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Happy Birthday To The Girls!

  Happy Birthday to The Pressley Girls

Twenty one years ago today I was laying in a Gainesville GA hospital staring at The Deer Hunter and wondering why in the world we thought we needed children-especially two at the same time.

In all the days, weeks, months, and years since, I've never regretted having the girls. They bring boundless joy and happiness to mine and The Deer Hunter's lives.

Happy Happy Birthday Girls we love you!


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Tamela-thank you for the comments! Yes Granny made their sweaters. I'll ask her if shell share the pattern : )

B.Ruth-only one cake! I've never thought about making two...maybe I should : )

A belated Happy Birthday to your lovely, talented daughters!

Oh my goodness...I thought posted a Happy Birthday to Chitter and Chatter....This kind of thing happens when you get old...Maybe I did and forgot to push the post button...who knows 'cept the wild goose and I think he has flown the coop...At any rate Happy belated Birthday Girls...!

Since I didn't have a sister and it looked like I wasn't going to get one, I always thought it would be nice to have a twin sister. Not sure my parents could have handled two of us though with the boys too! Ha

The closes I ever got to having a twin would be my luck for it to have happened like....
Rodney Dangerfield's joke/quote...."When I was born the doctor took one look at my face, turned me over and said, "Look twins!"
Thanks Tipper,
PS...Do you bake two cakes or one....with double candles...just pondering!

Happy Birthday, Girls!

21 is such a shocking age. Happy Birthday :)

It's a happy day for all of the BP&A clan!

happy birthday to two talented beautiful ladies...I love your voices...and the joy you have brought to others...many blessings and love to come
big ladybug hugs

Wishing the Pressley Girls a very happy birthday! Wow, it's hard to believe you both are 21 years old today. Where has the time gone? It's been a real pleasure watching you grow up and seeing how much you have grown musically and as good people. So very glad I found the Blind Pig blog!

Happy Birthday to two beautiful young women! You come from good stock!

Happy birthday to the prettiest and most talented young ladies around!

Happy BirthDay girls!!!! and I hope you have many, many more.

''Love in Christ"

Peggy Lambert of Cherokee Indian Reservation NC.

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you girls. Hope it's the best one ever! 🐕🐶

On the road and crossing things off my bucket list again. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls, from the BIG APPLE. Meeting you and your Mom in 2015 was one of the highlights of my Smokie Mountain bucket list trip. 21 is a special birthday, or at least it was in my day.

Happy Birthday to you both. Do something fun and sing a happy song!

Dear Chitter and Chatter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, perhaps the most lejano deseo de FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!, From Buenos Aires, With all my love , José Luis, hugs to Family!!! ( Write in spanglish,lol!)

Happy Birthday to my daughter's favorite band (thank God!) You are doing the mountains proud.

Happy Birthday to two fine young ladies- I'm so proud to have met you!

happy birthday girls twent one is a special on congratulations regards betty

Happy birthday, girls. It has been a pleasure to see the two of you grow up to be great musicians, singers, and wonderful young ladies. Your whole family is an inspiration and testament to good living and family love. I am so sorry to have missed your concert at The Old Courthouse last Friday, but I had oral surgery that day and just couldn't make it. I heard you did your usual fantastic performance.

Happy Birthday Chitter and Chatter

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Girls.

Happy birthday! Yall are beautiful in all ways!

Dear Chitter and Chatter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pictures and stories of you both have brought a lot of joy and mirth to so many people, including myself. May the Lord continue to bless and guide you. Love and Best Wishes.

Happy birthday chitter and chatter! Not met you personally but both of you are fine Christian young ladies! My dad was a twin and twins are special and lead very unique lives!
Carol Rosenbalm

Happy Birthday Chitter and Chatter. Both of you continue to Impress me and your music is a true Blessing to all. I'm Proud you all think of me as Family. ...Ken

Happy Birthday girls!

Happy Birthday girls. You have been such a pleasure to know and
teach. Good luck with all the good things to come in your life.

I did not meet Chitter and Chatter until they were teenagers. They were already lovely young ladies. Now they are wonderful, lovely, super talented grown women. What wonderful addition to our lives. Have great birthdays and many more!

With children is the renewal of the world. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you two distant cousins.
Glad to claim you as kin folks.
God bless you always.
Charles Fletcher

Happy Birthday to you, beautiful young ladies! You bless all of us with your many talents so I pray y'all have a very blessed day! My youngest daughter, Sarah, was born in this day 36 yrs ago in Oak Ridge, Tennessee!😊

Well I do believe Chatter and Chitter are going to get dizzy with all these HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings! BUT I will take a chance and send our best wishes to them! THANKS for sharing such a special date! Bet you will NEVER FORGET!

Eva Nell

Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet girls! We have so enjoyed getting to know them and hearing them sing! God bless both of your dear girls with many, many more happy birthdays!

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