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A White Christmas

Snow Folklore

If you've been reading the Blind Pig and The Acorn for a good while you already know I'm plumb foolish about snow. I just love it! I can only remember one or two Christmases that were actually white even though the holiday certainly brings to mind snowy drifts. 

With the chance of the first snow of the year coming later this week (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) I found myself thinking back to the Christmas of 2010. It was truly a magical White Christmas.

Keep reading to re-visit the post from the archives that I wrote about the snowy event. 

Walking in a winter wonderland 

After the lights went out on Christmas afternoon, the Three Indian Princesses went out to play in the snow, and I convinced The Deer Hunter to hike up the creek with me.

I've written about the old logging roads and trails that criss cross the acreage around my house before, if you missed it you can read about them by clicking on the following:

I'd Like To Wander Back

Springtime Hiking In The Mountains

Treasure Hunting In Appalachia-Touch Of The Past

Walking in the snow 

The scenery was breath taking. There were intricate arches to walk under all along the way. The sight made me wonder if an earthly being could create something as spectacular.

White christmas in murphy nc 

In many places the snow had weighted down the trees till there was little trail left to walk in.

Pine beetles in western nc 

Funny how the white makes things stand out more than normal. The dead pines that have been ravaged by beetles stood out like they were finally able to get someone to pay attention to their plight.

Squirrel nest 

Squirrel nests stood out like dark balls against the snowy skies.

Weather conditions in western nc 

There were icicles galore-some over a foot long.

Pinhook in the snow 

When we peeked over the next ridge into the Pinhook Community it looked like a Christmas Card.

Snow in brasstown 

The view from the ridge across from our house made it look like we lived in a forest of flocked Christmas trees.

Building a snowman 

By the time we got back home, the girls had tired of sledding and had built their very own Snow-lady named Patricia.

Chitter and chatter 

After we told them how much fun we had on the hike they both gave us this look. They wanted us to turn around and go back up the creek right then. We convinced them to wait till the next day.  You can follow this link to tag along on our second hike and to see the mysterious tracks we found on the way.


p.s. The winner of the Christmas Barn book giveaway is...Francis P. Page who said: I was blessed to grow up in beautiful Andrews, NC. My family shares a deep love for our mountain heritage even though we are scattered over the world. I was a lonely only child who GOD has abundantly blessed with large family. 29 ( twenty-nine) GreatGrandchildren. 54 kin now..from our marriage of 70 years! We are Readers, big time, and would love this book about my Cherokee County. A cousin in Hayesville put us in touch with your wonderful site. Grateful! Delightful! Have a Merry Christmas.

Francis-email your mailing address to me at and I'll send you the goodies!

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Speaking of snow, thought y'all might like this!

Wonderful Winter Wonderland photos!
I cherish the few snowy days I experienced while living in Rhode Island and in Virginia. My camera and I had some great explorations; however, most of the "natives" thought I was downright peculiar down on my stomach in the snow trying to get just the right frame on some crocuses peaking out from their winter blanket. I'll bet you wouldn't be surprised by someone so taken by the wonders of snow. The sometimes fluffy, sometimes icy decorations on bushes, branches, plants, and trees do create magical vistas.
The National Weather Service is actually predicting a 60% chance of snow here (Central Texas) for Wednesday night! If we actually get some it will be a wonder! -But it is seriously unlikely to compare to your beautiful Wonderland.

I Love the Snow too, like you do. One time in the late 80's or early 90's, I had 54" on my porch. I was Snowed in! A friend tried to open up my road with his Tractor and went off the bank. His Tractor was buried, with just the muffler sticking out. The power was out for days, but I had a wood stove and lots of wood to make living like Pre-Historic Times. I heard Murphy had 24". I got Mountain Water, so that wasn't a problem.

Although this Blizzard reached all the way to Washington, D.C., I loved it. Enjoyed all the Snowy Pictures today. ...Ken

I remember when it would come those heavy damp snows like that build up and make the young pine trees bow. If we just left them there was a pretty good chance they wouldn't straighten up again. That would ruin then as future sawlogs. So, Daddy would send us boys out into the woods with a club of some kind and all we had to do was give the tree a good whack and all the snow would come down with a thud.
We would spread out and walk around the mountainside shaking and thumping trees. If there was somebody down the hill from you that wasn't paying attention to you and you timed it just right, you could knock them to there knees with a pile of snow. I've done it and had it done to me.
I remember seeing avalanches come down the mountain in the treetops. The wind in the trees at the top of the mountain would start it. They would dump their load of snow on the trees below them causing them in turn to give up their burden on their brethren below. It became a wave that spread out all across the face of the mountain. The sounds of the snow crashing down began as a few scattered thuds but soon became a roar.
I've never been in an avalanche where all the snow was sliding down the mountain but I have been these treetop avalanches. It's like being in a blizzard. Everything turns white! But the snow is coming straight down. Not in flakes but in wads and chunks. Sometimes the chunks have limbs in them. Not only do you get a truckload of snow down your shirt but you get a whipping with a pine tree limb.
Now let's see you find a game like that on your cell phone!

Hi Tipper, I'm with you, I Love Snow and I Love a White Christmas !! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and with a wishful heart hoping for a White Christmas this year. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Wishing you and your Loved Ones a beautiful blessed Christmas !!

Tipper, I keep meaning to send you some snow, but have yet to figure out how to do it. I tried blowing south/south/east, but that didn't work. Seriously, though, last year was one of the warmest since my exile (umm... departure). Don't know what this year will bring as it's been surprisingly warm so far. Get the strong feeling that the worm is about to turn, though. Speaking of worms, found a woolly bear in my horse's barn that was almost all cinnamon with very little black on either end. If he's to be believed (and I've never had one to lie to me), y'all may get more snow than we do.

Just in case I don't get back to y'all beforehand, I wish everyone a very, very Merry Christmas!

I am with you. I am from SC and have never seen a white Christmas. After we moved here we always had to go back to SC for Christmas so we always missed it. We stopped going at Christmas about 10 years ago but we have yet to see a white Christmas.

I love your pictures. I would take my dog for morning walks and take the camera. Nothing beats the sun shining off new snow. It makes everything clean. We would go for night walks and then the moonlight would make the snow shine with crystals. I lost my Molly this fall so the walks will be much lonelier.

You are right in the snow bringing out the details. In the old days (50 years ago) with electron microscopes, the item to be viewed would be coated with atom size particles to make the images and details sharper. The snow acts like this on a larger scale.

Fingers crossed for snow this year.

A couple of shopping centers in Honolulu are importing container loads of snow which they dump out in the parking lot for the kids to play in while it lasts. Snow is one of the reasons I live in Hawaii. If I want to see the stuff, I will look at Tippers photos...

Loved your post so much, Tipper. Thanks for sharing the snow with us. God's love spills out of y'all & rolls all the way down to Florida.

I love snow too, but not real often, lol. Looking out the window is just fine

Can't wait for our first snowfall.
Coming from the north where snow was a pain in the butt and we shoveled feet of the stuff for days this is wonderful.

sweeping is so much better than shoveling. Snow here is beautiful and I too love walking especially at night. The silence is so peaceful.

I think I have posted this before but I love the deep hush in the midst of a snow storm. It is sorta like getting a hug from nature.

I am a bit jealous that you can walk in the woods straight from home. In all the 25+ years we have lived here I have missed that. I grew up taking that opportunity for granted, not realizing how blessed I was. I'm glad you four have that. I hope you get another white Christmas provided that you and yours are healthy, safe and warm.

Tip, the pictures are beautiful, they give me a chill. There is nothing more beautiful than snow in our mountains!

Loved your post today. I remember very well reading about this snow and the beautiful pictures you shared....even like today's photos...
I have been painting a lot of snow cottages, Christmas nativity scenes, Santa's, snowmen and mountain snow fields on rocks....I will send you some pictures that you might be able to share...The last time I tried sharing a picture on your comment page, I messed it I'll just email you some pictures this morning.
Thanks Beverly

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