Christmas in Cherokee County in the1930s - And one more Giveaway
In Appalachia We Like to Add ed to Words

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Grandmothers and Babies

My life in Appalachia - Grandmothers and Babies

In Appalachia grandmothers love their grandbabies beyond reason...which is a good thing if you ask me.


p.s. The winner of the Jan Karon book and Granny's goodies is...Cheryl who said: The book looks wonderful, and Granny's crocheted goodies sound even better! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and may God bless you all with a blessed and healthy Christmas season!

Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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I promise you: Grandmothers' passionate, protective, and profound love for their grandbabies is a given anywhere!!

I have to admit my grandchildren are the most wonderful things that have happened to me

Grandmothers everywhere love their grandbabies-even when they are adults. Folks, if you haven't visited Chitter's Etsy shop, you are missing out. I ordered the mother necklace and it is so beautiful. I'm wearing it right now. Her shop is a great place to shop for one of a kind pieces for yourself or others on your gift list.

I have six grand-children and I love them so much. They are like my own children and I get kind of bossy with them but, they still love grandma!

I had the Best grandma in the World and if she had a place of her own, that was before I got here. Delia had 16 youngin's of her own, two husbands (the first one died), and then she married Hugh (mama's daddy). Delia was a Great Storyteller and she could tell some doozies. I don't even know all the grandchildren but she Loved each one. During the Great Depression years she fed many Hobos. They weren't evil minded people then, just looking for work to provide for their families. ...Ken

Appalachian grandpaws love their grandbabies more!

In New Mexico, too! Grandbabies are a blessing everywhere!

Our grandson thinks his Nana's whole purpose in life is to play with him. And she aids and abets him. He has people.

But they grow up too fast.

This rings the bell for me, proud granddad of a handsome, intelligent eight-month-old boy who was crawling all over the living room at Thanksgiving. Finn William--his mother is Irish--likes people and is already waving happily to his admirers. We call him "Mr. President."

Grands are the best. Wish I could see ours more often. So proud of the great job our children are doing to raise these wee ones. Love seeing Christmas and life through their innocent eyes.

Grands are the best. Wish I could see ours more often. So proud of the great job our children are doing to raise these wee ones. Love seeing Christmas and life through their innocent eyes.

What's even more beautiful than a grandmother holding her first granddaughter? A great-grandmother crocheting a pink gown for her first great-granddaughter. Now you know what we did for Thanksgiving! We all ooed and ahhed over the new baby/grand baby/great-grand-baby!!

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