surely talk about a broken heart, but I don't know how anyone could listen to Paul and Pap's version and not feel at least a little hopeful that things would work out after all. See what you think. 

Did you tap your toes? I did! Outstanding flat top picking and tight harmonies-you can't beat that.


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Just wonderful........so enjoyed this.

love, love, love it!

Definitely a toe tapper sad or not!

Donna Lynn works at the Christian Radio Station at Murphy in the afternoons on Sunday, so after all them Preachers went off, I called and requested a couple of songs. One was by Paul and Pap and the Gang singing "Until Then". It was the Blairsville Courthouse version and I was fortunate to be there. The other one was by Chitter and Chatter, "Angles Rock Me to Sleep." That's my Favorite! ...Ken

I was listening to our Christian Radio Station this morning and heard two of my Favorites: Cabin by the Side of the Road by Ray and Pap, and "Angels Rock Me to Sleep" by The Pressley Girls.

Paul and Pap and the Gang did a nice job also on "Write Me Sweetheart", an appropriate song for the upcoming holiday next Tuesday. ...Ken

Well, I couldn't make it to church. I've got to work on my v-hickle.
That Paul sure is one talented fellow.

Well Tipper, you 'picked' a good one today, on an 'uncloudy SUNDAY' morning. But we are still DOWN from the death of our sweet brother, Donald Roger Mull.

The number of folks who came out to the Funeral Home to share in our sorrow was declared the greatest ever! It was a beautiful service, with members of my family singing 'precious' songs! I reckon there are many, many folks still living in Clay County, who knew and loved my brother. Or else they 'know the way back home' when a devoted brother dies!

Sincerely, Eva Nell Mull Wike

I look forward to the Sunday music blog. What a great collection of songs. In the Lonesome Woods Tonight is better than Coe.

My favorite sad song is Yoakam's Ain't that Lonely Yet. Its sad but at least the guy is trying. That was my theme song during my master's degree.

Great stuff.

Hmmmmmm sad lyrics but happy tune? That is different. I reckon though that my toe tapping rhythm got missed along with the music gene. Still catchy though.

Thank you for sharing this

Yep, that's a toe tapper and Paul does a fine job on the flat top!

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