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Tipper's Jig

Fiddle tunes by katie pressley

Over the years when the girls asked me what I want for my birthday, for mother's day, or for Christmas I always tell them to learn a song for me. For the past two years Chitter has written a fiddle tune for my birthday and presented it with Chatter's accompaniment as I came in the door from work. The tunes absolutely tickle me to death.

The first one she wrote, Two Old Chairs, has become a part of our regular performing line up. It is so fun to play. I shared the reason behind the name of the tune in a post with you-if you missed it you can go here to read about the name. The tune itself is very lively and fun. It makes you think of a room full of happy dancers or smiling children running in pure delight. 

She really flattered me by naming the second fiddle tune Tipper's Jig. While the first tune she wrote made me think of an exuberant happy gathering of people interacting with each other, Tipper's Jig makes me think of soaring mountain tops where the wind whips the clouds across a blue sky and deep valleys where the settlements are busy with people going to and fro as they maneuver through this thing we call life.

I hope you enjoyed my song.


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What a song: "Tipper's Jig"!! So typical of the Pressley family and their ever-positive outlook on life!
I enjoyed hearing the music and wished that there are words to go with the tune!

Happy birthday, dear, hard-working, forward-sharing Tipper! You mean so much to so many of us! And so do those talented girls. And so did Pap Wilson! And so do Jerry Wilson--and any others of the Blind Pig Gang whose names I have not mentioned in this thank you!

What a special gift!

That's a great tune! What a lovely gift!

Lovely! How blessed you are, Tipper! Happy birthday!

I liked the jig very much and Happy Birthday Tipper if you just had one.

Well written and well played...

I love your description of what this song brings to your mind. You are doubly blessed.

What a wonderful and heartfelt birthday gift. So sweet and airy. Very mellow to me, as if you are drifting in and out of deep thought while you lay in the green grass and look up at the clouds. Must be fun to "get in a mood" and then write music to blend into that place in time.

Just yesterday, I clicked on the center-first row of The Pressley Girls and it took me to Tipper's Jig and a bunch of their songs. Those Girls sure make Good Music!

And today, I was listening to the obituaries and between Ivy and Townson Funeral homes they played "There's an All Seeing Eye Watching You" by Paul and Pap. They have that Signature Sound just like the Lovin Brothers or Jim and Jesse. I know them when it starts to play. ...Ken

You are very blessed! Loved the song!
Did I miss your birthday? If I did or if I didn't...Here's a Happy Birthday to you !
Thanks Tipper,
PS Warmer and sunny today...Birds are singing this line this morning!...
"Oh, happy day! Spring is a'comin' hooray, hooray!"

I done already been watching this'un for a while. I got an email when it hit the Tube. There's more good stuff from "The Pressley Girls" on there. They are all done in front of a pink wall inducing me to rename the whole set "Pink Wall the Floyd." There is one video that's particularly funny "Bloopers 2016" wherein Chitter is having a bad bun day. Ya'all ort to check it out.

That is wonderful. What a perfect way to start a Sunday.

Oh, so pretty and how wonderful that she wrote it for you! I always loved jigs.

Good job! I enjoyed that about 4 times and I'll listen again later.

How sweet! The very best kind of gift, heart and hand-crafted. I could hear the jig part and another, more serious but not overwhelming, strain interwoven. That's life, light and shadow.

On another subject, since this last spell down into the twenties at night it seems to me the plants know the worst is over.....

Yep, soaring mountain tops! That a beautiful jig Chitter wrote for you.

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