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More than a few of you have commented or emailed wondering if something is wrong with the comments on the blog. I wish there was some internet glitch causing an issue with the comments, but it's me.

I've been under the weather.

I've actually not been feeling well since about May. In the beginning, other than a low grade fever and general feeling of tiredness there wasn't much to complain about.

In June my symptoms took a turn for the worse with a high fever and aches and pains. The docs thought I might have a sinus infection. This is said to be one of the worst years ever for allergies. I didn't care what they thought I had as long as they gave me something to make me feel better. A round of antibiotics had me feeling much better...until the symptoms returned. 

About two weeks ago the real culprit, or what I hope is the real culprit, was found: a urinary tract infection.

A variety of antibiotics and a short stay in the hospital have me feeling better, but still not back to normal. As Granny would say I've been weak as water and hardly moved from the couch. 

I usually post the comments you leave throughout the day, hence the reason you can read them any time you check in on the blog. I've been feeling so puny that I haven't been checking the blog nor publishing the comments till late in the day or night. 

I started to let you know I was feeling bad three or four times, but you've probably guessed I don't like to complain about much and I can be real backward about some things. I'm hoping I'll be back to the usual boundless energy Tipper before long and when I am the Blind Pig and The Acorn will return to it's usual business comments and all. 

If you have an an extra prayer I'd appreciate you saying one for me. Now that I've told you I'm sick I realize I should have asked for your prayers a long time ago-I'd probably be better because I know you all helped heal Pap more than once.


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Tipper, I hope you're soon much better. Please just heal & don't worry about posting the comments. Praying for you right now.

Tipper, will you put something on your blog regarding longstanding campgrounds that are safe for an old lady (70+) and a 6 inch tall, 3 pound dog? My heart longs for the mountains but I'm hesitant to go alone.


Prayers are with you. Hope you feel better soon. I love your blog because my father was from your area and it brings back good memories of visiting my grandparents farm

Well bless your heart Tipper, I'm so sorry to hear the you have been feeling so bad! I happy the Doctor diagnosed the true culprit and you are on your way back to your old self. Just rest and get better. Sending prayers your way.

I send prayers your way. Recover soon so you can feel like yourself again. I would miss the blog. Grew up in Ohio and many of the things you write about brings back memories. Thank you for all the hard work. God Bless.

So sorry to hear of your health problem. Will certainly keep you in thoughts and prayers. I was glad to read your post this summer about the good things that were happening. Guess you were counting your blessings. Don't know how you have managed to keep up with blog while dealing with such illness. Don't worry about daily posts or comments update. Your health and well being has top priority.

I'm sorry to hear you've been sick, but glad to hear you are recovering. I hope they've nailed the diagnosis this time. Your symptoms reminded me of Josh a few years ago - he turned out to have Lyme disease.Feel well soon, Tipper!

Tipper I am so sorry that you are feeling bad and will certainly keep you in my prayers .

So sorry to hear you've been poorly, Tipper! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending good wishes for "back up to snuff"-edness :)

Praying for you Tipper! Take care of yourself and get to feeling better! Get back to Blind Pig and Acorn when you can!

Sometimes I get tired just reading about all you do. Hopefully, it's nothing more than that boundless energy has finally caught up with you and your body is saying, "slow down." Your request for prayers tells us you know where to find a cure. At least one prayer has already been said for you.

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
We will be praying for you and asking the Lord to heal you from whatever it is making you ill. Much love from the Banks family!!

Gosh, Tipper, that is a long time to be feeling awful! Glad you have gotten answers so that you can recover. I am praying for you.

I'll add you to my list of sick folks that I pray for daily. (Most days more than once) We all feel better knowing someone else cares about us and is aware of our aches and pains. Chocolate usually helps also. I carry fudge or chocolate brownies to neighbors quite often when I hear of their needs or when I don't see them out for a couple of days.

You get better. My family will keep you and yours in our prayers. Your music keeps you often in our thoughts and words.

I appreciate all you do for the region and our culture. Take care of your self so you can do it for a long time.


Take the time that you need to let yourself get better from the multiple problems. I know that this year sinus infections are really bad. It is easy to push too much and get even worse. In this hot weather and rainy outbreaks other infections love to grab on while you are still weak. I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Tipper- So sorry you have been feeling so poorly for so long. Things like that can wear you down very quickly. Hey Girl, you shouldn't feel shy about saying you are having problems healthwise. Now that you have told us, I'm sure that our loving Heavenly Father will be overrun with prayers being sent up in your name. I think I can say assuredly that we all love you and wish you the best of good health. I pray that doctors have found the real reason and that you are feeling 'Tipper' again soon. Now keep us up-to-date. Holding you up in our prayers-Bob & Inez jones

I have not been able to post for about a week but I'll try again.

I'm sad you are struggling. I will certainty ask the good Lord for your speedy recovery. There are a lot of people who rely on you.

Best wishes for God to grant you a speedy and complete recovery, Tipper.

Love and prayers,
Ruth B. (Ohio)

Praying for you, girlie, girl. Get well soon.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hi Tipper,
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am a prayer warrior so I will certainly pray for your healing. I have had a few urinary tract infections so I know exactly how you feel. Antibiotics help but it is just as important to rest and do NOTHING plus drink water contsantly. I know life goes on but the antibiotics work better when the body is at rest and the water will flush the bacteria from your body. I made your chocolate zuccini bread the other day and it was delicious. Hope you feel better soon.

Tip, I sure am glad you finally told every body. They're all family and need to know and,yes, they can certainly help you with prayers and good thoughts.
I am very glad that you are feeling some better and I'm counting on a full mend very soon!


So sorry you are not feeling well. Rest and take care of yourself. Hope you are back to normal real soon. I'm going to say a little prayer each time I read the blog.

I'm so sorry that you have been sick. Somehow I knew something was not quite the norm. Hope you bounce back quickly now that the culprit has been discovered. Praying for you and your family always.
I think rest and relaxation would do you a world of good. I really don't know how you have done all that you do...We all appreciate all your efforts to keep our heritage alive and well. Now rest and take care of yourself. Remember we are all mountain strong. We will have your back as you recover. We'll be here when and until you are able to return full steam. As you are always lifting us up, It is our turn to help you up!
Thanks Tipper

Sending along my healing thoughts and prayers. I am a relative "short timer" here, but I do enjoy your blog posts. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Praying for you and the family Tipper. Get well soon!

so sorry to hear this and will pray for you. I have trouble commenting on your blog and can not figure it out. when I try to publish it gives me a round circle with a slash and will not let me. I am trying again on another sorry you have been ill.

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