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Tipper's Fairy Tale

Fairy tale

I've been keeping a secret from you this summer. There's a fairy tale taking place just outside my kitchen window. A real live fairy tale.

It was early May when I first noticed its unfurling green leaves hugging up to my house like it needed to share its warmth. I knew it was there, and I swear it knew I knew it was there. Every time I'd walk up the hill to the kitchen door I could see it out of the corner of my eye watching and waiting to see what I would do.

One day The Deer Hunter said "You know you're going to have to do something about that don't you?" A few days later, Granny said "I walked up to your house to see if you had any ripe tomatoes while you were out of town. You know you can't let that thing stay under your kitchen window don't you?"

I told them "I know, I know, I'm going to take care of it." But deep down inside I knew I wasn't going to do no such thing.

The Deer Hunter and Granny soon forgot my promise to fix the little problem and I was left to watch, wonder, and be only slightly spooked every time I washed the dishes. I would stand on my tippy-toes when no one was in the kitchen and look down at its beauty. I'd think of the stories Pap told me about his Uncle Blaine that I've never even seen a picture of and I'd remember my own magical story that happened every year on the first hard frost of fall. I wished that I could leave my new fairy tale like pal where it was and see what other magic it would bring me, but in the back of my mind I knew I would have to dispose of it before summer was over.

Early Saturday morning as I stumbled bleary eyed to the coffee pot my brain tried to tell me something was different. As I stood by the sink stirring cream in my coffee, I noticed a shadow falling over my hand.

I no longer need to stand on my toes to see it, the fairy tale is looking in the window at me now.


Come back in a few days and I'll tell you the rest of the fairy tale.


p.s. The Pressley Girls will be playing Saturday June 10, 2017 @ 8:00 p.m. at Vogel State Park - Blarisville GA.

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I'm pretty sure I know what this is! Mama always made me chop them with a hoe, but I hated to.

Okay, you have me intrigued and waiting for the next chapter. However, it looks creepy to me and not one to leave dealing to itself for mischief..
But I admit to being entertained by a group of your friends who comment daily to your blog. They have projected some ominous situations that you might want to heed and do something about the ghostly development. Happy thoughts as you gaze out the window while working at the sink especially in the beginning of darkness!

I cannot tell by looking on my phone but if that's cudzu, you'd better run, because it'll snatch you outa bed one night when you least expect it, the only 2 things cudzu hates is round up or a hungary goat.

I love your story! My husband must be a descendant of Paul Bunyan have ax will cut! Make sure it's not kudzu it'll be everywhere even as pretty but is like company that stays too long!
Carol Rosenbalm

When I was very young I could "tunnel" through the weeds that filled the spaces in the orchard - - Such wonderful adventures I had with Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The bouganvilla draped their branches over spaces where I could hide from the world; but I had to follow their rules or they would scratch me for getting out of line. The china berry tree provided a ladder to the roof of the shed and a shade so that a small portion of that tin roof would not burn me as I snuck away to secretly read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys with my secret friends hiding in the shadows created by the tree's leaves.
Our imaginations give us hope, escape, and the opportunity to discover many of the possibiities of whom we may yet become.

As usual, I was listening to our Gospel Radio Station today and I heard Donna Lynn say "folks you've got 18 minutes left to get your Favorite Requests in" so I called and she played "Angels Rock Me to Sleep" by Chitter and Chatter. That's my Favorite! The second one was by the Wilson Brothers..."Cabin by the Side of the Road." After that she said, "it don't get any better'n that!" ...Ken

Tipper--If Ron's thought that it might be kudzu is correct (and the hairy leaf suggested that to me as well) your fairy tale could turn into a nightmare. Get rid of that invasive species before its roots run all the way back to where it came from (the Orient). Never mind that the tender leaves make a passable addition to quiche, or that the lovely lavender blossoms can be used in potpourri or even to make jelly, or that deer love the plant. First thing you know it will have your house, you'uns, guitars and fiddles, and everything in sight hugged in its smothering embrace.


It IS beautiful! I can hardly wait for Chapter 2!!!

I remember your fairy tale but I shan't spoil its resurrection. Just so you know I know, it turns creepy crawly ugly things into beautiful flutterbys or conversely fishbait.

About the only thing I know that travels a foot a day is Kudsu. That stuff will take over if you're not careful. ...Ken

That mysterious "thing" growing under your window got Granny's attention for some reason. That means it's dangerous, invasive or supernatural. Watching you? A double dose of Roundup would have fixed that problem. I can't wait to hear the rest of the fairy tale!

I think I heard this fable during the time of my youth! Far back when there was delightful tales that could invoke wonder, fear and of course "happily ever after's" in a child's mind.
Stories of beanstalks, golden geese and calls of the "fe fi fo fum giants that smelled the Englishman! Many stories based on children that did not obey their parents and sometimes lessons learned and taught...Lost children, dark woods and witches, poison apples, spiders and Pease porridge, handsome princes and beautiful princesses, paupers, Kings and Queens, peas and pumpkins, wolves, bears, lions and mice...goodness I could go on and on...
Waiting for the rest of the fairy tale.

You leave me guessing; kudzu, Armenian cucumber, luffa, mile-a-minute vine? Whatever it is, maybe you should not open the window.

Holding my breath for the rest of this story.
Sure looks interesting. Love stories like this.

Now aren't you the sneaky one this morning! Carrying us along in what appears to be a chlorophyll-filled bit of mystic and magic then leaving us hanging for the next chapter. Well, I'll wait--because I don't have a choice. Just don't delay too long or curiosity is likely to get the better of me and a bunch of others.
Jim Casada

Fairy tales and secret friends sure make life interesting. We all have some extra space in our psyche's. We can chose to fill those spaces with something interesting or we can leave them to their own devices. I think leaving them to their own devices is dangerous. Mine is very quick to fill those spaces with fearful and negative things. It's my choice to man up and accept responsibility for my wayward mind....so, I can't wait to hear 'the rest of the story'!

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