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Overheard in Appalachia

"We were going to England to watch a tennis tournament."

"England? That's an awful long way to go to watch tennis. Can't you just go to Asheville?" 


Overheard: snippets of conversation I overhear in Southern Appalachia

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Well it is awful early, but I will tell you something! Traveling through strange airports seems like a dangerous move! I have been from the most Northerly regions of the 'globe' to almost the South Pole - just six hours flying from the South Island of New Zealand to the Pole! But my sweetheart said "I will not go!" so I gave up - NO SOUTH POLE VISIT!

Oh well, Eva Nell

I'm satisfied right where I am. I've been a few places and seen a lot of people, but here in Appalachia I love the most. ...Ken

Love it!
I also love...."England shore is a "fer piece" from my neck of the woods!"
"I wouldn't fly across that "big pond" jest to watch a ball n' racket game....jest give me a "fast walking stick" anytime to Asheville, since God didn't give me wings!
Thanks Tipper,
PS...My Dad always called the ocean the big pond!
Also, said he would never fly in a plane, he just as soon stay on the ground and use a "fast walking stick!"

We live about 70 miles from Ohio Amish country. On occasion, we go up to go through the junk stores (high priced junk) and like to visit Lehmann's hardware in Kidron. In one of the stores I asked an elderly Amish lady if this was the right road to Kidron. She said yes and to turn at the traffic light. And then added, "Oh my that is such a long way away." It is 15 miles but if you had to go in a buggy it would be a long way. It is all in perspective. I will never forget her comment.

In my previous work life, I travelled to 16 different countries. If more people went to foreign lands, Americans would have a better perspective on the world. fortunately at the time of my travel, most people had a better liking for the USA. I am not sure today, although we still go to Europe and at least they still like the money. I did find several countries that I liked as well as the US because they were not as hurried as here. I found most to be very restrictive even though they were "democracies".

England is awful far from here! Asheville is closer but still awful far! Hickory ain't that far but it is still awful!

Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Hickory is a fine place. In fact it is ranked as one of the best places in the world to stay away from.

I have been all over, but I am at the point now that I don't like to go far. We are traveling today 3-1/2 hours west from Brevard, NC to celebrate Dad's 94th birthday and I will be happy to return tomorrow!

Asheville seems a lot closer than England to us today, but Jack Hall, the Folk School legendary woodcarver, said something like this in the 1930's:

"I don't know how big the world is, but if it's as big around the other way as it is from here to Asheville, it's a big place..."

She's right, Asheville is closer. You see, it's just a matter of perspective!

The thought of traveling internationally is so strange to me. But to our kids it's just a normal thing. We think sooner or later they will get us to leave the country.

I suppose though that the same thing has been going on a long time in some degree. The switch from sail to steam on the oceans and the switch from stagecoach to steamboat and train did the same thing.

If time lasts, could the same apply to space travel? I'm not ready for that and don't expect to get that way.

I hear and use that one. She is awful pretty,She is an awful good cook,They are awful good people,That's an awfully ugly dog,etc. I guess we use awful for very.

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