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More than a few of you have commented or emailed wondering if something is wrong with the comments on the blog. I wish there was some internet glitch causing an issue with the comments, but it's me.

I've been under the weather.

I've actually not been feeling well since about May. In the beginning, other than a low grade fever and general feeling of tiredness there wasn't much to complain about.

In June my symptoms took a turn for the worse with a high fever and aches and pains. The docs thought I might have a sinus infection. This is said to be one of the worst years ever for allergies. I didn't care what they thought I had as long as they gave me something to make me feel better. A round of antibiotics had me feeling much better...until the symptoms returned. 

About two weeks ago the real culprit, or what I hope is the real culprit, was found: a urinary tract infection.

A variety of antibiotics and a short stay in the hospital have me feeling better, but still not back to normal. As Granny would say I've been weak as water and hardly moved from the couch. 

I usually post the comments you leave throughout the day, hence the reason you can read them any time you check in on the blog. I've been feeling so puny that I haven't been checking the blog nor publishing the comments till late in the day or night. 

I started to let you know I was feeling bad three or four times, but you've probably guessed I don't like to complain about much and I can be real backward about some things. I'm hoping I'll be back to the usual boundless energy Tipper before long and when I am the Blind Pig and The Acorn will return to it's usual business comments and all. 

If you have an an extra prayer I'd appreciate you saying one for me. Now that I've told you I'm sick I realize I should have asked for your prayers a long time ago-I'd probably be better because I know you all helped heal Pap more than once.


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Hope you're better soon, Tipper!

Prayers for sure. MAke sure they check you for Lyme . Neighboor had it this year cause of all the skeders. Same syptoms

Take care of yourself! Closed mouth does not get fed! Prayers are sent.

Prayers going up for you and hope you get better soon. I know how you feel and just about abandoned my Blog in late months. Been the sickest I've ever been in my life and can't sem to get on the right track. Take care God Bless !!

Prayers for you Tipper and your full recovery. With your fingertips look at all the prayers you now have. Rest and take care of yourself. Just from following your blog I can tell you are a busy Lady and have wondered how you do all that you do. Blessings to you and your family.

Tipper, I'm sorry to hear you've not been well. Sending thoughts and prayers for the recovery of body and spirit. Along with a big hug-

My prayers are for you tonight, Tipper. Praying that you get well right away.

Sending good thoughts and get well wishes!

I get cut off so quick I have to be brief. Prayers will be sent.

Gracious!!! Sending love and prayers, and sharing with our prayer group so they will cover you with prayers too.
And lady, if you don't let us know when you're in need, how can we possibly help you?
Praying you'll be back to normal real soon.
God bless.

Our hearts thoughts and prayers are with you, and ask our Abba Father to send over you His healing words and ministering spirits to look over you. We ask that it be His will done, that you are fully restored to health and back on your feet doing what you love best in serving Him...
In Jesus precious name we come in agreement of your healing. Amen.
Gods speed and Get Well Soon Sister.

The first thing that came to my mind was tick fever. I think it gets better then can come back. Hope you feel better soon!

Prayers for you! I'm behind reading your blogs but always catch up eventually😀.Dont worry about posting my comments.Get better soon and take it slow girl!

Tipper, you are right. You should have asked for prayer early on. It is never too late, though. You are on my list.

Tipper Don,t feel bad because I have been having mini seizures since November 2016 . they have done 2 mri,s & 2 cat scans but can not find anything. they said there is usually a tumor , blood clot or blockage causing them but they have not found anything at all. I have been having a lot of inner ear problems the last year but the doctors say that won,t cause them but I wonder. this past Wednesday morning I had 3-4 short term memory losses lasting from just a few seconds to 3-4 minutes. when I had a seizure it would last up to 1 hour. when I have one I can not remember anything that is going on during that time. I am trying to clear up my inner ear problem myself to see if that is the cause. I can not drive for 6 months to see if I have any side effects from the anti-seizure medicine or not. PRAY that I find out what is causing them.

You certainly have our prayers. Give yourself time to heal. Urinary tract infections are the pits!!

Wishing you a quick, full recovery. I really appreciate what you're doing to preserve the heritage and traditions of our region.

Tipper, you're in my prayers. When I'm not feeling well, I don't feel like doing anything, either.

So sorry you're "Under the Weather", hope they have finally diagnosed the real problem and the antibiotics will clear it up. You have our prayers and good wishes.

Did they check you for Lyme Disease?

Your words above hurt my heart. When someone I care about hurts then I hurt too. I've been knowing something ain't right but just couldn't put my finger on it. I was hoping you had gone on vacation or was really busy gardening and canning and stuff.
Willie's words are not exact replacements for my own feelings but you can get the idea. Maybe they should say:
You are always in my heart
You are always on my mind
You are always in my prayers
Always, til the end of time.

"You" applies to you Tipper of course but to you plural. Matt, the Girls, Granny, Paul and Steve. And all the spouses, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Dear Tipper,
I know we are all very sorry you haven't been well. Mostly, I'm sorry it took so long for the Drs. to find the cause, and like you, I hope they have. Certainly, I pray for your continued healing. And please don't over-exert yourself!
Love and thanks for all you do...

Don't you ever do that again, Go to your room and think about what you've done and don't come out until your Sorry !!!! Just kidden, Sure will send up a prayer, hope ya fill better soon, drink lots of cranberry juice for urinary tract infections.

Prayers are on the way.

Oh, dear friend! I am SO sorry! Your dear girls told us of your troubles, and I want you to know that I am praying for you. I have been so concerned for you. I have tried to leave comments SO many times, and for some reason, our crazy computer won't let me. I will get it all typed out, and then when I go to hit publish, it comes up with a red circle with a line through it. Sometimes, I let it sit for a while, then go back and try again, all to no avail. I am hoping this will go through. We love you and your family so much, and we do trust Jesus to heal you and make you whole and back like your old self again. Keep encouraged, my friend. Will continue to pray!

Sending prayers of comfort and healing. Hope you are up and around again real soon!

Extra prayers, for sure, Tipper. Glad they finally found out a cause -- sorry it took so long and has worn you down so much! Feel better and take care of yourself first -- your health is #1!

Well, my gosh girl, let us know when a prayer is needed! You have lots of them coming from your fans and internet family. I hope that you are on the mend, but don't hurry it along. Some recoveries take a little longer to build back your strength and vitality. You have my prayers and best thoughts every day. God Bless.

I'm glad you finally told everyone about your sickness, so we can all lift prayers for your recovery. Cindy partly told me about you being sick, but she didn't say much. This has been a bad year for sickness or allergy or whatever it is. But a new day is coming!

I recon everyone has problems, I know I sure have with this heat and humidity. Be glad when cool and cold weather gets here. Hope you're better soon, cause we care for our Tipper. ...Ken

Nothing can make you feel more worn out than a UTI or sometimes those sinus infections can leave us vulnerable to Pneumonia. Wanting to rest or sleep all the time is a major symptom of UTI while it seems Pneumonia's first symptom may be loss of appetite from a person who normally has too much appetite. Also, I know very few people who drink adequate water. I know this from years of watching patients show symptoms the books don't always tell us about. Also all of Appalachia is familiar with the old "backset." This is when you must coddle yourself a bit or end up with a worse case of whatever you had. Tsk Tsk Tsk, now I must shush because I have gone on and on!

Dear Tipper, we have your best interest at heart, and I do hope you take time to get some rest. We will remember you in our prayers along with thanking God we have such an uplifting blog each day.

Oh, dear Tipper, this is such unwelcome news. I certainly will pray hard that you are completely well and feeling like yourself SOON.

You are NOT BACKWARD! You are none of the negatives I know! You have everybody's respect and total dependence on what to do first thing in the morning! i.e. READ TIPPER'S POST! Now thar!

Eva Nell

We will join others in covering you in prayer.

Grace and Peace


Take care of yourself. UTI's are no fun. Sending healing prayers.

Dear Tipper, I am so sorry you have been feeling badly. I totally understand. You can be sure prayers are being uplifted for you right this very minute. The Lord is so good to us, but we do live in a fallen world and inhabit a fallen body, and it is few or none of us that escape some form of physical ailment at times. One of my favorite songs to remember when I am going through a trial like this is "Amazing Grace." Especially the verse that says, "through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come, tis grace that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home." Then I concentrate on the word "through." God brings us through these times. Looking forward to hearing you are completely well and strong again and helping us document our beautiful Appalachian heritage.

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