First Mowing Machine in Graham County NC
Aunt Faye's Pound Cake

Father's Day - Take Two

Matt and the girls
The Deer Hunter, Chatter, and Chitter

Last Sunday I jumped the gun and published my Father's Day post, not realizing it wasn't Father's Day till after the post was live. My sentiments are still the same-you can go here to read the post if you missed it: Father's Day in Appalachia.

And you can follow the links below for more Father's Day goodness from the archives of the Blind Pig and The Acorn.


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A proud dad indeed, with his precious little ones. I have identical twin granddaughters who I, quite honestly, have trouble telling apart. They are the same age as Chitter and Chatter (love those monikers). I confess that I have for several years been trying to decide if the Pressley girls are identical or fraternal. One day I think they're identical and are just differentiating their appearance, and the next day I swear they're fraternal.

Looks like that Dad has his hands full!

Precious Picture. I came in Friday afternoon and my Daughter was hollering something, I couldn't figure out what she was trying to tell me, she was all excited about something, she will shake all over when she is real excited about something, and it's really difficult to understand her, my wife finally told me she wanted to wish me a Happy Father's Day, I couldn't be happier.

Lookin' back, it's been a Journey. Those girls are cute as a button and the Deer Hunter looks like a late teenager. He's a good daddy!

Hope you all had a good time at Unicoi State Park yesterday...Ken


That is such a wonderful picture, Tipper!

One of the things BP&A has done is to bring back lots of memories of my Dad. I think that is partly because, though he worked at what he always called 'public works', he kept the mountain farmstead lifeways. So your posts relate to his farming, logging, fishing, hunting and making-do ways. If your posts where about other lifeways, they wouldn't match.

How clever is the title of your post today, considering the Father's Day "jump the gun" post of last week! I don't believe you will need a "take three"!
I'd say in this picture of Deer Hunter, he is holding a double armful of love!
Happy Father's Day to all!
Thanks Tipper,

That sure is the sweetest picture, and what fine father the Deer Hunter has made! Makes a mother proud to see what a wonderful father her son grew to be!

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