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Guess what? Chatter and Chitter Graduated from College!

The Pressley Girls graduate from college

Last weekend the girls graduated from college. They can barely believe they made it through...I can barely believe I have children who graduated from college! 

Chatter graduates from YHC


We were lucky and ended up sitting right where the 2017 YHC Graduates processed into the auditorium. 

Chitter graduates from YHC


Even luckier, the procession of students slowed to a crawl and the girls ended up standing right by me for a few seconds-just long enough to snap a photo of each.

Chatter and chitter graduate from YHC

The girls graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Young Harris College. You may be thinking what the heck is that? Trust me you won't be the first to ask what the degree means. 

Interdisciplinary Studies is a program made from three concentrations or areas of study. The girls both studied Media Communications, Appalachian Studies, and Sustainability. 

You may also be wondering what the girls are going to do now?

Chatter and Chitter plan to continue the day to day work of being young entrepreneurs of music, jewelry, and healthy products and see just how far their dreams can take them. 


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Congratulations girls, I cannot believe its been four years already. Good luck in your future in whatever it holds for you and embrace life .

Congratulations to your girls! My son is a YHC graduate with a BS in Biology degree. He graduated in 2014. He represented YHC in the National Collegiate Bass Championship and landed (pun intended...) 2nd place. He really enjoyed the school and we believe he got a fine education there!
Good luck to your girls! I am sure that they will be successful in their life!

Ah! Beauty and talent now graced with knowledge. Ain't it grand! Congratulations.

Congratulations to the "Twins"!!!
So happy for you. God has blessed you.

Peggy L.


Oh, wonderful! I haven't been here for a bit, I check back, and see such fabulous news. And what great choices, studying what they already have such a deep understanding of. Warmest congrats.

Congratulations to those sweet girls ! We are so happy for them , we just don't know how they have just grown up
And graduated from college so soon . I know your Dad and Mom and their Dad and Mom had a big hand in this ! Congrats again !

Congratulations to Chitter and Chatter and may God bless them in their future endeavors! They look beautiful in their graduation photos. You all must be so proud!

A prideful moment, and a milestone in life. All the best to these fine young women, launching into the wide world and a future of promise and optimism.

Congratulations, ladies!

Congratulations to Chatter and Chitter! Congratulations to parents, who supported and helped them get to this auspicious point in their lives! And how beautiful each of them looks "capped and gowned"! Something there is about stateliness and dignity in cap and gown! I like the sound of the major and its potential for their work and personal lives ahead! I wish them the very best! They've been partners in study, in music, in performance. Now as they launch more intensely into the work and entrepreneurial world, may they be partners still!
I know Grandparents on "both sides" supported them, too. How Pap must be rejoicing over their accomplishments! I send my heartiest congratulations and my prayers and best wishes for a bright and useful-to-humanity future for both of them.

Congratulations to both girls and to the PARENTS too. It's hard to believe, since we first met them when they were in grade school . . . .

BT and PT

Hey! Way to go girls!!! Congratulations to you both! Congratulations to Tipper and Deer Hunter, too. Job well done. Of course you are very proud of them and Pap would have been to. I am sure you both will find the path for your future. God has given you both great talents and He will lead you. It has been a joyful journey watching you mature and I hope to keep on hearing great things. Our very best to all the family. Bob & Inez (up here in Canada)

Congratulations and best wishes to Chitter and Chatter!!!

Congratulations to the Ladies, their parents and grandparents! I am especially happy we got to see/hear The Blind Pig gang perform in the Fall at JCCFS and meet you all. Continued Blessings!


Congratulations to Chatter and Chitter and the whole darned family who supported, loved and provided for them on this endeavor! I know Pap was watching and smiling at them as they walked up that aisle. He probably wrote a catchy tune for them that they will dream and play for us!
Well done !!!

A hearty congratulations to both of you. It seems you girls have grown twice as fast as you should have. I am confident that both of you will do well in life. Just keep on singing.


Congratulations young ladies and congratulations Mom!

Congratulations girls! I know your family is proud.

Congratulations to the girls and to the whole family, especially your late father for creating a standard of excellence and examples that motivated the girls to succeed in obtaining their degrees as well as you and your hubby for your examples as well.

Congratulations to the twins as well as you and the Deer Hunter!! I believe that was a team effort. I look forward to seeing what exciting things the girls will find for themselves in the future :)
Hope to see ya'll playing soon!

Way to go ladies! I think you chose your degree well. All of life ends up being interdisciplinary and your fields fit what I've come to see as your strengths.

It makes me feel better knowing such capable women are out there in the world.

Congratulations to Tipper and the Deer Hunter, too. You raised some fine, young, Appalachian girls.

The past four years have been the fastest ones. Congratulations! May your life be as fruitful as they have been. It would be great to continue to watch you both succeed in new ventures and, perhaps, with one more degree you can continue the quest your mom has so wonderfully shared with her readers- Appalachian history. Teaching it as an adjunct in your or a different college. I am proud of both of you and also that I have had the privilege watching you grow. God bless your future!

Oh, a BIG Congratulations to both of your dear, sweet girls!! How exciting!! And, I know you must be SO proud of them! So thankful to hear that they are going to continue their path of music and their other creative pursuits! They are just precious. God bless them always, and you, too, my friend. :)

Congratulations to both girls and to mom and dad too for doing a fine job in raising two special young ladies!

What everybody seems to have forgotten was that Chitter and Chatter had early college in high school which allows you to earn your degree in only two years. Now, that's smart!

Congratulations girls.

Congratulations to The Twins! My heart is swelled with pride and joy as if they were my own, which I think they are just a tiny bit, if you will allow it. I think I spotted a silver coin ring or two on some skilled and talented fingers. That means a part of me has graduated too don't you think? I deem it to be so and hope they will too.
Congratulations are in order for you and Matt too. You two have earned a Life Achievement Award! What a Giant Step in a successful life! Take pride in what you have done!

I've been working on Graduation presents for Katie and Corie but I didn't know it would be this soon. You saw them in the beginning stages. You called them wonky!

My goodness! It seems only yesterday that the girls graduated from high school! They sure finished college in a hurry...knowing how they love a challenge, I suppose they doubled up on courses...
They are such smart and creative sweet young ladies...Of course we all know how talented they are!
Congratulations Chitter and Chatter! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Sooo, they must have had a great time completing this portion of their education!
Wonderful post Tipper,
PS...Thumbs up to Mom and Dad! Great supportive parenting....and let's not forget the grandparents support as well and the many parts they played in their learning process!

WOW! It seems like they just started high school a few months ago!

Wow, Congratulation!!

Congratulations to two beautiful and talented and sweet girls! I know that every follower of Blind Pig is proud of them! May the Lord bless them -- and all your family -- on this auspicious occasion!

Where, prithee, has the time gone? Seems like they graduated from high school just last year!

I'm happy to see that you girls have graduated, it feels like your a part of my own family, or I, yours...

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