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I really like the pic of Pap's gravy - it reminded me of my paternal garndmother's ( I called her Baba ) gravy which was made from rue on top of her ole farmhouse wood stove. I sure miss her and her cookin !


Fantastic pictures Tipper,
I love the fire pit picture. There's nothing like cooking over a campfire. I remember the moths being called Millers by some when I was a kid. Just wanted to let you know I purchased the Shepherd of my Soul CD and we both loved it.
My wife highly recommends it to everyone.


My wife an I were in your neck of the woods yesterday,had to stop at by the HOT DOG KING for lunch good hot dogs

Your raising compares a lot to mine here in Texas. My mother was a DAR member and our family came down through the Appalachians into Tennessee. I keep mud on my vehicles as is keeps my head up when going to town. The gravy rue looks awful familiar around my house and served along fried squirrel it can't be beat. My mother called them Millers. Barefooted! I recall being a very young barefooted kid living in a tent on an oil lease in West Texas and now my two daughters are going to Hollywood following their 2nd Grammy Nomination this weekend. What a great "Land of Opportunity" we are so fortunate to live in. My roots go back many years. I love your blog! God Bless You!

"a bucket full of jewels"....that is indeed what the mountains and nature gives us ... if we seek, we will find. Thank you for a wonderful website!!

we say miller but we know the word moth since the TV entered our lives in the '50's.


Good pictures,Tipper.reminds me of lost times

I love, love these photos. Reminds me of my home state of West Virginia. Just beautiful.


Millers! I had forgotten that -- thanks for the memory jog :)

we always called them millers but of course we lived a fur peace from nowhere

You picture of the fire that your daughter started reminds me of one of my own.
My daughter Gabrielle--born at Providence Hospital in Murphy BTW-- was a little girl about 6. We lived in Atlanta at this time. She and I had taken the city bus to go pay the electric bill. This was out in the suburbs and the buses were few and far between and the day was very cold. Gabes began to go around collecting wood. I ask her what she was up to. She said, 'I'm starting a fire. It's cold out here.' You can take the girl outta the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl!

wow..great photos, I think I heard of Miller Moths...but left my beloved Mountains when I was almost 16, always wanted to go 'back home'.

this is SO COOL, tipper! i LOVE seeing things through your eyes, my friend.

My Granny Mama called them fuzzy millers. Love this blog.

i adore all the pictures.. and it shows so much in them, the love and proud spirit you have.. you are such a gentle and generous soul..
i send much love and ladybug hugs

I grew up saying miller, somewhere on the way, I changed to saying moth, Barbara

i say moth aa di like your new idea i did not know this was here and only go to the main page of all blogs, so i a glad the snake bit you...kinda sorta. i love all of the above. lookign forward to MORE

Ain't it the truth. My car is so bad right now I ashamed to drive to town...almost! lol

I say miller, too!
My Boo loves to build the bonfires outside and the fires in the fireplace, he's our firestarter. LOL
Oh and roasted hot dogs...YUM!
My truck is always the dirtiest in the parking lot, too. It's the only pitfall of living in the country. I wouldn't trade the city for the mud...EVER!

We ran into someone we knew while visiting the grocery store in the city. This was after having moved to the country. The guy said to my husband,
"Don't you ever wash your car?" My husband said, "Well, come on out and set you up a car wash..but you have to wash it coming and going? Meaning the mud run both ways uphill and downhill,
on our driveway!LOL
Thanks Tipper,

very Nicely done Tipper, Pap's gravy looks mighty good though, I love the church window, and the millar of course. I love seeing the world through your eyes Tipper.

Hey Tipper,
Lost my comment again..sooo

Paps gravy looks like mine. My Dad taught me to make gravy. In the 30's when going to school at Boone, NC he landed a job as a short order cook. He didn't know how but faked it and learned quick. After all jobs were scarce for students.Thats where he learned to put coffee in his gravy and well as Red eye gravy. Kept the students awake with all that caffiene..I still put coffee in my gravy but not fowl drippings like Turkey or Chicken..
Thanks Tipper,

Nice fire! Yes,PeggyP is right raising children who can take care of themselves is a wonderful gift.
Your daughters are smart, capable, independent, and beautiful. I mean, honestly, than can shoot a gun or bow,handle a knife, they hunt, they can clean and skin, they can cook, sing, dance, play a piano/fiddle/guitar, paint a picture, make jewelry, create sculptures from wire, do well in school....and the list could just go on and on.
Tipper, you and the Deer Hunter have given them the greatest gift
Does it show that I'm a proud grandmother? I thought it probably did, but hey it's all true! lol
I'm really enjoying the pictures!

Yum-O. Pap's gravy looks wonderful. Nothing like good ole gravy made in a cast iron skillet. It took me a while after I was married to figure out how to make "brown" gravy - that it really started out like regular gravy but you cooked it until it almost burned (turned really brown) before you add the milk to it.

And it's a big fire too, big enough to keep you warm.

There's an outdoor girl for sure..I don't think you would ever worry about her freezing...huh!
Very resourceful gal!... A roasted hot dog sounds so good!..We grill ours outside sometimes in the winter but your daughter knows how to cook them for the best flavor..
Thanks Tipper

Tipper that old church window is beautiful; I love the waves in the old glass panes.
That's one smart daughter! Looks like she's enjoying her hotdog supper by the fire!

I love looking at pictures of other places - this will be fun!


When we raise children who can fend for themselves, we can say we've done a good job at parenting. Loved this picture and all the beautiful resourceful young women here in Appalachia that it represents.

I call it a moth and sometimes in the summer i have called it a nuisance because the back door is left open and there are about 50 of them hanging in the kitchen under the light.

My husband says miller and tells me his late mother also called them zoo-abs Being a reformed city girl myself, I say moth.

B-I forgot about Maggie Valley-guess I should have said I knew 3 : )

Blind Pig The Acorn

Music, Giveaways, Mountain Folk

All at

Sheryl-the name of the church is Maggies Chapel-more to come on it too : )

Blind Pig The Acorn

Music, Giveaways, Mountain Folk

All at

I've never heard milller.

The wavy glass is a great photo although I am confused about the maggie that is a church.

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