How To Recycle Soap Slivers

What can I do with leftover slivers of soap

"I remember our Mom tying up soap slivers in rags that she threw in the laundry when I was very very little. I also remember someone, I think it was both of our Grandmothers (or maybe all the women did this in those days) that had a big Mason jar near their kitchen sink that they saved soap slivers in, once they had a certain amount, they added hot water and turned it this way and that gently (not vigorously or all you'll get is suds) until all the slivers kinda dissolved into a slime. It took a long time for them to save up enough slivers to do that though, but still - it would be a savings. And I remember Fels Naptha, I still love the smell of that soap because it reminds me of our maternal Grandmother who used it for EVERYTHING including scrubbing grimy kids. (ouch) Nice memories."

~RB June 2013



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