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I'll Fly Away

The pressley girls I'll Fly Away

The old standard I'll Fly Away was written by Albert E. Brumley aka gospel song writer extraordinaire. According to the Brumley website, I'll Fly Away was the first song Brumley actually sold and one of the songs he is most famous for. The song's steady popularity over the years since it was written, has to be a source of pride for his family.

The girls have been singing the song for years, it's become one of their most requested songs at performances. Chitter first learned to play it on the piano and it was the first song they learned to sing harmony on. 

Harmony is a must for the type of music we perform, but harmony isn't an easy thing to master. Pap and Paul were old pros, but trying to explain what they were so good at to two silly girls was a different story.

One day Chitter and Chatter surprised us all when we overheard them singing harmony on I'll Fly Away. Almost in unison we said "When did you learn to do that?" To which Chatter replied "Oh I've been able to do that for a while now." Of course we asked her why in the world haven't you been doing it?

For today's pickin' and grinnin' session I'm sharing a video of the girls doing I'll Fly Away in the greenhouse. If you listen close you can hear the pit-pat of rain hitting the plastic. Just after they finished the song a frog strangler came down and we were stranded in the greenhouse with our instruments until it was over. 

I hope you enjoyed the song!


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At my Grandmother's funeral, the lining of her casket had a bird soaring with the words "Going Home" embroidered into it. I arranged for the soloist to slip up into the balcony of the old church and sng "I'll Fly Away" acapella in a slower tempo. It was beautiful. This song has special memories for me.

Ron-yes you're right about Ill Fly Away go here to read about it: https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/resources/history-of-hymns-fly-away-anticipates-escape-to-joy-of-heaven

Thanks. That was great. Liked the greenhouse setting.

It does my heart good to hear them sing this. I miss "down home." The Lord did call my husband to serve though. He is retired now, but he was s full-time pastor and our denomination moves you around every few years. We landed up north in my state. It is nice and the people are wonderful. Our grands are nearby so we will stay.

Do the girls sing "This World is not my Home?" It is a favorite of mine. My dear grandmother used to sing it. She was a hard worker on the family farm. As a child I never thought of her life as difficult, but I now know it had to be.

I think she comforted herself by singing "This world is not My Home." IDK that. Of course, but I think that is true. Thanks for I'll a Fly Away. It means a lot.

Oh, how beautiful! Their harmony just gets better and better with time! God bless you all, my friend. :)

That greenhouse rocks!

What is it they say,"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." That's what harmony is. Together the two sound better than both sound separately. Each sing a different note but together it's a chord. I really enjoy their harmony singing. My favorite is just voice, no instruments at all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTeDISYpq4s

One of my favorites and well done with the harmony, which is what gospel music is all about.
Such talented young ladies!

With all the obstacles our Daughter has had to over come, this is one of the few songs that when she heard it, prompted her to try to join in on, all tho most didn't under stand what she was saying, it was a joyful noise to her Mother and Me.

Part of the reason I love the Pressley Girls so much is their Harmony. Paul and Pap had that too, like the Louvin Brothers and Jim and Jesse McReynolds. I love good Harmony singing! One of the songs Chitter and Chatter does is "Angles Rock Me to Sleep," my Favorite.

I can't half hear, but to see the Pressley Girls in person is a Riot. They're about the talkinest bunch I ever seen, but when they get ready to sing, they know just what to do. ...Ken

So beautiful!!!! That was my daddy's favorite song. It is mine, too. Thank you so very much for singing just how it is in my heart since i can't sing a lick.

This song, as she sung it in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" is what introduced me to Gillian Welch's work a decade and more ago. The girls sing it exceedingly well! I also note that Chitter has taken to improvisation on the fiddle. Good on ya, Chitter!

Over all, I am impressed with y'all's work; well done..

Wonderful! That's one of my favorites, too, and I sang along with them!
It’s also a great favorite of the brothers at the local prison where I help with prison ministry.

Had a dream last night that I met all of you! Deer Hunter had long hair though...

Nice job, girls! Thanks for sharing this one - I love this song :)

How sweet they are singing to the plants in the green house. Great job girls.

This is an all time favorite. The congregation sang this at Daddy's funeral (also Good Bye World , Good Bye)

Tipper--I just realized that's Ken Roper, a regular here, in the background of the photo of the girls beneath the marquee. The photo even shows his better side (sorry, Ken).

Jim Casada

Great job on a great song. I enjoyed seeing and hearing all of you at Bryson City. I also was able to meet Paul whom I felt I knew through your blog.

Tipper--This has long been one of my favorite songs, and when the girls opened with it in Bryson City I was delighted. For your readership, the sign advertising their concert was on the marquee of what used the be the Gem Theater, where I spent many a fine Saturday watching a serial, a cartoon, and a vintage Western movie for the whopping price of a dime. Prices went up to $.12 when I was 13 or 14.

I wish we could get a bit of that rain providing background rhythm in the greenhouse, but after almost eight inches in the first three weeks of May I probably best be watchful about what I wish for.

Jim Casada

That's exactly the way "I'll Fly Away" needs to be sung. The harmony is most important and Chitter and Chater do just fine. And I love the photo of them with their instruments in front of the theater! Sunday blessings! Eleanor Loos, Columbia Station, OH

Pickin' and grinnin' in the greenhouse, why am I not very surprised?

Guess I don't really understand what singing harmony is. Them kids, they do surprise us when their individuality sticks out. Where do they get that, we wonder. Onliest answer is from the great maker of all things.

Didn't you post once that 'I'll Fly Away' came to Mr. Brumley when he was in the cotton field? Or did I dream it?

I love that song and I love to sing it!! Thanks for doing one of my favorites.

One of my favorites. They sing it beautifully

I also have a family of musicians and this is one of our favorite tunes. Nice way to start a Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing!!

You all did such a fine job at the Music and Art Festival in Murphy yesterday. It seems like every time I hear the girls sing their talent has grown. Their harmony has mellowed into their maturity, or their maturity has mellowed their harmony, I'm not sure which!

It's almost as if the rain is applauding at the end of the song!
Sitting here with a huge grin on my face from the beautiful harmony of Chitter and Chatter!

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