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Christmas in Cherokee County in the1930s - And one more Giveaway

Christmas in Cherokee County 1930

A few days ago I told you about the discarded library books at the college where I work. Today I'm giving away another one of those books - The Christmas Barn written by C.L.Davis. The book is set in the 1930s.

In the first few pages you discover one of the characters is named Frank Dockery. As I was reading the passage where his name appears I thought "Hmph I've heard that name before right here." A few paragraphs later I discovered the family goes into Murphy to purchase supplies they can't produce on their farm. I couldn't believe it! The book was about my very own county. 

Turns out C.L. Davis wrote the book about his mother's memories of a childhood Christmas. 

The story is perfect for Christmas and the characters are so real I felt like I knew them, especially the two youngest sisters. I loved the book so much I wanted to share the story with you, but I also wanted to keep it for myself. So I bought another one so I can do both!

The giveaway book doesn't have a dust jacket but it will come with one of Granny's crocheted toboggan ornaments and a canvas stocking. Leave a comment on this post to be entered in the drawing. Giveaway ends *Friday December 1.


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What fun!

Thanksgiving has waddled on by and Christmas is fast on her heels. I wish all the best this Holliday season has to shower upon you and yours.
Thank you for making my days happier.

I would love to win this book. Reading of past times and customs is my favorite past time. Hope this is where I enter the contest

Dear Tipper, that looks like a great book.

I'd live this book.
I love the area and was just there for a few days.

Please put me in for the giveaway !

Sorry I got here late. There was an accident on the internet and traffic got backed up. I think a truck load of terabytes turned over. There was not enough bandwidth left to get through.

The thing you are called a boggan pronounced /bau-gin/. Some call it a /tow-boggan/

I've never seen a canvas stocking before. I would love to own one. The boggan and the book are just icing on the cake.

my family too was from Cherokee Co. but most moved to the piedmont of N. C. to get work. I still have family in Shoal Creek area, near fields of the woods, I love my state, I love my roots, I would be so grateful to win this book for my 6 year old great grandson who I am teaching our family history to.
I love your columns. thank you for all you do.

You know CHRISTmas is always a special time of year. Finding such a treasure is simply awesome. I love a good read, especially one from my home town or area. I always loved to listen to my elders tell stories of their CHRISTmas past. I have so many sweet memories from listening to my parents... GOD bless you all at the Blind Pig and the Acorn, and I pray you all have the most wonderful and Merriest CHRISTmas ever.

I'd be happy to read this book. I love children's picture books. And from this area too!
Thanks, Amanda Burts

I love Christmas stories and I’m always looking for something different to read to my grandchildren. This sounds like a very special book. Have a blessed Christmas season!

would love to win!

It is funny how warm and cozy and in the holiday spirit seeing this children's book made me feel. It looks like a sweet story. I don't think that there is anything better than sharing books with children during Christmas time. One of my all time favorites is The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston. It is a lovely tale set in the NC mountains just after WWI. Another holiday favorite is The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowsk. The illustrations by Patrick Lynch of the wood carver and the nativity he creates are so beautiful! I read it every year when I set up my Brasstown carvings. Happy Christmas!

Daddy built our barn for a milk cow when I was a little girl and it still stands today. I don't have a cow in it now, but I have fond memories of watching my Mama milk our cow, Bullet. No one could milk that cow but Mama and I remember the time she was so sick with the flu that she could barely stand up. Daddy held her up and got her down to the barn that morning and again that night to do the milking. Now that I am older and wiser, I think Daddy just didn't want to milk the cow!

I love old barns and I am glad there is a group that has started trying to preserve them. They are so rich in history and played a huge role in the culture of this region. I think this book would bring back a lot of memories for me, so I hope I win it!

Oh hos I would love to read this book and then pass it along to my little grand-daughter Ruby. Her great grandfather is from Cherokee County, what a treasure this would be. I'm sure she would use Granny's little ornament for one of her baby dolls. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to Florida to visit our family and had such a great time! I was so busy before we went making Christmas gifts to take with us.
Thank you for the chance to win your wonderful giveaway!

Thank you for your generosity with the give always during the holidays. If I were to win this special book I would gift it to my “southern” great nieces whose Mom took them to upstate New York to share them with her husband’s family.

Always interesting to see or hear of something that occurred near where were live or once did isn't it.
God bless.

That's my kind of title. Would love to read it. Today books don't hold a candle to the old stories.

Put my number in the hat! I could look at and read this book just for the graphics on the dust jacket! Kind of reminds me of your house where the porch is facing the chicken least what I've seen in your photos....The fact that there is a smiling girl with a neck scarf also reminds me of the girls and you...and we all know you 'all love lots of snow and it sure is snowing in the design of the book cover.
Raining here today...but weather forecasters are predicting some snow in a week or so!
Thanks Tipper,

I’d love that book to read to my 21 grandkids!

Tipper, I love 'Old Time' traditional Christmas stories and would love to read the book to young children in a local school. Thank you for all your efforts and enthusiasm.

This looks like a great book, I would love to read it! My family has roots near this area!

What a neat surprise to find a story written in your own hometown! Sounds like an awesome story too! And what a sweet little boggan your granny knitted.

Have a Merry Christmas in the mountains! Perhaps you can interview your own granny too and write some stories for future generations to find! :-).

I would love to win this book and Granny's crocheted ornament and canvas stocking, but if I don't win, I'm happy that it is available at BookFinders. Thank you, Tipper. I have enjoyed you and your family for many years now. Love to you all.

hiya tipper
I would love a chance on your beautiful giveaway.....especially a chance to get something granny made..i treasure handmade things...and a book...would love to snuggle under a quilt and read a good book....
blessings to you and yours
big ladybug hugs

William-thank you for the comment! Use this book search site to find a copy:

I was blessed to grow up in beautiful Andrews, NC. My family shares a deep love for our mountain heritage even though we are scattered over the world. I was a lonely only child who GOD has abundantly blessed with large family. 29 ( twenty-nine) GreatGrandchildren. 54 kin now..from our marriage of 70 years! We are Readers, big time, and would love this book about my Cherokee County. A cousin in Hayesville put us in touch with your wonderful site. Grateful! Delightful! Have a Merry Christmas.

Like so many others, The Christmas Barn would be a Special read. I try to comment every day, if this thing will co-operate better. Love the Blind Pig and all the commenters. ...Ken

Thanks for the opportunity to win the book Tipper! I'm 'doing Christmas' a little different this year--trying to simplify and enjoy the Reason for the Season--Jesus!!

The book sounds great. Perhaps it will be what I need to interest my Grandchildren in my mom's birthplace (Bryson City, NC). Her maiden name was Fuller.

I love Christmas books and one growing up in the mountains would be the best. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

My mother grew up in Roseboro, NC, as she called it, "at the foot of Grandfather Mountain." Her blended family was worse than dirt-poor. Mama's mother died when my mother was 7, and she was left to help raise her sister and two brothers. If they got an orange or tangerine or a few nuts in the shell they were thrilled. There were many times that I am sure they had no Christmas. That is why I think my mother always made Christmas so special for me and my dad. She was thankful for small things and reflected that in her appreciation for hand-made and well-thought-out gifts. It wasn't the size or cost of the gift but the sentiment and caring behind it that made her happy. She would have loved this book.

Love your web page.
I live near the foothills to the Appalachian, but I so enjoy the stories and experiences you share regarding your home and the people you share the mountains with.
Keep up the good work, so many folks get so much joy from it...

I was raised on a farm and have so many great memories of it especially at Christmas time. Love your website and your music. Would love to be able to read the book and treasure it every Christmas.

Sounds exactly like the kind of Christmas my mom remembered. My own childhood memories of Christmas were so simple and filled with magic. I recall when a simple coloring book given out at church was wrapped in Christmas tissue paper and tied with ribbons on each end. It seemed like the greatest gift. Later I noticed my Mother always wrapped smaller gift that same way! What a pleasure it would be to read a book about a simple ole fashioned Christmas.

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