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Blind Pig and The Acorn Lettuce Reporters @ Large

Sow True Seed Lettuce
Sow True Seed generously donated enough lettuce seed for me to deputize Lettuce Reporters @ Large. Eleven Blind Pig readers signed up for lettuce reporting. I guess there was twelve if you count me.

Even though I planted all of the varieties donated (Parris Island RomaineButtercrunch, and Jericho) in my spring garden, I couldn't resist taking part in the fall reporting @ large project. I planted Jericho and Buttercrunch.

I also managed to plant some Sow True Seed KaleLacinato, White Russian, and Red Russian. We enjoy eating fresh kale all through the winter in soups, salads, and sauteed and our chickens love the treat of fresh green kale during the cold winter months. 

I'm hearing tropical storm (as of this morning hurricane) Nate may decide to rain on the Sunday portion of the fall festival. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nate waits till the fun is over, but that looks doubtful at the moment. 


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"All Hail the Kale".....I love Kale...we mix turnip greens, kale and mustard greens together if we have all of them....sort of short on all this oh yes, we throw in a few collards too but only the small leaves....
It is so good for you especially if you render a lump of hog, add onion and salt and pepper to season just to perfection...Ha

Thanks Tipper,
PS...we just got in here in East TN...and went thru a light rain...none at this time...but the air is heavy so I'm sure we will get downpours by morning...

Would love to try a winter lettuce. Never thought about it before as I thought lettuce was for spring and summer. I try to eat lettuce every day but sometimes I run out of greens.

I usually come to the Fall Festival at the JCCFS on Sunday, but I won't be coming tomorrow. The Hurricane, Nate, is going to put a damper on the second half and I just hate that. Although we need the rain, it's been several days of pretty weather.

I look forward to hearing from all the 12 Apostles on their growing vegetables this time. The lettuce and Kale is delicious, especially the kale in Keilbasa wheels.

Hope everyone has fun at the Festival. ...Ken

My fall lettuce is waiting for rain. None here since the night of Sept. 10 or 27 days. Seed won't come up.

Forecast still saying lots of rain for north GA but winds are now forecast not to be damaging. Guess we'll see.

Hope rain doesn't wreak too much havoc at the festival.

Go away Nate, if just for a little while! I love the green things from the garden, all the green things ....soooo, since I don't have a garden, I'll be visiting yours!

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