Clock Folklore


Timepieces they're all around us some hang on our walls while others ride along on our wrists or in our pockets. Clocks, especially Grandfather Clocks, are often associated with spooky scenes showing up in scary movies and books. A quick google search will share spooky stories about clocks that chime at random times or continue to chime even though they don't actually work. 

Back in the day, there was much folklore about clocks. One can see why: clocks 'tick' off the seconds, minutes, and hours of our lives. Reminds me of those old movies where a clock face is shown with the hands going round and round, faster and faster, to symbolize the passing of time or the reverting of time.

Clock folklore:

  • A clock will stop at the hour it's owner dies (click here for my favorite story and song about this one)
  • When someone dies all the clocks in the home must be stopped to prevent another death from happening
  • If a clock stops someone will soon die

Then there is the folklore that mentions a certain time of day usually midnight:

  • If the cows are lowing at midnight a death is near
  • If you have clothes on the line on New Year's Eve they can blow death into the house
  • If a rooster crows at midnight a death is near
  • If you kill a rabbit at midnight in a graveyard you can carry it's foot for good luck
  • At midnight on Old Christmas Eve all the barnyard animals kneel down
  • Water turns to blood at midnight on Old Christmas Eve
  • A rooster crowing at midnight means bad weather is coming

Recently I watched a news report about the decline in wrist watch and pocket watch use. I guess it comes down to people being able to check the time of day on their cell phones.

Makes you wonder if someday we'll hear about spooky cell phone folklore.


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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Spreading The March Love & A New Blind Pig Feature

  Spread the Love March 

I'm sending a great big THANK YOU out to all the acorns who commented in the month of March. You've journeyed with me as I recovered from the flu, planted part of my garden, celebrated the release of Paul's cd and my Carolina Crafting Episode, bemoaned the unemployment rate in my county, went to Kentucky to see the girls clog, and choked out the Whippoorwills. You've left insightful, encouraging, and thoughtful comments all along the way!

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Now for the Spread the Love winner for March-


Brit wins "Standing Knee Deep In Love" a folk art painting by me! Standing in love is something Brit does everyday-so I hope she likes the painting.

Again-thank you all for another great month here at the Blind Pig & The Acorn-don't forget click on a commenter's name and go for a visit-you'll be glad you!


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My Carolina Crafting Episode Premiered Today!!!


My Carolina Crafting Episode went live today!! I'm so excited!

Ron CC 

I still can't believe I was ever asked to do the show in the first place!! It was a totally awesome experience. And the good news-I don't sound as much like a hick as I thought I would.

Hope you'll go watch it and tell me what you think.

Click here to see the show. (before you click-stop the music player in the top right hand corner of this page)


A Handmade Christmas

Christmas Tree 

While I haven't committed to a totally handmade Christmas, I do make many of the gifts I give each Christmas. I suppose-I'm influenced by Granny-who always gives handmade gifts.

When The Deer Hunter and I first had the girls and were struggling financially-I made almost all my Christmas gifts-to save money. This year, due to the effect the economic downturn has had on our finances-I've found myself making more gifts again.

A few of the items I've made this year:


                           treasure boxes,




                           canned pears,




and framed records-which Miss Cindy helped me with. Back in the summer I struck music gold at a yard sale. A gentlemen had decided to get rid of his album collection-he had been collecting for 40 years. Most were in pristine condition. I snagged these 3 for a quarter each. Miss Cindy made the frames for me-they open easily in the back-so you can still access the record.

The girls have been busy making gifts too:




bracelets, and paperweights. You can see-it has been a handmade kinda Christmas at our house this year.

Do you give handmade gifts? How about this year-has the economy caused you to make more gifts than usual or just cut back on gift giving altogether?


Blind Pig & The Acorn's Debut on Carolina Crafting

Carolina Crafting Blind Pig 

Over the weekend I experienced total paralyzing fear simultaneously with uncontainable excitement and joy. Carolina Crafting contacted me several months ago-they were interested in doing a pod-cast show casing my folkart and featuring Paul's music. After months of planning it all came together this weekend.

Carolina Crafting Jackie 

Jackie Jentzsch is the host of  Carolina Crafting and though I've only known her a few months-I feel as though I've known her my entire life. She is bubbly and outgoing and just happens to have a great love for Appalachia. When Jackie was a child she lived in Ohio in the northern portion of Appalachia. The area was depressed economically and her parents decided to move to Florida in search of a new life. Jackie spent the next 48 years trying to figure out how to return to the way of life she longed for-the life of her childhood. Her dream finally came true in 2006-and I'm so very glad it did!! 

Carolina Crafting Set up 

Jackie and her camera man Ron were just amazing-nice, understanding, friendly, calming-I could go on and on about both of them.

Carolina Crafting Music Interview 

While I was a nervous wreck for my show-the boys acted like this was something they were totally used to doing on a daily basis.

Carolina Crafting Pickin 

They performed 2 songs-one of Pap's original songs-Angels of Mercy and one of Paul's originals I'll be Young. I  know their show will turn out great. Mine- I don't ever plan to watch-so all of you will have to tell me how it goes. I know I'll sound like such a hick-my lovely husband has reminded me-I am a hick.


p.s. It'll take several months for the shows to be edited-but I'll let you know when they're ready for viewing.


Dropping The Love


Only three more days till the Spread the Love giveaway for April, so I thought I should show you what's up for grabs this time.


I painted this mixed media Angel right before I started the blog-you can see I was already thinking about Spreading the Love.

I used acrylic paints, paper, and a reclaimed frame. Its nice to think about someone flying around dropping love along the way.

That is exactly how I feel when you leave a comment on one of my posts-you're dropping a little love my way. I am ever so grateful for each comment. Without a doubt, your comments make the blog.


Last month's winner Trisha Too sent me a beautiful handmade card to let me know the Angel (Ms. Spot) she won, is sitting on her mantle watching over her family. Nice.

To be entered in the Spread the Love giveaway each month-all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog-and your in!

So please keep leaving comments and dropping the love my way!


p.s. Miss Cindy frames all my paintings. And what a wonderful framer she is-Thank you Miss Cindy!