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Father's Day in Appalachia

Fathers Day in Appalachia
Steve and Pap - 1970

Father's Day in Appalachia is special dinners with Daddy's favorite cake or pie. It's fathers young, middle aged, and old feeling backward and uncomfortable from the extra attention. Father's Day in Appalachia is gifts of cards, tools, shirts, books, or something as simple as painted rocks from the creek. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers who read the Blind Pig and The Acorn. 


*UPDATE: It's 7:00 a.m. on Sunday June 11 and I just discovered Father's Day is next Sunday! Oh well guess I'm a week early but at least I'm not a day late and a dollar short like usual. 

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I woke up this morning and read this and almost went into a paniced spizem, Swooo.

Fear not! I had to break the news to my dear wife when she mentioned baking a cake for Father's Day this morning. Ii spoke too soon; if I had kept my mouth shut I'd have gotten two cakes, one today and one next Sunday...

Come to think of it she (and my step-daughter) did the same thing last month for Mother's Day when they got to celebratin' a week early...

Jim's comment triggered the fact that I've not worn a watch in over 25 years. Maybe it's the fact that makes up my trade, didn't wear watches or rings. But now that I think about it, I don't need 'em anyway. I'm giving my High School Ring of '67 to my oldest daughter this fall and my wedding band to the udden. I remember Daddy paying about $65.00 for my Graduation Ring. (things sure do change)

Yep, better early than late.

We never made any observance of Father's Day as kids. That was probably because Dad never wanted or expected any special notice. To him, all that he did was 'reasonable service' and merited nothing special. I have the same attitude, whether by nature or because it rubbed off I don't know. I have always had a struggle with being gracious when praised. I have about learned the best thing for me to do is just say 'thank you' and leave it at that even when I feel like (and do not say) the appreciation is misplaced. I can appreciate it for their sake if not my own.

Being shy is one of the reasons folks like you so much. I remember the first time you and your Dad came to see me and I never noticed it then, but youn'ze talked a mile a minute, it seemed. Soon as you all left, I knew you were my kind of people. I've never thought anything different. ...Ken

Don't feel like the "lone stranger" as we used to call it!

The Father's Day advertising started the first of June and I thought it was this weekend myownself...
especially when one store spokesman this week said something like, "A great buy anytime and don't forget Father's Day this weekend!" Ha....guess he was mixed up too!

Have a great one, keep cool in those mountains today!
Thanks Tipper,

I wonder how many folks you threw in a tizzy thinking they'd forgotten Father's Day. You probably did us all a service so that now we'll give a little extra thought to Father's Day - not just what the media promotes.
My Dad ( 96 - 97 in July) has come down with a bad case of bronchitis, but he is a tough farm-bred and farm-lived guy. However, the fact that he was willing to let me stay with him last night (the coughing fits are pretty severe) tells you that this has hit him pretty hard. Good color this morning and walking steady so things seem to be on the mend.
Hope all the other fathers in your readers' families are hale and hardy.

Did anybody ever tell Pap he looked a little like Richard Nixon? Nixon wasn't a bad president, he just wasn't a good liar.

Thats ok 'cause you're hearts in the right place and you're a good girl !

Tipper: It is 8:30 am here in Oak Ridge, TN on this beautiful DAY! We are headed to Sevierville for another BOOK DAY! Maybe we will sell LOTS of copies of "Fiddler of the Mountains" today. Yesterday was mighty slow but folks just kept on walking by our table, looking a little nervous but smiling and speaking!

I loved your picture today! Got to get ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!


Eva Nell

What a wonderful phito of your pap.

Tipper--I had my chuckle for the day when I got to your update and realized you were afflicted, at a much younger age, with a malady that messes with me pretty constantly. Namely, misremembering or flat-out forgetting dates, times, or what day it is. Mind you, I'm not sure that's all bad.

After all, there's a lot to be said for being on what hunters sometimes describe as "turkey time" or "deer time." By that they mean that critters don't have to check a clock to go about their daily business. They just move according to their inner time piece. I suspect if we did more of the same we'd know more personal peace.

Maybe that's why I don't wear a watch, but whatever the case, look at it as if you are a week ahead and have given readers a timely reminder that Father's Day is a week away.

Jim Casada

I love it! Does that mean we get to see two Father's day Posts? That is a very sweet picture of Pap and his oldest son.

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