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How to say Completely in Appalachia

How to say completely in Appalachia
I was plumb happy that our friend David played our gig with us on Sunday

In Appalachia we have many ways to express completely or all the way

  • clean through: The bullet went clean through his hand and into his brother's back.  
  • done dead: The snake was done dead when I saw it.
  • plumb: I walked plumb up to the gap of the mountain.
  • eat up: She was eat up by bug bites.
  • slam up: I'd be covered slam up with bites too if I went traipsing around half naked. 
  • slap: She didn't get home till slap dark and I was worried to death.
  • pure out: That boy is pure out sorry. He's been that way since the day he was born I reckon.

 I'm sure you can think of more ways to express completely-leave a comment and share any you think of with us.


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Well, let's see. There's full as a tick. And come to the end of the road, Plumb tuckered for being completely tired. Full to bustin'. In the bag. That's all I can think of tonight but I'm sure there's more.

I was certain I would know every expression in your post. BUT I only knew the first THREE on your list. Guess I was more isolated in the Cove than I had realized!!!

Eva Nell

A friend told me about a town in Alabama called Slap Out. It was originally, according to the story, just a general store at a cross roads. When people came asking for something they were out of, the owner would say, "Sorry, we're slap out of it." Evidently, they were so often out of things, that the name stuck.

Dog gone-it, I cant thank of anythang

Did anyone say 'pert near' yet ? "He's pert-near the end." I'm not sure of the spelling.. -)

I've used pert near all these expressions at one time or another, I can't figure fer the life of me why anybody would object to us using these perfectly descriptive expressions.

How could I forget this one since the husband put in near part of his life working there...

"Are you finished with that paint on the barn?"
"Well, hits close a 'nough for guve-ment (government) work!"

A couple more I thought of ...."My old bear hound finally "cashed in", "done and gone" bless his heart!" Yep, just laid next to the porch and 'checked out'! "

Reading Jims comments reminded me of these. I had to laugh at "smack dab" for I have used it many a time.... I "smack dab" ate all my husbands peppermint candy!
One more that Jim noted that pretty much sez it all! .... "graveyard dead"....Now that is shore enough finished, completed and certainly over and done in this old world anyhow!
Thanks Tipper

Full tilt, comes to mind. I sure love all our sayings, our speech is colorful, to say the least.
You'll have to do another post on our sayings for things not complete like "a bubble off of plumb."

I'll have to agree with you about too much rain cause I took a container home with me yesterday (a bowl with a handle) and picked a few of the smallest blackberries I ever saw. I guess it'll make one cobbler, in a 5" x 5" x 1" container with a lid to freeze. Lots of 'em were still red. ...Ken

LOL! Best one - He's plumb eat up with ugly . Very similar to - He's been severely beaten with an ugly stick.

'Pure Dee' comes to mind, as in "She was pure dee proud of them kids!"

Love the ecpressions on peoples faces when I say something like I am slap full.

The girls have got to be out and out frazzled from all their recent gigs. They are shore enuf busy these days.

How about slap dab as in, "I walked slap dab in the middle of a yellow jacket nest!" and crammed full, as in, "that drawer is crammed full of junk."

My father always said "tetotally".

I've used all of these at one time or another. We also use "slam up" in a slightly different way:

"It was our anniversary so Kim slammed up some hotcakes to celebrate."

My dad will also slam up a meal at a cook out. My son just said yesterday that he wanted me to slam up a pot of soup beans.

I guess that means to do it right.

He's plumb eat up with ugly.

Tipper--Some other synonyms for completely:

flat out
smack (or smack dab)
head over heels (usually associated with romance)
knee walking (usually associated with inebriation)
over the moon
instead of "done dead" graveyard dead

Jim Casada

Use all except slam up and slap and use "purely" instead of "pure out".
The "done dead" sentence for me would mean that the snake was found already dead versus a snake that still had a little twitch to it in it's final moments of life which, I guess,still makes sense of thinking of the snake as "completely" dead.
I would add "whole hog" as another way of expressing "completely": "He went after the garden whole hog and had it all turned over by suppertime."
Also use "surely" and "sorely": She was "surely" mortified to learn that her dress was on inside out.!"
"He "sorely" vexed when he found out that his boy had lied to him."


Completely, sort of and maybe!

Question...the head gardener sez: "Did you finish weedin' all the last of them green beans?"

Answer...the weeder sez: "Done did !"

Thanks Tipper

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