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Wishing You a Blessed Easter

The legend of the dogwood tree

I've known the legend of the Dogwood since I was a small child, whether I learned it in Sunday school or from Pap and Granny I couldn't tell you. But I can tell you, I never look at a Dogwood bloom that I don't remember.

Wishing each of you a blessed Easter.


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It's one of my favorite trees if not my favorite, I also look at this tree more than just a tree, and it's one of the hardest trees to transplant, or it is to me, tried several different ways and even if it grew a few years it would always end up dying.

The dogwood blossoms are my very favorite because of their beauty and the story they tell. He is Risen, Hallelujah!

I know it's not common to get an Easter wish granted but today it happened to me. I got an email inviting me to "Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill." The song was nothing new to me. I've heard it many times from many sources but never with as much meaning as today. Hopefully all who read this have been as blessed by something as I have been today. If not go here If you are not moved by this there is something wrong with you. There is something wrong with me too but that's why the Lord had to make the walk up Calvary's Hill.

What an appropriate song just put on YouTube. "Walking my Lord Up Calvary's Hill" by Chitter and Chatter and Paul. I called our Christian Radio Station and asked Donna Lynn if she'd play it and she did. I noticed Ed Ammons had commented already. The porch background fit perfectly...Ken

This is lovely! Have a wonderful Easter!

Tipper and family,
Thanks for the daily inspiration and view into your mountain lives. I wish all of you a happy and blessed Easter with a beautiful year ahead. Wes Bossman

I remember this story from when I was a child and like you I never look at a dogwood blossom without thinking of the cross and what Jesus did for us there. May you all be blessed on this Resurrection Sunday!

The legend of the dogwood is one example of a larger marvel - there are untold numbers of examples in nature that recall scripture. Examples include the three leaf and four leaf clovers, the crossvine and the passion flower. An even more telling item is that the examples are invisible, though in plain sight, to one who has either no knowledge or no will to see them. A creation reflects its creator. A cosmic accident reflects chaos. Strange how that works.

I told at least five people of this legend this past week, None of them had ever looked closely at a Dogwood blossom. They just saw white trees.

God's blessings to you and yours on this Easter and always.

Easter Blessings to you and yours

So many of the folks don't even know the story of the dogwood. My daddy and mama taught us boys the story soon as we were able to understand. How the white pedels signify Christ and the crucifixion. The four crimson or dark spots showing the stains of our Savior when he was Crucified.

Happy Easter to everyone. ...Ken

He is Risen! Blessed Easter to you, Tipper. Thank you for posting the Dogwood story - I hadn't seen it in years. It blessed me - we live on a street called Dogwood and the trees are thick here in Appalachia. I love it!

Happy Easter to all of you.

Dogwoods were all over Spud Run, where I grew up. This year we are planting one in our backyard. A little bit of home way up here.

Happy Hippity Tipper... Enjoy time with your wonderful family... Vann

Easter blessings right back to you and your family, dear Tipper. May this be a joyful celebration of our Lord's resurrection! Eleanor Loos, Columbia Station OH

Yes, a blessed Easter to all!

I was also taught the dogwood would be the most beautiful blooming tree in the spring.
I think I learned this all in Sunday School but we always had a small twig from our dogwood on the dining room table for Easter dinner.
There is nothing so beautiful as looking down thru the woods and seeing a dogwood blooming.

I learned the same as you many years ago - and for those who don't understand Easter -
It's not the bunny, it's the lamb.

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