What Happened to the Comments

Blind pig and the acorn blog about appalachia

More than a few of you have commented or emailed wondering if something is wrong with the comments on the blog. I wish there was some internet glitch causing an issue with the comments, but it's me.

I've been under the weather.

I've actually not been feeling well since about May. In the beginning, other than a low grade fever and general feeling of tiredness there wasn't much to complain about.

In June my symptoms took a turn for the worse with a high fever and aches and pains. The docs thought I might have a sinus infection. This is said to be one of the worst years ever for allergies. I didn't care what they thought I had as long as they gave me something to make me feel better. A round of antibiotics had me feeling much better...until the symptoms returned. 

About two weeks ago the real culprit, or what I hope is the real culprit, was found: a urinary tract infection.

A variety of antibiotics and a short stay in the hospital have me feeling better, but still not back to normal. As Granny would say I've been weak as water and hardly moved from the couch. 

I usually post the comments you leave throughout the day, hence the reason you can read them any time you check in on the blog. I've been feeling so puny that I haven't been checking the blog nor publishing the comments till late in the day or night. 

I started to let you know I was feeling bad three or four times, but you've probably guessed I don't like to complain about much and I can be real backward about some things. I'm hoping I'll be back to the usual boundless energy Tipper before long and when I am the Blind Pig and The Acorn will return to it's usual business comments and all. 

If you have an an extra prayer I'd appreciate you saying one for me. Now that I've told you I'm sick I realize I should have asked for your prayers a long time ago-I'd probably be better because I know you all helped heal Pap more than once.


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The Angel of Brasstown by Jim Casada

A few weeks back I told you I was featured in the February/March issue of Smoky Mountain Living. Blind Pig Reader Jim Casada wrote the piece. I had nary a clue that he planed to write it nor that it would be in the magazine until it was! Many of you have emailed me to say you couldn't find the magazine but would love to read the article so I'm sharing it today. Jim's kind words still make me blush even though I've read them a couple dozen times myself. 

Blind Pig and the Acorn and Tipper Pressley featured in Smoky Mountain Living

Jim Casada Copyright 2016


Folks commenting on Tipper Pressley’s daily blog, “Blind Pig & the Acorn,” often call her the “angel of Brasstown.” The description’s geographical part is easily explained. She lives in the crossroads community of Brasstown in far southwestern North Carolina, a location best known for the annual New Year’s ‘Possum Drop and a storied bastion of Appalachian folkways, the John C. Campbell Folk School.

Explaining the moniker’s angel part is more demanding and open to multiple interpretations. Among them are an angelic face graced by a permanent smile; an approach to life conjuring recollections Loweezy’s quote in the Snuffy Smith comic strip, “gooder’n airy angel;” and her keen interest in crafts such as corn husk angels and decorative paintings depicting angels. But where Pressley really shines in earning earthly angel wings is passionate devotion to celebrating and perpetuating our rich, varied Appalachian heritage. As she puts it in describing her daily blog, which first appeared in 2008, “All you really need to know is I’m crazy in love with . . . Appalachia—the people, the food, the music, the colorful language, the sustainable lifestyle, the soaring mountains, and the deep dark hollers.”

In truth there’s far more to know. She’s a marvelous cook specializing in traditional high country cuisine who teaches classes at the Folk School and in other settings; talented musician whose bass playing helps showcase the singing and instrumental talents of her twin daughters, Corie and Katie, brother Paul, and recently deceased father, Jerry; skilled photographer with an exceptional eye; serious student of mountain history; writer; storyteller; and speaker. Atop all that she has a full-time job at Tri-County Community College where, among other duties, she manages the college’s website.

Tipper’s interests, invariably attuned to her passion for place, range even wider than her abilities and are daily displayed in Blind Pig & the Acorn (www.blindpigandtheacorn.com). The blog’s title, taken from an Appalachian adage suggesting that even a blind hog occasionally roots up tasty oak mast, enjoys considerable and growing popularity. Performing a daily balancing act that that avoids contentious comments common in many blogs, Pressley educates and entertains while celebrating southern Appalachia’s attributes through a steady flow of noteworthy material. A heartfelt comment from one reader succinctly summarizes what many readers have discovered: “You have done so very much to make me proud of my heritage.”

That pride involves an array of topics, with one of Tipper’s strongest attributes being the ability to infuse almost any subject with immediacy and interest. Another is insatiable curiosity. Vanishing mountain customs, old-time edibles, or some obscure subject once commonplace to those calling the region’s steep ridges and deep valleys home all form fair game.

Among Pressley’s encyclopedic interests are a number of threads which run as bright strands through her blog’s entire fabric. One favorite is the monthly “Appalachian Vocabulary Test” where five words are offered to see if readers know or use them.

Another recurring theme is music. Her college-age twins, Katie and Corie (“Chitter” and “Chatter” in the blog), possess ample quantities of the family’s deeply entrenched musical talent, and they now perform regularly at regional church gatherings, fairs, and folk festivals. They play guitar, fiddle, and mandolin while offering exquisite harmony reminiscent of the likes of the Louvin Brothers or their grandfather and Uncle Paul. Tipper’s father, the late Jerry Wilson (“Pap” on the blog) and his brother, Ray, were an acclaimed regional singing duo and recipients of a North Carolina Heritage Award in 1998, while Paul is an accomplished guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Readers of Blind Pig & the Acorn can savor scores of selections from the family musical archives while reading the latest blog post.

Given her love of the land, gardening is another prominent theme. Her husband Matt (the blog’s “Deer Hunter”), a skilled jack-of-all trades, enters the scene doing everything from simple tilling to greenhouse construction. Blog readers actually serve as testers for Asheville heirloom seed company Sow True Seed, and from winter’s seed-starting time right through to fall harvest, there are regular updates on everything from herbs to “tommytoes,” cabbage to corn. Use of crops on the family table and for canning, drying, preserves, and pickles also looms large.

Traditional mountain crafts form another area of prominence on the blog. Periodically some craft project are covered, and each year near Christmas Tipper offers unique family creations for sale, such as knitted and crocheted items made her mother (“Granny”) and CDs from various members of this musical clan. Each twin has her own Etsy shop, respectively featuring jewelry and handmade soaps, oils, and balms.

Selfless in promoting mountain heritage, Tipper generously shares links to other Appalachia-related blogs in her “Sit a Spell” section. There are frequent historical posts with coverage ranging from Civil War letters back home to stories underlying popular ballads, from forgotten customs such as dumb suppers to Decoration Day or all-day singings. Yet the blog involves more than “pause and ponder” reading material leavened by ear-soothing music.

The blog’s visual impact sometimes stirs the viewer’s soul. Pressley’s keen photographer’s knack for capturing commonplace scenes from strikingly different perspectives often draws immediate attention. Daily comments from readers provide insight and information. Where responses on many blogs deteriorate into sniping, here there’s a sense of shared passion. Readers feel they are part of an extended family. As a personal example of this togetherness, I’ve obtained candy roaster seeds from fellow Blind Pig fans, received helpful suggestions on troublesome gardening problems, and been reminded of how tasty springtime pigweed (purslane) can be.

Adding a bit of spice to Tipper’s heady literary brew are occasional guest posts. The quality of these varies, but unfailingly they come from the heart and evoke a deep, abiding love for Appalachia. That affinity for Appalachia, masterfully molded and melded by a true Appalachian angel, forms the essence of Blind Pig & the Acorn.

To date well over three thousand blogs devoted exclusively to heralding all that is good and gracious, endearing and enduring, about the mountain way of life have appeared. Quantitatively only by John Parris’ storied “Roaming the Mountains” newspaper column from yesteryear surpasses that figure. Only in her mid-40s, Tipper Pressley likely will give us stories on the glories of Appalachia for many a year and yarn to come.


Jim Casada is a son of the Smokies who has written extensively on his highland homeland and its people. He has a particular interest in distinctive mountain personalities and is currently completing a book, “Profiles in Mountain Character.” The Angel of Brasstown is the first of several profiles that Jim will be doing for the magazine Smoky Mountain Living so please be on the lookout for them. 

To learn more, visit his website, www.jimcasadaoutdoors.com.



p.s. Typepad found an issue with my music player and I had to remove it...probably for good. But I made direct links to playlists full of our music on youtube. Look over in the right side-bar and you'll see a photo to click on and listen to Pap and Paul and one to listen to The Pressley Girls. 

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I Got Interviewed by the Weekly Holler!

The weekly holler with luke bauserman

Several weeks back Luke Bauserman interviewed me about the Blind Pig and The Acorn and my endeavor to preserve and celebrate Appalachian Culture and Heritage. 

Luke is a fellow Appalachian-he just lives a little farther north than I do. He is also a writer and has his own blog called The Weekly Holler. Luke also has a podcast a very active Weekly Holler facebook page and a Weekly Holler youtube channel

I really enjoyed chatting with Luke about the Blind Pig and The Acorn and our shared love for all things Appalachian. If you'd like to check out the interview you can listen to it here. A transcript of the interview is also available on Luke's website. 


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Blind Pig & The Acorn in 2017

Blog about the people of Appalachia Blind Pig and The Acorn

It seems only yesterday I was telling you about the goals I had planned for the Blind Pig & the Acorn during the new year of 2016 and now that entire year is gone and behind us.

I've been studying on the things I'd like to accomplish during the year of 2017 here on the blog.

  • I'm still working on the idea I shared with you for the past 2 Januarys-the idea of celebrating Appalachia in a bigger way involving the voices of people like you and me. I haven't made any real progress on the idea other than collecting thoughts and tid-bits, but I'm still dreaming about it.
  • I hope to add new folks to my monthly vocabulary test videos. Up to this point its mostly been the girls, The Deer Hunter, and me that you've heard saying the words.
  • Paul and I are still trying to find our way through the maze of making the dvd about Pap's music that I told you about. We have made some real progress on a new cd of Pap and Paul. Well I should say Paul has made some real progress since he's done all the work. He's also made real progress on the first Pressley Girls cd.
  • Speaking of Pap, I hope to share the story of his death with you in greater detail. I feel like you would want to hear it since you really cared about him.
  • I have a secret plan for the coming year. I hope the girls will become a bigger part of the Blind Pig and the Acorn...I haven't talked to them about this idea-so that's why I said it was a secret. 
  • I'm still studying on a cookbook full of Appalachian foods and a book on Appalachian language, but I mostly feel overwhelmed when I think about them. I am happy that I've been able to add the option of printing to the recipes I share.
  • I hope to meet more of you in person this year. I met more readers in 2016 than in all the years before combined. It was so much fun to put a face with a name.

I'm hope each of you will continue to visit me here on the Blind Pig and The Acorn during 2017.


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Blind Pig & The Acorn - 2016 In Review

Blind Pig and The Acorn 2016 in Review

I'll always remember 2016 as the year I lost Pap and that makes me want to say it was a horrible terrible low down mean year, but I know that ain't no where near the truth.

The truth is even though 2016 brought the loss of Pap to our family it also brought a multitude of blessings. 

Every January I take a look back at what I've written during the course of the year. Looking back through the posts from 2016 gave me tangible proof that it was a good year indeed.

I've listed my favorite posts for each of the last 12 months below (if you want to revisit any of the posts-just click on the colored title of the post).


Oil lamps in appalachia

Oil Lamps is my favorite post for the first month of 2016. Since Granny and Pap grew up with oil lamps they each had a fondness for them and over the years Granny has collected more than a few. The post brings back a sweet memory of the girls, Granny, Pap, and me. If I listen hard enough it seems I can hear Pap and the girls beating around in the bathroom closest looking for a new lamp wick while Granny shouts out instructions from her chair as her fingers fly along crocheting.


Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

My favorite post from the month of February is Lonesome Moonlight Waltz. As I read back over the post I can see clearly that even if I didn't admit it to myself, I knew Pap wasn't long for this world. I still love listening to the song-amazed by Paul and Chitter's talent and pleased they made it for Pap.


Yellow bells forsythia in appalachia

How would Spring of the year be the same without yellowbells? It wouldn't! I love the post The Yellow Bells are in Bloom for it's hopefulness. And I love this quote from the post: "I believe the bright yellow blooms of the bushes that continue to grow where people have long since stopped living carry forth part of the beauty and hope from the caring hands which planted them so many years ago." Pretty deep uh? Sometimes I surprise myself.


Brush arbor in appalachia
We are still teasing Chitter about not knowing what a brush arbor is. I don't think she'll ever live that one down and that's why my favorite post for March is Do You Know What a Brush Arbor is? Cause Chitter don't!


Donnick is an old word for a rock

I learned a new Appalachian word in May and I always get excited when that happens. He Threw a Donnick at me! is my favorite post for the merry month of May.


The pear trees homeplace brasstown nc

The Pear Trees is my favorite post from June. I'd been wanting to write the post for several years so I was happy to have finally gotten my thoughts down about the beautiful old home place. The weekend before Pap died The Deer Hunter, girls, and I spent the entire day hiking in the woods above the house-a good portion of that time we spent at The Pear Trees. The following day we visited Pap and told him about our travels and listened to him recount the lay of the land when he was a boy. I recorded him on my phone as he talked about the folks who still lived large in his mind even though they'd been gone for a good 60 years or more.


I feel fainty

Even though it seems crazy, my favorite post for July is Faintified - Feeling Fainty which was all about the girls getting their wisdom teeth cut out and Chitter scaring us to death by passing out. I think its my favorite because I'm still so very thankful its over.


My life in appalachia a normal appalachian family
Always mindful about showing the REAL Appalachia instead of the cardboard cut out that is so often shown Appalachia Through My Eyes - A Normal Appalachian Family is my favorite post for this month. 


Use of the word put in appalachia
Put = Lots of Things in Appalachia is my favorite post for the month of September. The post is a wonderful example of word usage in Appalachia.


Traffic pulls to side of the road out of respect for the funeral procession
I loved the post Death Superstitions and Traditions in Appalachia because it highlights the longevity of traditions and folklore that are still being passed down in the mountains of Appalachia. 


My life in appalachia helicopter pilots and little boys
Appalachia Through My Eyes - Helicopters and Boys is my favorite for the month of November. I just love the photo! I think its one of the best I've ever taken. The expression on the pilot's face, the stance of the little boy with his hand in his pocket and his sunglasses pushed up on his hat just like a grown man makes my heart sing. Probably doesn't hurt that I know the little boy-he's a real stem winder as Pap would say. He's also one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. 


Spider Web Canyon composed by Katie Pressley in honor of her Grandfather Jerry 'Pap' Wilson

You could probably guess my favorite post for the month of December, it's From Brasstown to Vermont and Back. I'm still awed, humbled, and immensely happy that Chitter composed Spider Web Canyon; that David Kaynor cared enough to learn it; and that the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra was willing to learn it. Sigh...a blessing indeed.

Drop back by in a few days and I'll tell you what my hopes are for the Blind Pig and The Acorn in 2017.


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Blind Pig and The Acorn News

Blog about Appalachia Blind Pig and The Acorn (2)

Next week I'll be attending the annual Wilderness Wildlife Week held in Pigeon Forge TN. I'm honored to have been invited as a guest for the event which will run May 18 - 22.

Pigeon Forge has hosted Wilderness Wildlife Week for the last 25 years as a tribute to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and its heritage. There are tons of presentations and workshops offered during the week-all FREE to the public. You can see some of the choices here. If you make it to any part of the event-please find me to say hello. I would love to talk to you.

Blind Pig and the Acorn blog about Appalachia

Since Pap's passing Paul and I have been studying on how to keep his musical legacy alive. We both see clearly that the Blind Pig and The Acorn has already secured that legacy in many ways. But we have other ideas as well.

We  want to get Pap's original songs out there to folks who will hopefully like them enough to sing them. Know someone who might be interested in Pap's original songs? Please send me an email about them. You can reach me at blindpigandtheacorn@gmail.com.

We want to continue funding the music scholarship in his name at the John C. Campbell Folk School. (In lieu of flowers, the family requested memorials be made in memory of Jerry M. Wilson to the John C. Campbell Folk School Music Scholarship Fund, 1 Folk School Road, Brasstown, NC 28902- a big THANK YOU to all of you who contributed!!)

Paul is planning on producing a Blind Pig and The Acorn cd as soon as possible. He has several songs already recorded by Pap so all we need to do is add a few more songs by the rest of us.

The next item  is more of a long term project.

Over the years we've had many folks ask us if we sold dvds of the videos we put on youtube, we don't...at least not yet. Paul's idea is to produce a dvd of the most watched youtube videos. Each video would have an introduction related directly to the history of the song in Appalachia as well as a connection to Pap. Paul and I would like for the release of the dvd to coincide with the 10th Anniversary of the Blind Pig and The Acorn blog. That gives us 2 years to make the dvd happen. A pretty daunting task, but we're hopeful we can do it. What we'd really like to do is throw a huge release party and invite all of you and even ask you to bring everybody you know!

Paul and I want to produce the dvd for the simple fact that folks enjoyed Pap's music, but we also want to complete the project as a historical look at traditional Appalachian music and the role it's played in the lives of people living in the mountains of Western North Carolina as well as the rest of Appalachia. The history of music in the far western corner of NC can be traced by Pap's very life. From hearing Jim Eanes's song  Two Baby Blue Eyes when he was a young boy wearing overalls in a mule plowed field on the banks of the Hiwassee River to the songs he penned and performed over the course of his life and the encouragement he unfailingly offered to other musicians-Pap played an important role in the musical history of this area. 

If you have tips, advice, or suggestions about our endeavors we'd love to hear them! 


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Jerry Marshall Wilson 1937 - 2016

Theres a star spangled banner waving somewhere

Jerry Marshall Wilson, 78, of Brasstown passed away Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at his residence. He was a native and lifetime resident of Cherokee County. He served in the United States Marine Corps. He was a member of New Martins Creek Baptist Church. He served as both a deacon and Sunday School teacher for over 40 years. He coached Little League for over 20 years. Jerry was a singer and songwriter of gospel music and he passed on his love of music to his family.

He was the son of the late Rev. Wade Earl and Edna Marie Elliott Wilson.

Surviving are his wife of 52 years, Evelyn Louzine Wilson; a daughter, Tipper Pressley and husband, Matt of Brasstown; two sons, Steve Wilson and wife, Kim, and Paul Wilson, all of Brasstown; a sister, Carrie Burke and husband, Jerry of Canton, North Carolina; two brothers, Billy Ray Wilson and wife, Darlene, and Henry Wade Wilson and wife, Brenda, all of Brasstown; five grandchildren, Benjamin Wilson and wife, Rachel, Mark Wilson, April Wilson, Katie Pressley, and Corie Pressley; and many nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held at 3:00 PM Thursday, April 21 in New Martins Creek Baptist Church with the Revs. Hoyt Brown and Paul Ray Morgan officiating. The interment will be in the church cemetery with military graveside rites conducted by the Murphy American Legion Post 96, VFW Post 10222, Hayesville VFW Post 6812 (Allison-Bristol), American Legion Post 532, Marine Corps League Cherokee Detachment 1011, and the Marine Corps Honor Guard. Pallbearers will be Benjamin, Mark, and Darren Wilson, Matt Pressley, Curry Penland, and Jeff Cook. Honorary pallbearers will be Travis Chastain, Brian Wilson, and Deacons of the New Martins Creek Baptist Church.

The family will receive friends from 12-2:45 Thursday afternoon at the New Martins Creek Baptist Church prior to the services.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials be made in memory of Jerry M. Wilson to the John C. Campbell Folk School Music Scholarship Fund, 1 Folk School Road, Brasstown, NC 28902.

Ivie Funeral Home, Murphy is in charge of all arrangements.


What a sad time this has been for us, but Pap was ready to go. We are so grateful that the Lord let us have him as a father, a husband, a grandfather, a uncle, a brother, a friend. There's a story to tell of Pap's passing and I'll share it with you when I can. 

Pap cared for each of you Blind Pig Readers. He appreciated the comments you left, and most of all he appreciated the support you unfailingly offer to me in my endeavor to preserve and celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Appalachia.


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RSS Feeds, Emails, and Comment Info

Blind pig and the acorn blog rss

Several readers haven't been getting their daily Blind Pig and The Acorn email. I wish I could blame it on the winter storm Jonas but the fault lies with Google's Feedburner app.

When you sign up to subscribe to the Blind Pig and The Acorn by email, it means each day when I publish a new post Feedburner will send you an email notification showing you a small piece of the post text and asking you to click on the title to continue reading. Once you click the title your transported to your daily dose of Appalachia!

All in all, Feedburner does a pretty good job of handling this task, but every once in a while something goes amiss in the mammoth halls of Google.

Feedburner is free for you and its free for me too-that's why I use it. There are other apps that will send my daily email out to subscribers...but they cost a pretty penny that I don't want to pay and I sure don't want you to pay either!

As I said yesterday, if you don't get my daily email you can always come straight to the blog yourself by typing the web address in www.blindpigandtheacorn.com - or you can even search the internet for the Blind Pig and the Acorn and click on the blog that way.

Blog about appalachia blind pig and the acorn

If you arrive on the blog without coming via the email, finding the comments can be tricky. As you scroll down the page you'll notice each post has its own title-see where I've circled the one in the photo above Oil Lamps? To find the comments all you have to do is click on the post title and scroll down. If you want to go back to the main blog page where you can see all the posts lined up one right after the other just scroll to the top and click on my banner. Clicking anywhere on that top banner will take you back to the home page where you can see the very latest post I've written right there under it. And clicking on any post title will take you to the comments for that post. 

And if you're wondering what time a Blind Pig and the Acorn post publishes each day, I almost always have the post scheduled to post at 4:00 a.m. each morning. The Feedburner email doesn't go out till a little later than that-but if you're an early bird you can find the latest dose of Appalachia by coming straight to the blog a few minutes after 4:00 a.m. each morning. 

Hopefully Feedburner will get itself back together and the Blind Pig and the Acorn will once again be flowing smoothly out to all parts of the earth-and that's a good thing! Actually its a thing that makes me happy right down to my piggy toes.


Several folks have asked if I finally got the big snow I've been wanting. As I'm typing right now it is 6:48 p.m. Friday January 22. We had rain for most of the day-a cold rain with the temps hovering around the upper 30s. About 5:30 it finally started snowing. Wait just a minute and let me run turn the porch light on and see if there is any snow...ok I'm back. No snow yet. It's still spitting snow but the ground is so wet nothing is sticking-there isn't even any snow on the deck or the cars!

The night isn't over so maybe in the morning I'll awake to my white winter wonderland. I'm off to sit around the wood stove with the girls they say they've got the funnest card game ever-even though I don't actually think they own a set of cards other than Old Maid so I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into.  

*Update: This morning-Saturday January 23 I have about an inch of snow a little more than a skiff but that's about it. So it doesn't look like I'll get my big snow this time but winter isn't over yet right?


p.s.s. The BEGINNING STORYTELLING Class at the JCCFS taught by Keith Jones is coming up quick! Go here for full details!

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Blind Pig & The Acorn in 2016

Tipper Pressley Appalachian Cook2

Wow where did 2015 go? It seems only yesterday I was telling you about the goals I had planned for the Blind Pig & the Acorn during the new year of 2015-and now 2015 is gone and behind us.

I've been thinking about the new ground I'd like to cover during the year of 2016 here on the blog.

  • I'm still working on the idea I shared with you last January-the idea of celebrating Appalachia in a bigger way and it involves the voices of people like you and me. I hope to make significant progress on this project during the coming year...but I had those same hopes last January so we shall see. 
  • Would you like to HEAR me say those Appalachian Vocabulary Words each month? That's an idea I'm working on. 
  • I'm still excited about the Blind Pig & the Acorn Etsy Shop and Chitter's Etsy Shop Stamey Creek Creations. Chitter has been playing around with making more Appalachian Old Home Place Jewelry. I'm hoping the jewelry can become a staple in her shop in the coming year. 
  • Chatter has been recording Pap talking about his life. They started at his earliest memories and where he his family lived when he was born. I hope to share those special recordings with you. 
  • Chatter and I plan to make a real medicinal herb garden this year. You may remember we gave it a go last year, but this year we plan to put a little more effort into our endeavor and hope to see much better results.
  • Do any of you remember my spot light on music a few years ago? I'm think of doing it all again... maybe even the guitar giveaway part and maybe a giveaway of a free personal concert from the Blind Pig Gang. 

I'm excited for this new year of 2016. I believe it will be a banner year for the Blind Pig & the Acorn-and I sure hope each of you stick around for the ride.


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Blind Pig & The Acorn - 2015 In Review

2015 in review at the blind pig and the acorn 2

Every January I take a look back at what I've written during the course of the year. It helps put things in perspective for me. I'm always surprised at the various subjects I wrote about, many of which have completely fallen through the cracks of my mind by year end.

I've listed my favorite posts for each of the last 12 months below (if you want to revisit any of the posts-just click on the colored word link).


My life in Appalachia - If Cabinets could talk

Appalachia Through My Eyes - If Cabinets Could Talk is my favorite post from the first month of 2015. Funny that I would pick it, since our kitchen renovation still isn't complete and many things still need to be fixed on our aging house.

I believe it's my favorite because it speaks of folks who know how to work with their hands; folks who are practical enough to use things that are handy-like figuring materials needed on boards that will be hidden. And of course it speaks of home and what a blessing it is to have a home.


Universe of wonder and glory jerry wilson


1977 Brasstown nc

I couldn't narrow my favorite down to one post for the month of February, so I settled for two.

Universe Of Wonder And Glory is still running around in my head and our community is still mourning the loss of three fathers. 

How Long Have You Had Your Phone Number? I'm still awed by finding the old phone book with Mamaw and Papaw's number in it. 


Spring gardening in wnc

Getting Ready For The Garden was my favorite post for the month of March. Preparing for the garden is a chore full of hopefulness and I'm already dreaming about getting ready for this year's garden...although I am hoping for at least a snow or two before it's time to start.


My life in appalachia music on a college campus

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Music On A College Campus is my pick for the month of April. Some people would have you believe colleges are nonexistent in Appalachia. It makes me happy to prove they're wrong. 


Hermits in Appalachia

The month of May was full of worry, wonderful blessings, and true thankfulness. Worry over Pap; the blessing of his recovery; and true thankfulness that he was going to be ok and that so many people reached out to pray and care for him. My favorite post for the month reflected all of the emotions I was feeling: I Could Be A Hermit.


Chatter and the time capsule

I still can't believe the girls buried their own time capsule. How could I choose any other post for the month of June? Chatter And Chitter's Time Capsule


Teaching the next generation to preserve food

I started posting my 5 Things series in July and I do believe the first of the series is my favorite for that month: 5 Things


Bean flowers brighten the dark

Let's go to the Bean Patch - It's a Magical Place was my favorite post for August...actually it's one of my favorite posts EVER. The bean patch really is magical.


The old the young the middle in appalachia

The post The Old the Young the Middle - In Appalachia still makes my heart soar. The post shows what life is supposed to be like for all of us...across Appalachia and beyond to all corners of the Earth. 


The smell of logging and sawdust papaw was a logger

The Smell of Loggers post started me down a whole series about logging. Much of the series related directly to my life and the rest of the logging posts came from the book Dorie: Woman of the Mountains.

The smell of wood cutting will always make me feel safe, loved, and comfortable-it's a smell of home-that's why I chose The Smell of Loggers as my favorite for the month of October. 


The colemans cherokee county nc

I'm still being mesmerized by the old photo of the Colemans in 1902. As I look at the photo I still wish I could go back and tell them the Coleman family line shares a special kinship today-especially Frank and Carrie's descendants; that those facial features are still showing up and looking pretty good all these years later; and that four, five, six, and even seven generations later-some of us are still right here where they left us. My favorite post for November is The Colemans in 1902.


Christmas Music from the Blind Pig Gang in Appalachia

My pick for December was an easy one: Christmas Music from Appalachia all the Way to Argentina. I'm still blown away by José's video. It symbolizes good will from Appalachia all the way to Argentina AND it clearly shows my endeavor of celebrating and preserving my rich Appalachian Heritage and Culture is working.

2015 was a great year for the Blind Pig & The Acorn.

I'm very thankful for each person who reads the Blind Pig & The Acorn-for without you there'd be no reason to write.

In a few days I'll share whats on the horizon for 2016, so be sure to drop back by if you can.


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